The majority of vapers that take 50 puffs or more of vapor each weak are tobacco free after 24 months. This is the result of an Italian electronic cigarette study that tracked tobacco smokers over a course of two full years. This was an unfunded study carried out by Italian researchers from leading universities. The research team intends on continue the study tracking for an additional three years thanks to crowd funding.  This is an untarnished examination of vaping vs smoking with no special interest funding.

This electronic cigarette study tracked a total of 229 e-cigarette users, 480 tobacco smokers and 223 dual users over a 24 month period. The tobacco smokers showed very little change in habits where as the 61% electronic cigarette users, vapers, that vaped 50 puffs or more per week were tobacco free throughout the 24 month period. So much for being a gateway to tobacco. Quite to the contrary, obviously. There appears to be a definite correlation between vaping and staying off of cigarettes.

Study Subjects May Have Used Inferior Vaping Products

The statistics have shown that many dedicated vapers are completely smoke and cigarette free within 2 years of taking up e-cigs.

The study did find that people who use electronic cigarette while at the same time smoking cigarettes tended to gravitate back toward being strictly tobacco smokers. We don’t have specific data on which electronic cigarette products that they tried. That’s why Expert Vaping tries so hard to guide toward people toward the best electronic cigarettes and away from inferior vape products. There is a good possibility that the dual users in this study unfortunately experienced vaping via inferior products.

The final analysis of the study at the two year mark was blunt and concise reading as follows, “E-cigarette use alone might support tobacco quitters remaining abstinent from smoking. However, dual use did not improve the likelihood of quitting tobacco or e-cigarette use, but may be helpful to reduce tobacco consumption. Adverse event data were scarce and must be considered preliminary.”

If you would be interested in helping to fund this continuing electronic cigarette study, see the Kickstarter page here.