Mt. Baker Vapor is one of the fastest growing electronic cigarette brands in the United States. They offer a huge range of the best electronic cigarette products and limitless choices of high quality eliquid. Our Mt Baker Vapor coupon can save you money from one of the fastest growing and most popular vaping companies in the nation. Enjoy!

To be specific, our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code is Expert Vaping10. What you do is simply enter that code when you check out of Mt Baker Vapor’s website. You will clearly see the space where you enter the code and just like that, you will see 10% come off the total of your purchase.

This is a legitimate ecig coupon code. If you search the internet you may find other Mt Baker Vapor coupon codes but may of those are fake. Believe me these fake coupon and discount code people are everywhere online. All they want to do is to show people that they have a lot of website traffic and then rip them off on advertising rates. Fake coupon codes is one of the biggest scams on the internet.

Use this special coupon code to save big on Mount Baker Vapor products.

Our Mt Baker vapor coupon is the real deal. We work with Mt. Baker Vapor and we have been impressed by their progress and commitment to quality. Mt Baker has been consistently moving up our Editor and Consumer ratings charts over the years. They have been working hard and it has paid off. Mt Baker Vapor is one of the few places where you can rest assured that you are getting authentic products.

Counterfeit vaping products are an issue that is plaguing the industry. As vaping advocates, we find it frustrating that many vape shops and online stores are selling counterfeit products. The temptation of huge profit margins has caused many to venture into the realm of selling knock-off ecigarettes. Many of these vendors do not even know they are doing it. The fake products look deceptively real.

Mt Baker sells ONLY authentic products from the best ecigarette brands. They also offer these leading, authentic ecig products at the best prices in the industry and they always throw in some free ejuice! On top of all of that, our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code will save you an additional 10%. Coupon code Expert Vaping10 is your ticket to maximum savings on the best ecigs, vape gear, ejuice and accessories.

Why Choose Mt Baker Vapor?

Mount Baker Vapor calls itself the summit of Northwest vaping, but they've earned their reputation through offering high quality products.

Ideally, in any emerging business or industry the cream rises to the top. This does not happen in every business and there are always exceptions, of course.

For example, when Big Tobacco launches an ecig like the Mark Ten they have the marketing money and distribution that independent American businesses like Mt Baker can’t compete with. But where Mt Baker can compete is to offer brilliant customer service, better prices and far superior products. That is exactly what Mt Baker is doing and, God bless America, its working.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you a genuine Mt Baker Vapor coupon because this company represents a true American success story. Mt Baker Vapor comes from very humble beginnings.

It started with two guys who found a new lease of life through vaping and set out to share that experience with the millions of smokers in the Unites States and around the world. They began in a small space and learned every intricacy of the vaping industry from the ground up. Every bit of expertise that they possess they have won the old fashioned way, they worked for it.

You can use the Mt Baker Vapor coupon for eliquid and that is great news because Mt Baker knows how to make some amazing, high quality eliquids. There is no diacetyl in any of their ejuice and it is all professionally blended by qualified people. Inhaling diacetyl has been linked to a condition called popcorn lung and, worse, studies have shown that 74% of ejuice brands have either diacetyl or diacetyl derivatives in their eliquids. Not Mt Baker Vapor elqiuid, it is pure and high quality.

Mt Baker Vapor eliquid is a huge reason that you should consider buying from this company. The ejuices that you get in vape shops have been blended by who knows and who knows where. You get a better product at a much better price when you buy online from Mt Baker Vapor.  When you use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon you save even more. It’s not even a close call.

Why overpay from a vape shop for some mystery ejuice when you could get quality and value? Look, it’s your money, isn’t it in your best interest to get the most out of it? Mt Baker gives you the quality and value that you should be demanding and where vape shops are simply not delivering.

Though popcorn lung had been previously attributed to vaping on the whole, it was found that the effects were due to a harmful additive in cheap e-juices called diacetyl.

Another reason to buy from Mt Baker, and to use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon Expert Vaping10, is because of the excellent, authentic vaping products that they have to offer. They have everything from beginner models to advanced ecigs to all the accessories you need to make your own coils.

