This is for real, Atlantic Cigs will give you a free electronic cigarette starter kit with the purchase of even one single pack of refill cartridges. You need refill cartridges anyway, why not get a free e-cig while you are at it?

There are no strings attached, there is no commitment to buy any more, there is no small print. You can really get a free e-cigarette! Need more convincing, I understand.

Nobody has 10k in their pocket

The other day I got a card in the mail from a bank that said they would give me $100 if I opened a checking account with them. Great! Then came the small print! They will give $100 bucks after I deposit $10,000 in my new checking account! Folks, I do not have that many couch cushions and even if I did find $10,000, I think I would look for a better deal than a $100 account bonus.

Is A Free Electronic Cigarette Kit Really “Free”?

In the e-cigarette industry, you can find all too many free e-cig scams. They want you to sign up and then they hit you with hidden long-term costs. There are a lot of these scammers out there and you have to be careful.

how to know which free offers are a scam

The e-cigarette is a technological marvel. There are a lot of people trying to cash in quick. It is currently being mass-produced in China and virtually anyone can start a new e-cig brand with the greatest of ease. These are low quality models that are unreliable pieces of junk. The e-cig liquid that they use is also shady to say the least. You can do a lot better.

Best E-cigarette

There are a number of reputable e-cig brands out there offering products that are the result of extensive research and development. They use top quality materials that provide a vaping experience that is actually satisfying. They also manufacture e-cig liquid refill cartridges to the highest standards with USP grade ingredients. Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes is among the reputable companies that actually deserve your consideration.

First off, Atlantic Cigs is an actual electronic cigarette company. They do not use generic, pre-packaged junk. They have invested and developed their own product line that was developed by the most experienced people in the e-cig industry. Check out or Atlantic Cigs review and you will find out exactly how well this ecig works.

Atlantic e cigarettes ocean starter kit

There is a reason why Atlantic ranks so high on our list of the best e-cigarette products in the market. This is a quiet drawing e-cig, no hissing! The draw is smooth, natural and easy.

The best e-cig must also meet our strict standards for performance. The battery has to last for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Atlantic is right in that range. Also, the battery recharges very quickly. You can tell that the lithium components of the battery are of excellent quality. The technology is very stable as well, you don’t have to worry about any problems with your battery causing any safety issues.

In order to even be considered as a possible contender for best electronic cigarette, a cartomizer has to also provide at least as many puffs as a pack of cigarettes. Once again Atlantic is right in that range.

Atlantic’s goal is to build a long-term relationship with their customers. As you can tell from our consumer evaluations, Atlantic customers also rate it as among the best e-cigs as per our best e-cig consumer reviews. Their offer of a free electronic cigarette starter kit is for real. A $21.99 value for free.

You need cartridges anyway, when you take advantage of this deal you get 10 cartridges and a free e-cig kit all for $19.99.

The Details

When you buy a pack of 8 refill cartridges for $19.99, that’s less than $2.50 each, you will receive a free Wave Starter Kit.

The Atlantic Cigs Wave Starter Kit comes with the following:

1  – High quality lithium ion battery that provides in the range of 200 puffs

2  – USB charger that totally charges the battery in less than 2 hours

3  – Two refill cartridges each of which are the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes

The wave starter kit by Atlantic vapor

The Wave Starter Kit is perfect for people looking to try a high quality electronic cigarette. It is also perfect for experienced vapers looking to try something new. This is a legitimate free e-cigarette offer.

There are no long term commitments, you are not going to get a bill later. You have nothing to lose.

You not only get a free e-cig starter kit, you also get 2 additional refill cartridges for free. That brings the total to 10 cartridges.

If this is your first e-cig and you are an average smoker, the 18 mg nicotine options is probably the best choice for you. If you smoke a pack per day or more, I recommend the 24 mg nicotine level.

E-Cig Liquid Refill Cartridges

Atlantic’s refills come in 5 flavors:

  1. Azores Classic – a smooth tobacco blend
  2. Gibraltar Traditional – a traditional tobacco blend
  3. Iceland Menthol – an ice cold menthol sensation
  4. Bermuda Sweet – tobacco with an infusion of tropical sweetness
  5. Caribbean Café – an original coffee flavor with roots to the early days of New World coffee

All of these flavors are available in 18 mg or 24 mg nicotine strengths.

Atlantic cigs easy to use refill cartridges

When it comes to e-liquid flavors, Atlantic has invested heavily in creating delicious blends that people love. These e-liquids are professionally blended in a top grade laboratory facility and use only high quality ingredients. You do not have to worry about impurities of any kind.

The flavors and vapor are consistent throughout the life cycle of the cartridge. The cartridges also feature a very smooth and silent draw and the reason that is so important is because there are a lot of e-cigs out there where puffing actually requires effort. Not with Atlantic.

If you are looking to replace your cartridges, take advantage of this opportunity to try out Atlantic and get a brand new e-cigarette while you are at it. Win and win!