In the world of vaping, there is a fine line between affordable mods meant for use with the best dry herb, dab and wax atomizers and a cheap vape pen with only one trick up its sleeve. Our Mig Vapor Sub 40 mini mod review takes a look at a low-cost mini vape device meant for use with modular weed atomizer tanks to figure out whether it’s just as good as similar products costing big bucks.

While many advanced variable voltage and temperature control box mods have a 510 thread battery unit, not all vape components are created equal. We decided that this mid-range vape mod warranted a closer inspection to decide if it would pair efficiently with the top wax atomizer and weed vape attachments. If you’re determined to assemble the best vape starter kit for dabs or other cannabis concentrates requires a fair amount of research, especially when you’re looking to create a superb match up of the highest quality components that meet your standards. It was important to us to put together a powerful dry herb, wax or dab setup that could take on even the most challenging expectations for vapor production in a mini vape mod and weed vape tank team up.

Since we’re constantly evaluating new vape kits and vaporizers mods, it’s common for us to select certain items that may qualify for future top lists. Essentially, we choose our favorite devices and products that have proven their worth not only during the course of our vape reviews, but over a longer course of time to achieve prominent standing on our assemblage of the best vape mods. However, with so many cheap vape mods on the market, it’s rare that we would choose one to sit on any list, especially one that isn’t sold as part of a vape starter kit.

That said, there are some important things about the Mig Vapor Sub 40 mini mod review model that we truly enjoyed and some that we felt could use a bit of fine tuning. This intensive analysis of a mini box mod meant to be paired with the Sub Herb Black and Brain Fogger dab attachmentcertainly surpassed our expectations in specific aspects while leaving us a little puzzled with others.

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Handheld Personalized Weed Vaping — Sub 40 Mini Mod Review

As far as mini vape devices go, the Sub 40 box mod packs an impressive amount of power into a small design. Powering this pocket-sized device is an incredible 2200 mAh built-in, USB rechargeable battery that makes for hours of robust vapor production before needing to be plugged in for a fresh charge. It’s able to generate between 5 and a maximum 40 watts of power making it comparable to the Vaporesso Target Mini, which has reigned as one of the best vape mods for quite a while. In fact, one of the most notable ways in which the two differ is the price tag.

In addition, Mig Vapor has designed the Sub 40 with increased stability, making it a lot more secure when its set down. While the lightweight and compact attributes of the Target Mini have helped its popularity endure, its also one of the major drawbacks as certain tanks, vape bubblers and enail rigs can have an uneven stability that can cause it to tip over. Although this isn’t completely solved with the Sub 40, at a lower price its quite a bit more solid, though it’s important to mention that it does add a bit of weight in order to achieve this.

The Sub 40 box mod’s ability to vape down to 0.3 ohms of resistance make it an outstanding introduction to vaping for beginners which simplifies the learning curve for how to vape weed effectively. In fact, finding the best temp to vape weed is much easier on this unit than some of the best box mods available. A built-in OLED display shows constant voltage, wattage, resistance and battery strength keeping users informed about how its performing in real time.

Temperature and wattage are easily adjusted using the +/- buttons on the side and it functions with the use of a streamlined firing bar on the side. It may look simple but paired with the right atomizer can transform this minimal mod into a weed vaping powerhouse on a level close to the best portable weed vaporizers available due its design of a low wattage mod since most cannabis concentrate atomizers and tanks are optimized for under 30 watts to prevent burning material. For the Sub 40 mini mod review we took a thorough accounting of the functions and attributes of this compact box mod to weight against the competition.


  • Built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable vape battery with side USB slot
  • Able to vape between 5w-40w
  • Accommodates sub ohm atomizers down to 0.3 ohm
  • OLED display shows wattage, resistance, and battery health
  • Available in red, black or silver

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Mig Vapor Sub 40 Mini Mod Review Conclusion

If you’re looking specifically for a 510 thread vape pen, the Sub 40 is worth reconsidering box mods for your needs. While it’s technically a box, it’s narrow profile and comfortable grip in our palm made this closer in engineering to the best vape pens for weed than an advanced device with multiple batteries. That said, it isn’t the most discreet mods for vaping weed and you make certain compromises in order to have a more durable and sturdy weed vape.

However, if you’re tired of breaking fragile vapes for weed that can’t take the rigorous daily use and abuse of your weed vaping needs, this may be the best cheap box mod to make an upgrade to a modular system with. Mig Vapor is well known for putting their own unique spin on technology for vaporizing weed, and the Sub 40 is a perfect example of those innovations. Although it’s definitely not the best vape mod for cannabis concentrate tanks, it may be the most performance and best functionality you can find at an affordable price from a trusted brand.

Whatever you decide suits your needs for vaping cannabis, concentrates, essential oils and flower, we hope this Sub 40 mini mod review was helpful in your decision and you ultimately discover a useful device that provides you with best way to vape weed according to your enjoyment, it’s literally why we do this.