Historically, many of the top eliquid brands made a RY4 flavor drawing sweet and rich flavors into a smooth and mild tobacco flavored ejuice. This Mig Vapor Rolling Stoned vape juice review found their version of this celebrated tobacco vape flavor to be one of the most satisfying tastes for switching to vaping from traditional cigarettes.

To explain, the RY tobacco flavor was one of the original juice tastes devised by the first big company to introduce vaping to the world, headed by pioneer Hon Lik. As a tobacco flavor that incorporated hints of caramel and vanilla, many of the popular custard vape juice varieties with tobacco influences draw inspiration from this groundbreaking tobacco ejuice blend. However, Mig Vapor takes this tobacco flavored ejuice to a new standard of top quality vape flavors with a subtle yet poignant mixture of medium cure Virginia tobacco with hints of sweet honey and the light finish of rich cocoa.

As a result, throughout our Mig Vapor Rolling Stoned vape juice review we enjoyed this tobacco vape immensely, both reminding us of the early days of vaping as well as renewing our love for the best tobacco ejuice blends made with integrity and care. Although they are primarily known for some of the best vape starter kits for new vapers and advanced dry herb vaporizers, Mig Vapor’s best kept secret is their eliquid laboratory and Vimanna Vapor Bar. In detail, they have distinguished themselves for offering custom vape flavors and their experience and attention to producing the best tobacco flavored ejuice earns its standing on the top shelf.

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Premium Tobacco eLiquid — Mig Vapor Rolling Stoned Vape Juice Review Wrap Up

While there are plenty of options when it comes to tobacco flavored eliquid, many of them end up tasting relatively similar. However, the Mig Vapor brand is never one to simply stick to the formula of other vape juice brands. In fact, during our testing for this Rolling Stoned vape juice review we tasted an incredibly delicious tobacco flavor subtly accompanied by a range of mild, but satisfying attributes including toasted caramel, rich cocoa and a hint of vanilla that mellowed the tasty notes of broad leaf Virginia cure.

In the end, the best tobacco ejuice is the one that fulfills your need for nicotine with a taste profile that doesn’t wear on you. It masks its purpose in a tobacco vape that you can use continuously without feeling overpowered or weary of its intensity over time and Rolling Stoned RY eliquid achieves this almost perfectly. For the best flavor of tobacco vape juice with a rewardingly mild and sweet finish, this may be the best tobacco vape juice to help you transition away from smoking forever.


  • Comes in a sealed 30ml eye dropper bottle
  • 50/50 VG/PG blend for a balanced throat hit, tasty flavor and satisfying vapor production
  • Offered in nicotine strengths of 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%
  • Flavor profile is a light mellow Virginia tobacco with hints of vanilla, caramel, and cocoa
  • Ideal tobacco flavored vape juice for users looking to quit smoking with a hint of sweetness