Another ecig study has been released, and yea, we know, what you’re thinking. There seems to be a new ecig study every time you visit Expert Vaping, right? First of all, that’s not really true, at least not for what we would consider “hard evidence” because that takes time. So it’s not as frequent as we would like to see, that’s for sure. We do see great reports that tell us things like the majority of vapers are tobacco-free after 24 months. It’s not that we don’t love seeing reports like that, but we crave more.

So when an ecig study like this one is released, it does more than make us smile. We feel somewhat vindicated because we know deep down how much ecigs can do for smokers, but it is a painstakingly slow process to have that truth borne out. This new study is brought to us by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI). They were founded back in 1898 and have been looking to understand, cure, and prevent cancer ever since. That gives even more weight to their latest conclusion: smokers who switch to ecigarettes show the same levels of exposure to nicotine, but have lower carcinogen levels.

Scientific health study digs deep to reveals encouraging evidence for the benefits of vaping.

That is a pretty bold statement by RPCI, but they clearly have the data to back it up. “To our knowledge, this is the first study with smokers to demonstrate that substituting tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes may reduce exposure to numerous toxicants and carcinogens present in tobacco cigarettes,” says Maciej Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD. Goniewicz is the lead author on the study, as well as being the Assistant Professor of Oncology in the Department of Health Behavior at Roswell Park. “This study suggests that smokers who completely switch to e-cigarettes and stop smoking tobacco cigarettes may significantly reduce their exposure to many cancer-causing chemicals” explained Goniewicz.

Ecig Study Should Encourage Vaping

A cloudy investigation into the data and statistics behind vaping reveal the truth.

If there were ever an ecig study that would encourage smokers to make the switch to vaping, it would have to look a lot like this one. For all that the anti-vapers like to claim about ecigs, this is going to be a tough picture to distort. In performing the study, the team at RPCI tested patient’s urine level. They were looking at seven nicotine metabolites and 17 biomarkers of exposure to carcinogens and toxicants present in cigarette smoke over a two-week period.

They saw a decline in 12 of those 17 so-called “biomarkers” which give indicators for major illnesses. Put simply, vaping effects looked a lot more like someone who had given up on traditional tobacco smoking completely. “Our findings suggest that e-cigarette use may effectively reduce exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances among smokers who completely switch to these products,” is how the study’s co-author, Neal Benowitz, MD, explained it.

ITV News report from Good Morning Britain reports health and life scientists are backing vaping as an alternative to smoking as study suggests e-cig users had 97% less cancer causing chemicals in their bodies after use.

Benowitz, also a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, is very interested in seeing where vaping can go in the long term. That’s going to be his focus going forward, and understandably so. “Future research will help determine whether e-cigarettes reduce the risk of disease among dual users — those who both smoke and vape — and those who use electronic cigarettes for a long time,” said Benowitz.

Call me optimistic, but I bet any given future ecig study such as this one will support what many of us feel is already a truth. Electronic cigarettes help millions now, and can help millions more, make that switch. There’s a reason for it. Remember, for a lot of them, getting this help happened when they thought their goal was out of reach. Ecigs changed the ballgame, plain and simple. Now we’re seeing the research start catching up to where vapers already are. The revolutionary advantages of electronic cigarettes are coming to light. Don’t expect this to be the end, either. It certainly looks like only the beginning from where we sit.