One of the most important aspects users look for in a vape starter kit is options, something not many entry level mouth to lung devices are able to offer. Fortunately, our Mig Vapor SR 72 Dual Vape kit review found a beginner vape package loaded with extras that not only presented vapers with a comprehensive starter pack, but plenty of optional upgrades as well.

With a full range of vape battery models and an endless selection of vape juice flavors and nicotine levels available, the SR 72 Dual starter kit is stuffed with possibilities for achieving the best standard ohm vape experience for new vapers. In addition, Mig Vapor is well known for creating partnerships with other top vape brands to produce kits that combine the best functionality and technology of products they appreciate without simply stealing the design. Their ability to work cooperatively has produced some of the best vape mods and sub ohm tank combinations the vaping community loves like the WTF Target Mini vape kit.

Essentially, having an open mind has allowed Mig Vapor to establish themselves as an outstanding source for the most innovative vape mods that implement the most significant developments throughout the industry. Our SR 72 Dual vape kit review confirmed this, as their partnership with Aspire allowed an array of incredible tube mod and vape pen batteries to be paired with their popular vape tanks. That said, we wanted to delve deeper into what this incredible pairing of vape devices could accomplish for new users interested in switching to vaping.

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SR 72 Dual Vape Kit Review — eCigs That Blast Vapor At Mach 6

Each of the two Aspire SR 72 vape tanks pack 1.8 ohm atomizer coils perfect for new vapers who want the familiar mouth to lung vaping experience. The BVC coil heads themselves could last for two weeks up to a month depending on usage and the vape kit comes standard with five replacements. Bottom vertical coils are specifically designed to produce the best possible flavor from the vape juice used.

While most atomizer designs are configured horizontally, a BVC takes a singular central coil with cotton wicking wrapped around it to maximize the amount of ejuice infused into every puff of vapor. The atomizer coils are easy to install with precisely machine threading on the inside of the tank and filling it with vape juice is equally as simple by unscrewing the bottom cap to ensure there is no leaking when tucked in a pocket or bag.

For an eGo style threaded vape pen, the Aspire vape tank holds an impressive 3ml of eliquid in the dual bottom coil design. Our SR 72 Dual vape kit review found this to be an incredibly satisfying amount of ejuice for hours of fulfilling MTL vaping without a refill. Mig Vapor gives you the opportunity to stay with the two standard acrylic vape tanks that come with the kit or to upgrade to glass and stainless steel for a few dollars more.

Dueling Vape Batteries — The Many Options of the SR 72 Vape Kit

Though users are fairly limited in how they configure the SR 72 vape tank, the options for eGo threaded batteries are numerous. This vape pen starter kit does come with two 1300 mAh xtreme power vape batteries which are reasonably satisfying as far as power goes on their own. However, for a few dollars more you can upgrade to variable voltage versions which allow you to reach 4.8 volts with a simple twist of a control ring on the base. Or, simply make the full jump to the Phantom vape battery which fires at 1600 mAh, which is a serious bump in power for extended vaping sessions between recharges.

As we said, this SR 72 Dual vape kit review had a lot of options to cover and vape battery options were the bulk of them. For users making their first big investment into the world of vaping, we tend to recommend devices and ecig starter kits which allow them to vape for longer periods before having to plug in the unit. As a result, this vape starter kit is one of the most tactile packages we’ve seen that implements higher quality vape tanks and mods specifically for mouth to lung users.

If you appreciate the look of a tube mod or advanced vape pen starter kit, but aren’t sure whether sub ohm vaping is the direction you want to rush into, the SR 72 vape pen kit may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. To effectively combine the benefits of more advanced vape technology and simplify the operation of the equipment is a key innovation we could only expect from a cutting edge vape company like Mig Vapor. We were enamored with the abilities of this easy to use beginner vape kit simply in how it seemed created specifically for former smokers by design and that thoughtful foresight is apparent in the outstanding performance.


  • Kit includes two 1300 mAh USB rechargeable vape batteries, 2 SR 72 1.8ohm vape tanks, 5 replacement BVC atomizer coils, two chargers, a stylish carrying case and a 30ml bottle of vape juice in the flavor and nicotine dosage
  • Ability to upgrade to variable voltage battery up to 4.8 volts or Phantom 1600
  • Two full vape pens ensures you’re never without vapor while one is charging
  • 3ml vape tank capacity
  • Outstanding MTL device ideal for former smokers switching to vaping

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Mig Vapor SR 72 Dual Coupon

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Mig Vapor SR 72 Vape Kit Review Wrap Up

When you’re just getting started with how vaping feels, how it operates and the sensations it produces, especially when you’re making the switch from quitting smoking, it’s valuable to be able to preserve the ritual while removing the carcinogens and tar from burning material to help you transition. This SR 72 vape kit review seemed to achieve exactly that; while many of our staff have become direct lung vapers as they have moved on to more advanced box mods capable of large cloud production, those that are ex-cigarette smokers still value the feeling they had grown accustomed to and as an MTL starter kit, the Mig Vapor SR 72 Dual quickly became one of our favorites.

Between the battery options with variable voltage to the tight air draw vape tanks, even a 30ml bottle of Mig Vapor eliquid to get your started, this vape starter pack is exactly what we want to see in an entry level mouth to lung setup. As a beginner ecig , the Mig Vapor SR 72 vape pen kit took the look of an advanced tube mod and adapted existing technology to appeal specifically to people looking to give up tobacco.

I wish the SR 72 Dual vape pen starter kit was available when I first started vaping because in my experience, I definitely would have been able to start my smoke free future a lot sooner with a setup this satisfying. There’s no time like the present to try vaping and potentially quit smoking forever. If you have experience with the SR 72 Dual vape kit, have a question or want to leave a comment, we always like to get feedback from the Expert Vaping community.

Get started vaping today and leave tobacco in the ground.