Mistic eCig officially joined the trend of e cigarette brands moving their production to America with the recent opening of their Charlotte, North Carolina facility. The site is now home to the entire cartomizer production line for Mistic, replacing 300 Chinese workers with two automated machines.

Mistic had already been manufacturing its ecig juice in the United States, but it was then shipped to China where its cartomizers were made. After the e-cig juice was injected into those cartomizers, the finished product would be sent back to the Mistic ecig warehouse in the US. This is something similar to what White Cloud e cig was doing before their own move to a Tarpon Springs, Florida facility.

Some e-cig companies are moving their operations to the United States in an effort to appeal to consumers looking for products made in the USA.

This wasn’t the best solution for the American company, both from the standpoint of profits as well as that of reputation. Mistic eCig CEO John Wiesehan Jr. wouldn’t quote any specific numbers, but he did say “Quite frankly, we have a pickup in our (profit) margin.” The move was made possible due to the coordination that Mistic has with their e-cig juice provider, a company called Purilum.

Purilum shares space with Mistic in the new facility and it also owns the machines that fill their cartomizers, making for a very symbiotic partnership. Wiesehan also pointed out that the move reduces somewhere between 60 to 90 days of production time, which is a lot considering that e-cig juice decreases in efficacy over time.

USA Made Ecigs

The CEO of Mistic electronic cigarettes is heading up one of the biggest emerging American vape brands.

Besides the production benefits that Mistic e-cig will receive from the move, it should not be overlooked how much this helps with their reputation.

E cigarette brands understand that people like to buy American products as a whole, and especially with ingestible items such as ecig juice. USA made ecigs are an industry goal.

When a customer considers their many options, and with e cigarette brands still popping up left and right those options are still growing, they will take this into account.

From a sales standpoint Mistic instantly becomes more attractive to consumers, especially those who place the “made in America” tag as an important criteria. Even those that don’t will likely buy with more confidence when they see it.

Mistic e-cigarette became instantly attractive to consumers as a product made locally in the USA.

This is also a smart move by Mistic eCig because of the state of the industry and its direction, which is future ecig regulation by the FDA. While full regulation is still a ways off, it isn’t a secret that the FDA is much more wary of products that come from China, especially ecig juice.

The future of the ecig industry will see some sort of oversight by the FDA and having a US production plant certainly makes that easier, both for the FDA and the e cigarette brands that need their stamp of approval. This decision by Mistic eCig to move their production operations to America was made knowing the immediate benefits, but also with the future of the industry in mind.

If Mistic is thinking ahead, you can bet other e cigarette brands are doing the same. The trend is for companies to want to move their facilities to the US and more of them are doing that.

Companies like White Cloud are producing e-cigarettes domestically bringing jobs and manufacturing back to the USA.

We covered the move White Cloud e cig made to produce their cartridges Florida earlier this year as part of this trend. Many of the newer brands as well as some veteran producers of e-cig juice have been touting this for years.

One of the top brands we cover, Halo Ecig, has been pitching American quality e-cig juice as long as we can remember.

Other companies are simply joining in to the trend, which overall is a great thing for consumers because of the oversight of quality control that is a standard in America. As long as the prices stay down, this is a great move for us all. We’ll expect to see more and more e cigarette brands do the same and we’ll keep covering all of that news and more here in the news section of Expert Vaping. In the meantime, happy vaping!