There is a virtual flood of new ecig products hitting the market every day. Most are just basic copies of each other. Generic brands constructed to varying degrees of quality. We are not going to talk about those cheap ecigs that aren’t worth your time to consider. If you want an enjoyable vaping experience our Aspire Atlantis tank review will point your sub ohm submersible in the right direction to dive into the depths of dense vapor.

If you ask any vaper about what the hottest ecig products are, you will probably get a wide variety of answers. While opinions may vary, numbers don’t lie and the sales numbers are telling us that Aspire ecig tanks, especially the Aspire Atlantis, are, pardon the expression, smoking hot.

Of all the hot products, few have enjoyed the widespread popularity of Aspire Ecig tanks. The Aspire Nautilus tank is hot. The Aspire Atlantis tank is sizzling. In fact, after the release of the Aspire Atlantis, ecig distributors could barely keep it on the shelves.

Aspire ecig tanks produce huge vapor clouds and allow you to control the airflow. You can customize the draw resistance to your desired comfort level. Airflow impacts vapor out put but Aspire tanks also work well with variable Voltage / Wattage ecig batteries so you can combine airflow with power output to also get the vapor level that you want.

Aspire Atlantis Tank Review

The Aspire Atlantis is the latest generation of ecig tank technology. It was designed in California and is assembled in China by a leading ecig manufacturer.

The Atlantis ecigarette tank comes with an extra Pyrex glass tank and an extra coil head. It is specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping.

Sub-ohm vaping is very hot right now. The resistance of the Atlantis coil is 0.5 ohm, hence “sub-ohm”.

Sub-ohm vaping allows the user to get the clouds of vapor that are produced by rebuildable drip atomizers but without the hassle, complexity and often the danger of dripping.

The Aspire Atlantis allows you to enjoy the massive vapor of dripping but the convenience of a typical clearomizer tank. You just refill with e-liquid and go.

The Aspire Atlantis is not compatible with all e-cig batteries. Make sure that your battery is 510 threaded and capable of generating 30 to 45 Watts. One option would be the Aspire CF Mod that works with a standard 18650 battery. You can see it here at Apollo Cigs under batteries.

New aspire Atlantis vaping tank

The Aspire Atlantis is a 22 mm tank with a 2 ml e-liquid capacity. It works best with higher VG e-liquids. It has design improvements to prevent against leaks and it does indeed create clouds of vapor.

Replacing the heads is an easy process but you do have to pay attention to make sure that the heads are centered.

You can also replace the Pyrex tank. You get an extra one when you buy your Aspire Atlantis. Replacing the tank can be tricky and you need to be careful not to break the glass.

The reviews of this product have been glowing. If you are a cloud chaser but want to avoid the annoyance of an RDA or a mechanical mod (mech mod), the Aspire Nautilus delivers the vapor clouds that you want, allows you to enjoy all of the flavor and is as easy to use as a regular ecig tank system.

At the end of this article, we will give you a couple of options for places that you can order an Aspire Atlantis online. You get the best deals buying ecigs online.

Aspire Nautilus

The Aspire Nautilus tank is made from high quality materials including a 5 ml glass Pyrex tank. That gives you a lot of e-liquid capacity!

The Nautilus uses the latest BDC coil heads and has been a smash hit among vapers.

The Nautilus is 510 threaded and will work on eGo style mod batteries. This is a versatile ecig that gives you Aspire quality in an easy to use package.

The Nautilus is compatible with the Apollo Endeavor ecig which is currently the highest rated ecig on the market.

Aspire nautilus tank kit

The airflow adjustment is convenient to use and offers four different settings. Simply turning the adjustable ring on the bottom of the tank.

When the aspire Nautilus was first released in 2014 as a new ecig product, it represented a leap forward in vaping. Most of the ecig tank systems being sold often left you with a burnt taste or a dry hit. The Nautilus, like all of Expert Vaping’s top rated e-cigs, are a cut above when it comes to quality.

It is also easy to replace coil heads and tanks as needed. You don’t want to overuse your coils and wicks especially. Both ceramic and cotton wicks offer great vaping but once they are burned, the taste and enjoyment will not be the same. Whether you are using the Atlantis, Nautilus or Kanger Subtank, change the coils and wicks frequently for the best and safest vaping.

Kanger SubTank

Kanger is getting in on the sub-ohm vaping game with their Kanger SubTank. Kanger has gone through a couple of variations already and have settled on a double coil design with organic cotton wicks, a nice touch.

