When you’re in search of a dry herb vaporizer specifically optimized for drawing essence from weed flowers, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options. Our Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black review takes a deep draw of herbal vapor to discover whether the next level of dry herb vape is waiting to be discovered in this incredible starter kit.

Although the Sub Herb Black dry herb vaporizer tank is largely celebrated as the top dry herb tank for mods, combined with the Target Mini vape mod it becomes an infinitely tactile weed vape kit capable of vaping cannabis at the optimum temperature and wattage. This incredible dry herb vaporizer tank system puts the power of peak weed vaping in the palm of your hand. While there are plenty of vape pens for weed that deliver passable potency, the Sub Herb Target Mini Kit simplifies the abilities of more advanced equipment and packs it into a stealthy, function-rich package.

We took our time to effectively investigate the abilities and functions of this outstanding vape for weed to better itemize the output and vapor production of what may be the best dry herb vaporizer kits with the ability to vape weed oil we’ve ever used. Take a tour of of the towering potential pouring out of every puff of this best vaporizer for dry herb and cannabis oil. Our Sub Herb Black review set out to discover how this amazing “danknamic duo” of the best dry herb vape tank and a compact box mod can instantly improve the quality and intensity of your weed vape in endless streams of flavorful herbal vapor.

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Sub Herb Black Review — A Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank With A Low Profile

While there have been multiple versions of the Sub-Herb dry herb vape tank, the Black is certainly the most advanced in terms of performance and built-in amenities. Improvements such as a plunger integrated into the top of the dry herb tank that presses the loose leaf material down while its being vaporized are impressive upgrades that prove the Mig Vapor brand listens intently to the suggestions of their customers. Becoming the best dry herb tank didn’t happen overnight, they repeatedly made adjustments to the technology that other companies making weed vaporizer mods have ignored.

Mig Vapor has truly dialed in what may be the best dry herb tank available by engineering a weed vape tank with a tight seal able to reach the best temp to vape weed in just 3-8 seconds. In this way they have devised the best herbal vaporizer setup for pulling essential compounds from the dry material without the risk of burning it. When Mig Vapor improved the Black Sub Herb version they changed the amount of airflow with a slightly restricted draw that functions at optimal resistance for a satisfying experience vaping weed flower or oil. That said, if you’re looking for a device that is optimized for vaping dabs, the Brain Fogger may be the best vape kit for shatter and crumble concentrates.

This dry herb tank for mods has a range of effects and sensations depending on how you set the wattage of your mod. Although the Vaporesso Target Mini mod is able to max out at 40 watts, our Sub Herb Black review found that it functioned best at between 19 and 26 watts according to the intensity of vapor and warmth you enjoy. This is key to enjoying the best weed vaporizer kits, the ability to customize the performance of your weed vapes can be essential to taking away an experience that makes using weed vapes a memorable and pleasurable journey away from combustion.

It’s important to find the best herbal vaporizer kit that delivers a fulfilling cloud of medicated vapor to fully grasp the value of how dry herb vape devices can entirely clear your cannabis usage of carcinogens associated with burning material. As one of the most well-designed vape kits to vape weed, during the course of our Sub Herb Black review we determined that the herb tank alone delivered exactly the infused vapor we admire in dry herb atomizer setups designed specifically for flower and herbs. It wasn’t until we attached it to the Target Mini vape mod that we fully understood the possibilities of what this weed vape kit could achieve.

Sub Herb Black Target Mini Vape Kit Review — Herbal Vape With Pocket Sized Power

With the Sub Herb Black sitting atop the Target Mini, you get the best portable vaporizer for weed in a compact size. In detail, this mini vape mod made by Vaporesso as a partnership with Mig Vapor is able to carefully cater the wattage and find the best temperature to vape weed at the push of a button. In the realm of dry herb vaporizers, the combination of an outstanding dry herb tank and an impressively small vape mod puts the power of a larger device with a bigger price tag in an affordable vape kit for weed that outperforms the competition.

In fact, you can consider the Sub Herb Black Target Mini vape kit a cheap dry herb vaporizer by comparison to devices with a similar level of functionality and performance. Where other devices seem to cost infinitely more for about the same abilities, this invaluable vape starter kit is an unbelievable value for the best portable dry herb vaporizer under a hundred bucks. Impressively, our Sub Herb Black review found this to be a comprehensive setup that includes everything other than your herbs ready to pump out steady streams of vapor right out of the box.


  • Sub Herb Black dry herb tank best at 20-25 watts
  • Target Mini vape mod capable of producing up to 40 watts or 200-600F
  • Ceramic oven chamber with built in plunger in cap to hold loose leaf material
  • Pyrex glass outer tank
  • Can be used to vape weed oil concentrates using included wicks

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Mig Vapor Sub Herb Target Mini

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Sub Herb Black Kit Review Wrap Up

Your search for the best portable vaporizer for dry herb has arrived at the source for the pinnacle of weed vaping. We selected the Sub Herb Black vape kit as the top of our best vape pens for weed with good reason, the vapor production, herbal flavor and cannabis potency all contribute to making the dry herb tank and mini mod a powerful team collaborating to the best portable herb vaporizer on the market. Though Mig Vapor was originally known for their electronic cigarettes and best selling vape mods, they have created a loyal following of customers who appreciate the advanced technology and easy to use designs of their dedicated vaporizers for weed as well.

One of the most significant attributes we found to be an invaluable asset to users looking for a portable vaporizer is the ability to use the Sub Herb Black tank for concentrates using the included wicks. This means each vape kit doubles as a weed vaporizer with multiple possibilities for how it’s used, and the Target Mini box mod allows you to calculate the optimum wattage and temperature for each without switching vape tanks or devices. In essence, if you aren’t sure which cannabis concentrate or material you’ll enjoy the most, you don’t have to choose between all of them with the Sub Herb Black Target kit, which can end up saving you a pile of money in the long run.

When you’re ready for a loose-leaf vaporizer for dry herb that doubles as a weed oil vape, take a closer look at the Sub Herb Black kit and decide for yourself if it holds the key to your smoke-free future. If you have questions, comments, or you simply want to share your own experience with this incredible weed vape kit, drop us a line, send us message, reach out to our review staff. We love receiving feedback and personal stories from the Expert Vaping community. We hope you find the same level of satisfaction with making the switch to vaping that we enjoy helping to lead the world to a world without combustion and that this Sub Herb Black review helps you get there.