In general, the most expensive electronic cigarettes would logically seem to be the most effective electronic cigarettes. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, it’s simply not true.

We don’t fault this logic. In other cases this may hold true, but when buying electronic cigarettes – well… it’s a bit trickier than that.

Many people think that e-cigs are just a passing fad – or just another gadget. This is due, in many cases, because they’ve purchased one of those “convenient” and “cheap” ecigs from an independent distributor, mall kiosk, or worse yet – a gas station. All in an effort to save a few bucks… and hey – it’s more convenient… Right?

Gas station vapes may come in interesting flavors with loud wrappers but can be made cheaply and with unsafe components and ingredients.

We could say “wrong” but we won’t. We’ll type it. —> Wrong. When you factor in the headaches and dissatisfaction from a bum ecig that you just spent your hard earned bones on- convenience becomes a matter of perception.

We put together this little guide for those of you who are ready to take the plunge into the exciting world of e-cigs and vaping. Sure, there’s heaps and loads ofย  different ecig “mods” out there, but many who are just starting out want something a bit more like a real cigarette to help with the transition. We take nicotine satisfaction, vapor, and basically all the important stuff into consideration. Just because you’re not “modding” doesn’t mean you can’t have a thoroughly satisfying vaping experience.

Just a quick note before we launch into the good stuff… If some of you are wondering whether e-cigarettes work well enough to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes and such, don’t worry- we’re going to touch base on that first before we start recommending products ๐Ÿ™‚

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The common disposable single-use e-cig has an internal atomizer that transfers liquid into vapor.

The simplest answer to this question is: yes… but not without at least some determination. When you’ve committed to making the switch to e-cigs, do yourself a favor and eliminate your access to any analog (tobacco) cigarettes that you have in your possession. It takes people so much longer to convert when they’ve got tobacco cigarettes at their finger tips.

Getting the right nicotine strength matters! Don’t go and buy just any e-cig without looking to see if the nicotine is comparable to what you’re currently smoking with tobacco cigarettes. If you’ve got some questions about this, no worries! You can hop right on over to our FAQ section where we’ve answered the most important questions that most newcomers to vaping ask.

Buying an e-cigarette that has too low of a nicotine strength can make a huge difference in the throat kick (that “pressure” in your throat that we associate with satisfaction in the “hit”), as well as the all-important nicotine satisfaction – resulting in an entirely unsatisfactory first time user experience. For quick reference, take a look at this nicotine strength chart – it should give you an idea of what to expect when you’re looking at cartridges and e-liquids.

If you choose an e-cigarette at 2.4% nicotine strength – it’s going to have a stronger throat hit than the 1.8%. Just this one point alone, if you understand it, can make all the difference in the world as to whether the ecig is satisfying or not.

Satisfaction is much like a greased pig when we’re talking specifically about nicotine satisfaction. What may satisfy one person may seem like inhaling air to another.

We’re not recommending people increase their nicotine intake, we’re simply saying that some have unwittingly written off ecigarettes because their first impression was from an ecig with a nico-level that did not match their satsifaction level. If you get a high quality ecigarette with the right level of nicotine, it could literally change your whole perception of just how amazing these little devices really are.

The chart shows the levels of nicotine that correspond to the strength of cigarette formerly smoked by the vaper to help wean them.

We are SO passionate about this one issue alone. First impressions are important and this is why we always recommend to buy ecigarettes online directly from the merchant: you get the freshest product, latest updated technology, and the best customer service.

What’s the Most Effective Electronic Cigarette?

There isn’t just one, two, or three… but there are roughly FOUR effective e-cigarettes that we can confidently recommend. When you’re looking for an effective, yes effective electronic cigarette, you must have a few things in mind.

  • Vapor Output
  • Battery Life
  • Flavor Satisfaction
  • Nicotine Satisfaction and Available Strengths
  • Customer Service (Every product can have problems and this is where your headaches can start or end)

These are five factors people sometimes overlook, or don’t even think about. Truth is -these 5 factors are actually the very seed of every problem the average consumer goes through when purchasing their first e-cig – all because they didn’t know better brands exist, or weren’t given the proper information prior to purchasing. Obviously not you because you’re here reading this article ๐Ÿ™‚

The Green Smoke e-cigarette basic kit comes with one battery, one cartridge and one USB charger, the perfect way to try it out.

So let’s get to the meat!

Most Effective – Easiest draw, most authentic conversion from a tobacco cig to e-cigs – without a doubt is Green Smoke. They have crafted an e-cig that is so simple, effective, and overall completely satisfying – Our #1 recommended e-cig. No need to rant, even the Green Smoke consumer reviews tell the story.

Runner up – We have EverSmoke. Pleasantly priced, they’ve recently put great effort into improving their e-cigarette flavors as well as the battery life of their e-cigs. They’ve proven to be a reputable and reliable e-cig company that’s made huge strides in product quality . Hence – they’ve been re-tested and given our recommendation above some other brands.

The Eversmoke e-cig starter kit comes with two devices, five cartridges and two USB charging units.

Next – there’s Halo. If you’re looking for an incredibly cheap yet effective e-cigarette that’ll give you a solid chance at getting off of tobacco cigarettes, it’s Halo’s G6 Kit. Even though Halo is bit cheaper than other brands, we recommend them because they are a solid and quality ecigarette. The Halo G6 actually packs a punch when used in combination with Halo’s G6 mini clearomizer tanks and e-liquid. This kit also allows you to step into the world of refilling your own smoke juices. The G6 takes pre-filled cartomizers or mini-tanks. Your choice. We think that’s pretty cool.

Last but not least – if you’re a heavy smoker and require a bit more nicotine- or just like a strong hard-hitting throat kick (like the Big Dogs at Expert Vaping – lol)… then we’ve got one last recommendation: The White Cloud Cirrus 3X. Their batteries last as long as any other in it’s class on the market and you can get their cartridges at an insane 5.4mg (5.4%) nicotine. The increase in nicotine over the 24mg most others offer is very noticeable, so its not recommended for light smokers. When we say “hard hitting” throat kick, we mean it in a good, pleasurable-like manner. White Cloud’s 5.4% cartomizers could even tame a smokeless tobacco user’s increased nicotine appetite.

The G6 starter kit from Halo Purity, is a comprehensive e-cigarette kit that comes with five flavor cartridges, and USB charging units.

Our goal is to help you decide on a good e-cig that will give you the best first time experience possible. The only way we can do that is by vaping, vaping and more vaping… and by reading/listening to the many consumer reviews that are left on the Expert Vaping website.

We encourage you to bookmark and explore the Expert Vaping site and listen to what other reviewers are saying via the consumer chart. E-cigs work. We can’t make health claims, but we do know from personal experience and the personal testimonies of others that ecigs are an effective way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

White Cloud's Cirrus 3X e-cigarette starter kit comes standard with three devices, USB chargers and flavor cartridges.

If you still aren’t sure what e-cigarette to decide on, hit us up on the live chat located at the bottom left-hand corner of every page on the site. We’ll do our best to help you figure out which ecig is best for you.

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