If you recall earlier, I was talking about the problem with counterfeit vaping products. This is a serious problem. eBay, Craigslist and retail locations are saturated with fake products that unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers are distributing to Americans through a number of channels like Ali Baba. It’s not a good situation right now. Ecigs are blowing up or catching fire and people are vaping inferior, contaminated eliquids. This has got to stop.

Mt Baker Vapor is the foil to these counterfeit products and ignorant vendors. Use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon discount code, go to Mt Baker’s website, see for yourself what they have to offer. They have only authentic products. If you need new coils for you SubTank, Nautilus or whichever tank, go to Mt Baker and KNOW that you will be getting authentic coils that are going to work. Get the quality that you deserve for your money.

Use Mt Baker Coupon Code Expert Vaping10

If you need a new ecig or want to upgrade, see what Mt Baker has to offer. Compare and you will see that you are going to get an amazing value on the leading electronic cigarette products. We’re going to talk about a few of them but for a couple of quick examples consider the line-up of Kanger and Aspire products. They have the best mods from iSmoka eLeaf, MVP and more. Need accessories, get a coil jig for your rebuilds. They also have the best batteries for ecigs. My point is that Mt Baker is a one stop shop for everything you could want or need.

You are welcome to share your experiences with Mt. Baker Vapor using our consumer ecig review section. Tell us what you think of their ejuice and the company as a whole.

When Mt Baker gave us the chance to share a Mt Baker Vapor coupon code with you, we were excited. We have companies who approach us all the time who want us to review their stuff or post their coupon codes. Most do not cut the mustard, to be honest most are actually pretty bad. Mt Baker is a seriously excellent company that truly cares about customers. More than that, they care about vaping and what we are all fighting for, to save lives.

Now, Mt Baker Vapor is a passionate advocate on behalf of the vaping community. Right now, Mt. Baker, though based in Washington State and Arizona, is working with the Indiana vaping community to fight against oppressive regulation that will limit the options of smokers who are simply fighting for an alternative that could save their lives. They are using their own resources to protect vaping. How many other companies can say that?

Most of the other ecig companies sit these things out and let other people do the work of protecting vaping from anti-vaping zealots, but not Mt Baker. They are not sitting on the sidelines trying to collect, they are getting involved for the good of the entire industry and to ensure that smokers have access to a less harmful alternative. Mt Baker is taking a stand against an unconstitutional court ruling that threatens to condemn smokers and limit choices.

This is an American company of quality, conscience and commitment. That’s why Mt Baker Vapor is a worthy choice for your business.

Mt Baker Vapor Products

Mt Baker’s product catalog is expansive. They have so eliquid flavors. You choose the PG and VG ratio as well. My personal favorites are Moo Juice and Thug Juice.

eLeaf iStick 30 Watt Mod and Kanger SubTank Plus

The Eleaf iStick 30 watt power mod pairs perfectly with the Kangertech sub atomizer tank.

We did a full review of the iStick 30 watt and the Kanger SubTank Plus. We ordered both from Mt Baker because we knew that we would be getting authentic products.

We talk about that a lot because we don’t want to see you get ripped off with fakes. We are strongly recommending Mt baker because you will get authentic products every time.

We used the Mt Baker Vapor coupon, which was very easy to use, and got a sweet discount which was awesome to say the least.

Both the iStick 30 watt and Kanger SubTank Plus were shipped to us so quickly we were very impressed. We are talking seriously awesome customer service here.

If you notice the unboxing portion of our review video, you will see the security features on the packaging and the authentication documents inside the products that verify we got the real deal. Mt Baker delivers only authentic product.

We tested both the iStick and the SubTank plus extensively over a long period of time. In fact, I can give you an update. Three months after the review Ray is still using the iStick 30 watt and SubTank plus every day. To this day there has not been one problem with either. They are both working perfectly!

The Kanger SubTank Plus is the larger version of the Kanger SubTank and it is an incredible ecig tank. The iStick 30 watt is a compact, easy to carry and comfortable to hold mod capable of a 30 watt output. The iStick 30 watt comes with the battery built in and quickly recharges through a USB port.