This tank is a beast. It has a 6ml capacity and it just looks big. You will notice the size difference. It does have a bit of a bulky look and will be larger than the average width or diameter of most ecig batteries.

Although KangerTech is a Chinese ecig company, the Kanger SubTank also uses a 26 gauge wire that is made in the USA. This is the direction of vaping. American innovation and component production combined with the best Chinese manufacturers.

Like the Aspire tanks, the Kanger Subtank features an adjustable air flow function that allows you to control your draw and vapor. There are three large air holes and if you decide leave them all wide open, you can have a very airy draw. Kanger calls it the “enhanced airflow design”.

Kangertech first sub ohm tank

The Kanger SubTank can be used in the same fashion as a conventional ecig tank or it can be used as an RBA rebuildable.

The RBA head is larger and reduces tank capacity to 4 ml.

If you want to rebuild, it is probably among the easiest rebuilds. Replacement coil heads come in packs of five and usually cost less than $20 so rebuilding is not necessary at all. Just a matter of preference.

Like the Nautilus, the Kanger SubTank works best with higher VG e-liquids. At higher Wattage, the Kanger starts to produce a bit of a burnt taste. When you vape, the sheer amount of vapor is similar to the Nautilus but the SubTank does not have quite the same ability to handle a more powerful battery. If you vape at 25 watts or less, the SubTank works great and is nice and airy.

Best Deals On Ecig Products

Retail prices for all of these tanks can be in the $50 range. We have a better idea. Don’t pay retail!! Buy online from a reputable, professional ecig company and get the best deal for yourself.

There are a few different places where you can find great deals online. All three of these ecig tanks are available from a few different companies and we have sought out the best prices.

direct vapor has the best e cigarette prices

The first place that I would start would be at Apollo Ecig. You can pick up all three of these tanks from Apollo. If you compare prices, you will find that Apollo’s prices are among the lowest out there. You can also use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of your purchase. factor in the exclusive discount you get when using Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping and you get a price that will be very hard to beat from a company with first class customer service.

Most online ecig distributor really get you in the shipping department. Not Apollo. In fact, shipping is free on orders over $30.

Another reason that we like Apollo is the fact that they are a true American ecig innovator. They design incredible products as well as carry the best of the best from other companies. They also have their very own e-juice lab.

apollo vapors sells a lot of different flavors

Apollo uses only the highest quality ingredients in their e-liquid. The lab exceeds food grade standards and the e-liquids are blended by professional chemists. Too many ejuices are blended by well meaning hobbyists but the best e-liquid brands are accurately and safely blended by professionals.

Apollo has a wide range of flavors and has multiple lines of e-liquids including max VG ejuices for your Aspire Nautilus or Kanger SubTank.

You can save 20% off of any Apollo purchase with coupon code Expert Vaping. That includes all e-liquids and accessories such as replacement coil heads and tanks. So visit Apollo’s website, shop around and see what they are all about.

Another option would be Mt Baker Vapor. Mt Baker also carries all three of these red hot ecig products as well as replacement parts, e-liquids and accessories.

Mount Baker Vapor’s prices are also very good but they do seem to have a harder time keeping hot products in stock. Feel free to shop and compare. Both of these companies are very reputable, professional ecig companies with first rate customer service.

mount baker is a great online vapor store

Note: All of these are great ecig products and are indeed hot right now. Sub-ohm vaping, however, may not be for you.

If you talk to vapers, they will use the term “advanced” to describe sub-ohm vaping. ‘Advanced’ does not mean superior, it simply means more complex. Do not take it as a personal challenge or feel like you are a lesser vaper just because you choose to stick with more user friendly, simpler ecig products. This is about kicking tobacco first and foremost. It is not a competition and we urge you not to get caught up in the ‘status’ aspect of it all.

It is a personal choice. If you want huge vapor then sub-ohm vaping with the Aspire Nautilus or Kanger Subtank are a great choice that give you the vapor you want but without the additional hassle.

That being said, sub-ohm vaping works best with higher VG e-liquids and vaping at higher temperatures. Many of you may be more interested in lower Voltage / lower temperature vaping, which does not provide the same level of vapor but is still certainly capable of substantial vapor and full satisfaction.

The Aspire Atlantis is an excellent tank that is compatible with eGo style batteries and standard e-liquids.

If you are new to vaping, you may want to check out the ecig consumer reviews section and look at the leading e-cigarette brands that so many of our readers have enjoyed success with.