From its all black design to its variable wattage control built into the base, this dry herb vape kit is one of the most discreet devices designed for vaping flower. Our Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor review takes a look at this incredibly discreet pairing of a sleek black battery mod and the immensely popular Sub Herb Black dry herb vape tank.

There’s something alluring and elegant about solid black vape starter kits, whether it carries a certain prestige, or power, or maybe just that it blends seamlessly into the background wherever you are, a perfectly matched set of outstanding herbal vaping power like this isn’t something you see everyday. In fact, a great deal of the dry herb and wax vape pen kits you see on the market have flashy or even unique designs that may seem interesting on first glance, but tend to make you stand out in a situation where you often want the opposite to be true. Although we have a ton of experience with the best dab pens and dry herb vaporizers, there was something about the Pro 50 Combustor vape kit that gave us pause immediately.

It’s immediate presentation rivaled that of the best dry herb vaporizers we’ve had the chance to try out. Once we unboxed it and fit the Sub Herb Black dry herb atomizer to the mod, it was if something monumental had overtaken the office, like the sudden appearance of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, though I don’t think we wanted to worship the Pro 50 Combustor the way the apes in the movie did, at least, not until we used it.

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Sub Herb Black Pro 50 Combustor Review — Discreet Dry Herb Vaping With Class

While we’re often careful not to oversell the design of the portable vaporizers we review specifically because that isn’t typically an essential part of their functionality, the undeniable beauty and simply cool look that the Pro 50 Combustor has was something none of us could stop talking about. That said, the performance of this compact dry herb vape mod is incredible due in part to the variable wattage abilities built into the bottom of the device.

The max 50 watt output of the Pro 50 Combustor is powered by a 1600 mAh internally built, USB rechargeable battery. A built-in LED screen on the base along with flush +/- buttons allows you to easily adjust the active wattage of the device. Both sections are 510 threaded allowing users to pair either of them with different devices if they choose and the Pro 50 mod is perfect for pairing with a dab tank like the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger wax atomizer.

One of the most important abilities that help people remain smoke free and loyal to their vaping is choice and personalization, something many of the inexpensive pocket vape devices and dab pens aren’t able to offer. Specifically, if you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur who enjoys the flavor and strains of your material as much as the vapor, the results of our Pro 50 Combustor review revealed this portable vaporizer to be ideal for indulging in the finer points of vaping weed.

Under the black Pyrex top section is a plunger that keeps all your dry herb vape material in place during use and the cap snaps snugly into place as proof of the meticulous design that Mig Vapor puts into the research and development of their products. Nevertheless, the Sub Herb atomizer was just the tip of the iceberg during our Pro 50 Combustor review.

Pro 50 Combustor Dry Herb Vape Kit Review — A New Look For Portable Vaporizers

While many vapers who use cannabis treasure the discretion and handheld size of the best vape pens for weed, some of the most popular devices sacrifice a great deal in their overall functionality. Cheap dry herb vaporizers may give you a certain amount of vapor satisfaction and flavor if you have nothing to compare them to. However, the best portable vaporizers are able to play multiple roles vaping weed at variable temperatures, wattage and materials including dabs, wax, oil and other cannabis concentrates.

If you’re going to spend a sizeable sum of money on the material, you may as well invest in “high quality” equipment that matches its delicacy and heightens the existing terpenes and flavors that make it unique. The Mig Vapor Sub Herb Pro 50 Combustor kit achieves this wonderfully, as the vape battery is perfectly matched to what is arguably the best dry herb tank for mods. It’s a match made in “Vapehalla” for sure and destined to end up as the best portable vaporizer for stealthy dry herb vaping.


  • 1600 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Pro 50 Combustor mod cranks out up to 50w adjustable by +/- buttons and LED screen on the base
  • Sub Herb Black atomizer has ceramic oven for dry herb able to vaporizer wax and oil concentrates
  • 510 threading can fit most common vape tanks and box mods
  • Compact, super stealthy design in all black is elegant and discreet

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Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor Coupon

10% Off The Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor! Deal Expires Soon! Happy Vaping! More Less
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Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black Pro 50 Combustor Review Wrap Up

If you were immediately taken aback by the name Combustor, feeling like the name translates to combustion or burning, the exact opposite of what the best dry herb vaporizer designs are supposed to achieve, you’re not entirely wrong. To explain, the Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black dry herb vape tank has a recommended wattage cap of 27 watts. However, to pair it with the Pro 50 Combustor vape mod, allows users to find the best temp to vape weed according to their personal preferences, which may include light roasting of the material.

With that in mind, using this weed vaporizer used at the suggested wattage and heat produced an impressive amount of flavorful vapor. The Sub Herb atomizer alone has that ceramic cup for loose leaf vaping in addition to cannabis wax and oil concentrates. Mig Vapor has engineered an herbal vaporizer with airflow ports in the base of the tank that optimizes the vapor and flavor production without having to adjust it to dial it in.

Our investigation throughout the course of our Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor review found this portable vaporizer kit to be a functionally smooth and incredibly easy to use herb vaporizer. It wowed us at every turn and pumped out immensely fulfilling clouds of dense weed vape in every consistent puff without burning the material. We determined the Pro 50 Combustor dry herb kit to be a sure contender for best portable vaporizer, plus we already love the Sub Herb Atomizer tank, so that helped.

In all, we found this package to be an outstanding example of how a vaporizer for weed should perform as well as look especially if keeping a low profile is on your list of important aspects. Come to think of it, Combustor is a fairly appropriate name in the end, compared to some of the best portable vaporizers, this powerful match up burns their performance and design across the board.