Mount Baker Vapor also sells the iStick 20 watt and the iStick 50 watt mod. Both are offered at low prices and, of course, you can sweeten the deal by using our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code.

Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit

The hottest selling mod kit for beginners is the Kangertech Subbox Mini which comes in black or white.

The Kanger Subox Mini starter kit has been the hottest seller of 2015. This compact subohm kit from Kangertech is wildly popular and with good reason.

The Kanger Subox kit from Mount Baker vapor comes with an easy to use, advanced mod capable of a 50 watt output.

It works with an 18650 battery. The wattage is adjustable in 0.1 increments and it really is easy to make your desired adjustments whenever you choose.

The Kanger SubTank is simply an amazing ecig tank. It is undoubtedly one of the very best subohm vaping tanks that you can get. It is so versatile. You can use the premade subohm coils that are phenomenal quality. This is the most popular choice. If you are feeling adventurous you can build your own coils. Or you can enjoy standard 1.5 ohm vaping. This is the choice for mouth to lung hitters.

The Kanger Subox mod is designed to get the most out of the Kanger SubTank. This is one of the easiest to use subohm kits ever made. It looks great and the people who own a Subox absolutely love it. The retail price is $79.99 and Mt Baker will throw in some free eliquid. Use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon discount code to get the best possible deal.

The iTaste 134 From Mount Baker

The Mount Baker Vapor iTaste 134 vape mod is an industry leader in high quality vape technology.

With the hype about the new Star Wars movies an entirely new generation is ready to be indoctrinated into Jedi culture! The ultimate symbol of Star Wars is the Lightsaber. I bring this up because the iTaste 134 ecigarette looks a lot like a Lightsaber!

Look at it! It looks like you should grab this thing and jump into your landspeeder and head to Mos Eisley, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

The iTaste 134 has actually been a round for a few years now and although it may not have the most up to date technology, it remains a favorite among vapers for its power, appearance, size and durability.

The iTaste 134 is a very large ecigarette. It uses an 18650 battery and really to this day is a masterful device for getting top performance out of 18650 batteries and an wide range of leading ecig tanks. The adaptor allows you to connect a 510 threaded tank. The Nautilu is a great choice as are many others.

Aspire Premium Starter Kit

The Aspire Premium starter kit comes complete with the Nautilus adjustable air flow tank and five replaceable atomizer coils.

This very popular ecig starter kit is an ideal choice for new vapers or for people who want excellent, flavorful and satisfying vapor but not clouds. basically if you like vaping bur are not a cloud chaser, the Aspire Premium starter kit is right in your wheelhouse.

I am one of those people who wants a great vape but not a massive cloud. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the cloud chasing scene and devices and partake occasionally, but for mt everyday practical vape I use the Aspire Premium starter kit.

The Aspire Premium ecig starter kit comes with the Nautilus ecig tank. The Nautilus was a revolutionary design the turned the vaping community upside down. The adjustable airflow feature allows you to control your draw and in conjunction with the easy to use variable voltage feature, you can fine tune the vapor output. Bottom line is that you are going to love it.

The battery is a carbon coated 1000 mAh battery that is absolutely top of the line. The Aspire Nautilus Mini tank has a 2.5 ml ejuice capacity and is one of the best ecig tanks on the market. It is 510 threaded and just an all around joy to use. The kit comes with five additional coils and Mount Baker will throw in some free eliquid so you can enjoy the Aspire Premium and Nautilus tank as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon to make this deal about as good as it gets.

Aspire Platunum Starter Kit

The Aspire Platinum starter kit from Mount Baker Vapor comes with everything you need to start your high end vaping experience.

If you want to get into subohm vaping or if you want to pick up one of the best subohm kits, use the Mt Baker Vapor coupon to save 10% off of the Aspire Platinum starter kit. With coupon and free ejuice you are getting an extra $14 value.

The Aspire Platinum starter kit is an all-in-one subohm vaping kit. Subohm vaping is the biggest trend in vaping.

The reason that subohm vaping became a trend is the Aspire Atlantis tank. The Platinum kit comes with the Atlantis tank.

