Halo eCigs has just released their brand new variable voltage Halo Triton batteries! This is great news because now you can get undeniable Halo quality in a variable voltage ecigarette battery that can be set anywhere between 3.3 Volts and 4.8 Volts.

Halo Cigs has already established itself as one of the best quality ecig brands according to reports and reviews from consumers. Halo is all about ecigs and vaping. They are a New Jersey based company that has nothing at all to do with Big Tobacco. They are a for real, USA ecig company. With new VV Halo Triton batteries, Halo is stepping up and delivering.

Variable voltage batteries are very popular and well they should be. Once you take that first giant step away from tobacco and toward vaping, you are leaving behind the Neolithic world of setting dried leaves on fire and setting foot into the world of human innovation and technology.

variable voltage batteries are becoming more popular

Once we advance into technology, we have the ability to control the variables in our favor. That is exactly what variable voltage Halo Triton batteries do! They allows you to customize how much flavor and vapor you get.

Expert Vaping has reviewed the Halo Triton and we tested the Halo Triton batteries from top to bottom. Along with the Halo Triton tank the vaping was excellent. The Triton remains one of the absolute best beginners to intermediate electronic cigarettes on the plant.

Halo Triton and Halo G6

The Halo Triton is also perhaps the ultimate back-up vaporizer even for those of you using advanced mods with subohm or RBAs. After all, there are occasions where massive clouds of vapor are just not practical.

For example, when you are driving and you make a monster vapor cloud, you aren’t going to be able to see where you are going.

Or if you are attending an event, blowing a monster vapor cloud might freak people out, in a bad way. For those occasions, the Triton is perfect.

halo triton e cigarette starter kit

The Halo Triton provides very good vapor and amazing flavor. Halo Premium eLiquid is famous for amazing vapor and flavor. Halo’s eliquid quality and uncompromising production standards may be the best in the evapor industry. With all of the attention that is paid to Halo’s incredible ejuice, it can be easy to forget that Halo makes top quality electronic cigarettes.

The Halo G6 ecigarette is absolutely one of the best cigalikes on the market. If you try a Vuse or some other convenience store, Big Tobacco brand you are not really getting a feel for what vaping can be. The G6 is a far superior product and a great choice to potentially help transition from smoking to vaping.

The G6 is also very economical. While you will pay $3 for any cartridge you buy from a convenience store, Halo G6 cartridges, with Halo USA made eliquid, sell for just under $2 each. That’s 33% better value and 100% better quality.

halo g6 starter kit

The Halo Triton is an open ecig tank system that gives you versatility along with high performance. For our Halo Triton review, we did extensive testing and the results spoke for themselves. The Triton is a top tier ecigarette.

We tested the Halo Triton batteries and were duly impressed by the quality, output and longevity. Even the smaller 450 mAh battery exceeded expectations. Now, Halo Triton batteries come with a new variable voltage option.

Variable Voltage Halo Triton Batteries

As good as the Halo Triton is, imagine getting even more out of Halo Triton tanks with a variable voltage Halo Triton batteries. The Triton tanks have a nice 2.4 ml capacity.

The vapor and flavor that you get from the Triton Tanks really showcase the quality of Halo eLiquids.

Halo triton beginners starter kit

Now, with variable voltage Halo Triton batteries, you can customize your vapor and flavor experience. By changing the voltage, you can adapt the vapor and flavor to suit your personal preference.

Using the dial located on the bottom of the Halo Triton batteries, you can set the voltage output anywhere between 3.3 V and 4.8 V.

The triton battery by halo cigs are variable voltage

At the higher range, you will get more vapor. At the lower voltages, you will still get great vapor and experience the full flavor. Of course at lower voltages you will get more battery life and the eliquid will last longer. It’s really all about finding the level that you prefer for each flavor.

You can easily change the voltage output of the Halo Triton batteries on the fly. If you have been vaping all day and are concerned about running out of power, just turn down the voltage and extend your battery life. Or, if you are taking a break from work and just want a ton of vapor, crank it up!