Like a beautiful bee gingerly landing to collect the sweet nectar of a waiting flower, the best wax concentrate pens pull the potent extract from your dabs and transform them into powerful vapor. Our Mig Vapor Sol Review takes a look at this sweet pocket vape pen nectar collector combo to decide whether it’s a honey of a deal, or if it’s just a sting to your wallet.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a nectar collector, they draw essence from concentrates and passes the vaporized material through the device to the user. In this case, the ceramic atomizer coil for the nectar collector attaches to the base of the device and draws from a small, stealthy cup that hides within the body of the Mig Vapor Sol wax pen vaporizer. It’s poised to be one of the most discreet vape pens for weed the industry has seen thus far.

From its understated design, sleek low-profile construction and fulfilling vapor production from many different types of dabs, shatter and crumble, it’s certainly one of the most impressively affordable wax pens we’ve had the chance to test out. That said, we try to make our determinations on the value of vaping equipment based on the cross section of design and performance in order to assess the overall value of each product. As such, we needed to (read: wanted to) give this device a thorough evaluation for this Mig Vapor Sol review in order to make a concrete decision on whether it was worth picking up for your weed vaping needs.

Hidden Functionality from a Discreet Wax Pen — Mig Vapor Sol Review

Obviously, one of our favorite functions of the Mig Vapor Sol portable e-nail system is the duality of its use. Provided in the wax vaping starter kit are two atomizers; a traditional quartz coil meant for use similiarly to the top wax and dab pens on the market and a ceramic atomizer coil that acts as a bottom-feeding nectar collector. Although the secret concentrate cup hides discreetly in the base, affixing the BF coil transforms the device into a mobile electronic dab rig which pulls vapor through the device at a higher temperature range if you choose.

As a variable voltage device, it has three distinct temperature settings that are easily accessible and pre-programmed much like the heat variable system in the Mig Vapor Wasp wax vape pen. Quick 3-click activation will allow users to toggle through the three settings indicated by designated colored LED lights in green at 3.4v, blue at 3.7v and red at the maximum 4.2v perfect for taking warmer dabs. A built-in, USB rechargeable 400mAh battery delivered incredibly robust and satisfying sessions of infused concentrate vaping as we passed it around the office for this Mig Vapor Sol review.

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With that in mind, it does seem to take quite a while to reach a full charge from being completely drained, and the 2-3 hour charging range is quite a bit longer than comparable vape pens. However, as this device was so much more than a mini dab pen, we made some concessions for charging due to its ability to function as a nectar collector which didn’t disappoint. In fact, the intensity of the vapor and poignant medication that this pocket wax pen provided was astounding given how compact the design is as well as how small the battery itself is.

The included top loading quartz atomizer is easy to load, easy to clean and heats up brilliantly with an immensely fast and powerful 2-3 second heat up time with the best portable dab pens with this much functionality. Even the mouthpiece, which is removable by design fits snugly and the airflow is adequate ensuring the device does not get uncomfortably warm throughout extended sessions of vaping. In addition, using it as a nectar collector, this stealth vape pen keeps the warmth far away from the user with all the heating occurring at the base of the device, which is uniquely clever and an innovative design that redefines how portable dab rigs are able to perform.


  • Powered by a built-in 400mAh USB rechargeable vape battery
  • Dual atomizers make the Sol vaporizer a traditional dab pen or a nectar collector wax pen
  • Hidden wax concentrate cup holds dab material when not in use
  • Three variable voltage settings 3.4v (green), 3.7v (blue), 4.2v (red)
  • Available in black or rose gold

Mig Vapor Sol Review Conclusion

Although it implements fairly simple vape technology, there is an infinite amount of functionality in such a small device. Between the quartz atomizer in the top section that can be pre-fed concentrates and the bottom drawing nectar collector with the removable storage cup in the base, this sleek, elegant wax vaporizer is hiding tons of functionality in a slim package. That said, the only drawback we could agree on for this Mig Vapor Sol review was the fact that there is no place to store the nectar collector ceramic atomizer coil when not in use but given how lightweight it is and that it efficiently vaporizes the material it comes in contact with it’s not much of a chore to have it rattling around in your pocket.

Speaking of things that fit in your pocket, the compact construction of the Sol dab pen is astounding considering all its capable of. Mig Vapor is one of the top vape brands with good reason, their unique engineering and design has helped to repeated fuel innovation and the Sol vape pen is a perfect example. Honestly, we weren’t expecting a lot of ground breaking features from this dab pen, but just giving the nectar collector cup system a try solidified our stance that the Sol e-rig is well worth the affordable price and among the best portable vaporizers for the cost.

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Throughout our Mig Vapor Sol review, everyone seemed to remark how lightweight and comfortable it was in their hands, as well as how surprisingly satisfying the vapor production was in each successive puff. Even if you can’t see the material being vaporized in the quartz atomizer coil with the mouthpiece attached, if you use the ceramic nectar coil you can watch wax concentrates vaporize into the device in real time, which is a nifty process. This is without mentioning how modular and easy to maintain the Sol portable e-rig is to clean out coils, remove and replace them.

It’s as if you have a mobile command center for robust wax concentrate weed vaping at your fingertips disguised as any everyday item that would appear on a desktop, dangling from your keys or stashed in your glove compartment. For a mobile dab rig that generates intensely potent vapor in every puff that hides in plain sight, a go-anywhere dab pen that allows users to take a draw under the radar or disassemble into an unbelievably functional nectar vaping device, the Mig Vapor Sol is certainly the bees knees, a honey of a weed vape pen and highly favored to end up on future lists of my picks for best vape pens for weed under the sun.