Okay, we know that serious vapers are generally not fans of Blu eCig. There are a number of reasons why. Blu Cigs themselves are a solid product but they are, as we often describe here at Expert Vaping, a mild vape. If you like lots of vapor and a memorable throat kick, Blu is probably not going to do it.

The other issue that many in the vaping community have with Blu eCig is the fact that Big Tobacco owns them. Now, a lot of anti-vaping groups are dropping millions of your tax dollars trying to convince people that the ecig industy is Big Tobacco. That’s utter nonsense and we know it. The entire anti-vaping faction is, pardon the pun, a bunch of smoke and mirrors with a self-serving agenda at its heart.

The truth is that the vaping community has a bigger grudge against Big Tobacco than the CDC, the California Department of Public Health and the Center For Tobacco Control Research combined. Part of that resentment is also directed at Blu eCigs as many in the vaping community see them as having sold out for the money.

anti vaping organizations are a front for big tobacco

From a business perspective and ensuring its own long-term survival, you cannot blame Blu eCig for allowing itself to be acquired by Lorillard. Big Tobacco has resources and distribution that an independent business can only dream of.

Until recently, Blu Cigs enjoyed a long run as the number one retail ecigarette brand. Much of that success can be attributed to marketing and distribution resources that Blu eCig gained after being acquired.

We have to remember that there was a reason why Blu eCig was the first ecigarette brand to be acquired. Blu was one of the first ecig companies and they had panache for branding that separated them from the crowd right off the bat. One of their keys to success was their signature blue glowing tip.

Blu Cigs established itself as a rock star in the electronic cigarette revolution early on with celebrity endorsers and a stylish look that captured attention. Blu led the way in sales so when Big Tobacco realized that vaping was the future they came knocking. They made a massive offer.

Blu eCig Is Owned By Big Tobacco

Should Blu have turned it down and focused 100% on being a vaping company that opposed Big Tobacco? That’s a judgment call that depends a lot on your personal perspective.

We understand both sides of the issue. In Blu’s defense, while they no longer oppose Big Tobacco, Blu eCig is still a stalwart opponent of cigarettes and smoking as well as being an advocate of your right to vape.

blu e cigarettes are sold by big tobacco

Jason Healy, the President and founder of Blu Cigs, is a passionate vaping advocate. Healy regularly takes a stand against the misinformation that is so often perpetuated by anti-vaping groups.

When the CDC recently launched a taxpayer funded anti vaping campaign many mainstream media outlets ran to Healy looking for a quote. He certainly gave them one. “The anti-side has been spewing crap like this constantly, but we continue to grow.”

Healy and Blu Cigs are a powerful ally of vaping. Many of us would like to see them be even more vocal but every time a mainstream media news outlet looks to Healy and Blu Cigs to counter anti-vaping propaganda, Healy can be counted on for an informed, passionate response on the side of vaping.

How Does Blu eCig Work

We have completed a full-length ecigarette review of Blu eCigs. Paul’s review video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and is the definitive Blu eCig review that is trusted by consumers.

Paul found Blu to be a solidly built product but the battery and cartridge life were lacking in comparison to other ecigarette brands.

He also found that the throat hit was light which made you more inclined to puff more frequently in order to experience satisfaction.

On the plus side, the Blu eCigs starter kit is very affordable, especially when you buy it online. You are also way better off buying cartridges online rather than paying the retail prices charged at convenience stores and mass retailers.

There’s one more thing on the plus side for Blu eCig. The ecig flavors are very good. Blu does not overwhelm you with flavor rather they hit just the right note. Blu uses very high quality eliquid with vegetable glycerin.

The mild throat hit and vegetable glycerin eliquid make Blu eCig a very good choice for someone who finds propylene glycol to be harsh. It is also great for more casual smokers who don’t need a lot of throat hit in order to feel satisfied.

Overall, Blu just did not stack up when compared to the best ecig brands.

blu plus by blu e cigs has a tank system

Paul’s findings were confirmed by consumer ecig reviews of Blu eCig. Many Expert Vaping readers took the time to post about their own Blu eCig experiences. That’s really the bottom line. Blu is a decent product with great flavors but a mild vape.

A lot of people prefer a mild vape. My mom likes Blu eCig! When she was visiting last year she had forgotten her Halo Triton at home. She did not want to smoke cigarettes so we stopped at a convenience store and she bought Blu Cigs disposables. She loved them!

blu e cigarettes use high vg e liquid

The great flavor and mild vapor did the trick. She enjoyed a great visit, made my wife and I some cookies and it was all good! It also made me very aware that Blu eCig still has a place in vaping.

Ecig technology is just that, technology. That means that it can take on many forms and fulfill a huge range of individual needs. Blu eCig is probably the best product that you will find in mass retailers, gas stations and convenience stores. It is a great product for light smokers or for vapers who need something in a pinch.

Blu Plus

While we have not yet reviewed the Blu Plus ecigarette kit, there are a lot of indicators that are telling us that the Blu Plus is giving consumers more and better vapor than the original Blu eCig rechargeable electronic cigarette.

Blu launched the Blu Plus with the promise of more vapor and more satisfaction. They also promised a longer battery life than the original Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes. Have they achieved those promises? Well there certainly seem to be excellent performance improvements.

Blu Plus and Blu tanks by all accounts produce more vapor, flavor and satisfaction. If you enjoy Blu’s flavors but wanted more vapor, the Blu Plus might be a good choice.

One thing that I like about the Blu Plus is the fact that I think it has potential as a great back up ecigarette. No matter where you are you know that you can go to any store and buy a Blu tank. It may not be up to par for an everyday product but in terms of convenience it is an option. You know it is better than the other convenience store brands, not that that is saying a lot of course.

The Blu Plus is an ecig tank system with disposable Blu Tanks. You may have seen the Blu Tank kit is stores but you can also buy it online and save some money if you want to try it out. Buying replacement Blu Tanks online is also a better deal.

blu plus by blu e cigs has a tank system

The Blu Tanks are a closed ecig tank meaning that you do not manually refill the tank. Inside the Blu tank, the wick and atomizer work exactly like a conventional ecig tank meaning that you should get more flavor and more vapor.

An ecig tank system exposes more eliquid to the heat of the atomizer and as a result should give you more vapor. It generally takes a larger battery capacity to effectively operate an ecig tank and Blu has upgraded their batteries.

We still can’t say that Blu stacks up to the quality of Apollo, Halo or GreenSmoke but as far as retail brands go Blu may be your best choice. Pretty much all ecigs that are sold in retail stores are owned by Big Tobacco, they are the ones with the distribution after all. Brands like Mark 10 and Vuse are made by people who obviously never made an ecigarette before. At least Blu eCigs started our as a genuine vaping company.

One thing is for sure, Blu is a lot better than cigarettes! Blu Cigs remains a big player in the evapor industry and they do have a place. They also deserve credit as vaping advocates. besides, my mom likes Blu Cigs, how can I argue with that!