The Aspire Atlantis was a true game changer. Before the Atlantis came along, subohm vaping was a complex and often dangerous practice. The Atlantis changed that forever by making subohm vaping accessible to to all. Now subohm vapor is as easy as using anoy other standard ecig tank. All you need is a battery capable of sufficient power output.

The Aspire Platinum subohm starter kit comes with Aspire’s 2000 mAh battery that will acommodate the Atlantis tank beautifully. The battery is the same diameter as the tank so it looks perfect when assembled. At $79.99 this is one of the best priced subohm kits you can get and easily among the very best in quality. After all, the Atlantis is the original, the one that set the trend. Use Mt Baker Vapor coupon Expert Vaping10 and save 10% and remember that they are also going to include some free ejuice with your order.

The IPV4S From Mount Baker Vapor

The IPV4s 120 watt temperature control vape mod is a slim, comfortable powerhouse in the palm of your hand.

Another reason that we are excited to be able to offer you an opportunity to access a genuine Mt Baker Vapor coupn is the fact that Mt Baker is always on the cutting edge of where vaping is going.

In the last few months a new trend in vaping ahs emerged and Mount Baker is right there with the best product.

The IPV4S is the mod that is providing the best temerature control vaping experience right now.

Temperature control vaping is an alternative to setting voltage or wattage to control your vapor. Instead of shoosing the power that is sent to your atomizer coil, with temp control vaping the coil temperature is set to be the same every puff and the mod will provide the power necessary to maintain the coil temperature.

Basically it automatically controls the temperature of your coil. That means that the vapor output will be the same every time and you will save battery power and more effciently use your eliquid. The IPV4S is ideal for temperature control vaping thanks to advanced technology. Unlike many ither temperature control mods, the IPV4S does not randomly drop out of temeprature control mode.

Other Mount Baker Vapor Products

You can use the Mt Baker Vapor coupon for ANY purchase from Mt Baker Vapor. They have a ton to choose from. Above you can see the video for the iStick 20 watt mod. This is probably the smallest mod you can find. It is not much bigger than a lighter and is still capable of 20 watts of power! This is the most portable mod you can get.

Thats just for starters. You can use the Mt Baker Vapor coupon for any of the following ecig products as well:

  • Innokin Beginner Starter Kit ($29.99 – save $3 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Kanger EVOD starter kit ($29.49 – save $2.95 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Kanger Blister Starter Kit ($15.49 – save $1.55 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • MVP 3.0 Pro ($72.99 – save $7.30 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Ambassador Mech Mod ($249.99 – save $25 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Vulcan RDA ($59.99 – save $6 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • UD Tech Coil Jig ($6.99 – save .70 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Vapowire Nickel Wire ($9.99 – save $1 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • Vapowire Kanthal Wire ($8.99 – save .90 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)
  • 15 ml bottle of Mt Baker eJuice ($4.49 – save .50 with Mt Baker Vapor coupon)

Yah the list goes on and one and on. Kind of like I do! There are so many vaping products at Mount Baker we could never list them all. Just visit their website and see it all for yourself!

Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code 2015

You can use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code for any purchase from Mt Baker. Once again that code is Expert Vaping10 and it is legit. Unlike a lot of other ecig companies, you can use the Mt Baker discount code for eliquids. There are 150 some odd ejuice flavors to choose from.

Mount Baker Vapor ejuice is a favorite in the vaping community. They use only top quality ingredients and ejuice blends do not have any contaminants. This is very good ejuice.

Mount Baker is just a very impressive American company. Whenever you talk to anyone from customer service on the phone you can hear the enthusiasm for vaping and the sincere desire to help. The employees obviously care about the company and about their customers and this is an excellent sign. These are great folks and what they are doing and fighting for is a classic American success story.

The line-up of ecigarettes and vaping products is impressive. They have something for everyone. Once again, just go to their website and see what they are about. I think you will agree that Mt Baker Vapor is an oustanding company. Mt Baker is more than a business, they are an advocate and resoruce for smokers seeking an alternative. This company is actively fighting the system so that you can have the right to vape. These are people of care, comitment and conscience. Use this Mt Baker Vapor coupon and know that you are supporting an American ecig company that is going to support you in return.