One of the things that we like about vaping is trying something new. Sometimes we get so busy thinking about the new products that have just come out that we forget about the classics. The companies that helped shape this industry. It was time to go back to Halo and try some of the Halo E-Juice and Evo liquids that we haven’t tried yet! There are so many great choices.


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When Halo Cigs first started, they offered two electronic cigarettes. They had the Halo G6 which was and still is one of the best cigalikes and a great product for new vapers. If you do like the cigalike style you can get blank ecig cartridges from Help for the G6. With the blank cartridges you can use any of the new Halo E-liquids. Anyway! Along with the G6 the Halo Triton is one of the most successful eGo style mods in vaping history. The Triton is a reliable vaping workhorse that just keeps going.

halo makes premium e liquid in the usa

While the Halo electronic cigarettes are very popular and set an early tone for the entire industry and what it was to become, the fact of the matter is that Halo truly came to prominence as perhaps the premiere e-liquid manufacturer in the world. Halo was the company that took e-liquid out of the generic industrial milieux and converted the art of making fine e-juice into a science.

Halo E-Liquid

The history of e-liquid, just being honest, is not a pretty one. Over the years researchers have tested a number of e-liquid brands and it has been found that as many as 75% of them do not have the correct nicotine level. Unfortunately, about the same number have shown to contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. The problem is that most of the people making e-liquid today frankly don’t know what they are doing. Back in 2009, three guys got together and said enough is enough.

Halo Cigs was formed and the art of e-liquid manufacturing was born. Halo e-juice is blended in a state of the art lab. They built a 100,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, Florida where they use only the best USP grade ingredients to make premium quality vape juice. Now this vape juice is not made in the back of a shop by a well meaning chap who sadly just does not know fully what he’s doing. No, Halo e-juice is made in a cutting edge lab by trained chemists who ensure optimal quality.

Halo purity premium e liquid

Halo own a patented e-juice steeping process that ensures a smooth and consistent flavor. The vapor production is brilliant not to mention that you will get a full-bodies and fulfilling vapor.

What I very much appreciate about Halo is the transparency. I do not want any potentially harmful additives in my e-liquid and I know that Halo e-juice does not have any diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. I know that because Halo furnishes an independent, third party complete lab report on their e-liquids.

Evo E-Liquid

The Halo E-Liquid lab also makes Evo e-liquids. Evo utilizes the same extreme quality control measures as Halo. You get the same quality and your can choose either Vg or PG blends. Okay, so while Halo makes tobacco e-liquid flavors, menthol e-liquid flavors and gourmet e-liquid flavors, Evo makes the fruit e-liquid flavors. That’s the difference. So if you enjoy fruit flavored vape juice then you should check out Evo.

wild watermelon flavor by halo evo e liquid

Some of the examples of the Evo E-liquids are:

Grape Vape

Cryptic Blast (sweet and tart berry blend)

Tropical Paradox (pina colada flavor with an extra bit of juicy pineapple)

Cobalt Crush (a creamy blueberry flavor)

Pure Pomegranate

Fuzzy Summer (peaches and cream. Peaches … fuzz … get it! Well it made me laugh)

Well the list goes on. There are a large huge number of fruit blends and just like all Halo e-juice, the vapor production that you get from Halo and Evo is second to none. It is a very rich and satisfying vape.

Halo evo e liquid tropical paradox

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Halo E-Liquid Flavors

Before I go any further there is something very important that I want you to know about Halo Cigs and Evo e-liquids. Both of these American brands are part of the Nicopure family. When the FDA decided to impose severe regulations that will limit your right to not smoke cigarettes, Nicopure was the first to step up and say no way. The company filed a lawsuit against the oppressive FDA regulation to fight for their business yes, but also to fight for your right to vape. So when you support them you support vaping.

halo cigs tribecca smooth tobacco flavor e liquid

The Halo e-liquid flavors are available in both a PG blend (a 70 PG 30 VG) and a high VG blend (70VG and 30PG). The VG blends are under the Halo V-Type e-liquids. There are some new takes on tobacco with some of these new flavors.

belgian cocoa e liquid flavor by halo cigs

For example, the Madagascar Sunrise blends tobacco with a tropical lychee flavor. Toasted Reserve includes a smooth peanut butter taste. Twisted Turnover is like a delicious apple pastry. Click or touch the image below to just go see it all for yourself! You don’t want to hear me go on and on anymore I’m sure. Sure, my writing is captivating and for some odd reason brings a sensation of peace and joy to your should that you cannot explain. I appreciate that. But for now, go and check out all of Halo’s e-liquids!