This MigVapor Morpheus review is our first ecig review of Florida based American ecig brand MigVapor. This is a company that has a vast range of products for all styles and genres of vaping. It is exciting for us because we have seen a definite trend with American vape companies developing advanced, user friendly electronic cigarettes and professionally blended, top quality eliquids.

Our first impression of MigVapor is the vast selection and the obviously well-designed user friendly products. It seems like the complex vape mods imported from overseas get a lot of attention while American innovated electronic cigarettes fly under the radar. Hopefully companies like MigVapor can change that and the vaping community will come to realize that you can find exceptional quality electronic cigarettes and buy directly from US vape brands like Mig Vapor and avoid retail mark-ups on imported devices, many of which are low quality clones.

Vape shops carry imported devices and many in the community accuse US companies of rebranding OEM devices. While that is true by and large, there are very notable and attention worthy exceptions.  Mig Vapor is one of those exceptions. Each of their products are specifically designed with innovative features that you won’t find on other products. The leading US based vape brands do not get the credit that they deserve.

standing a tall 7 inches the morpheus is suprisingly light due to its carbon fiber body

That brings us back to the Mig Vapor Morpheus review video. The Morpheus is a 100 watt, 3000 mAh sub-ohm vape mod that is a high performance device in a very easy to use package. Our first impression was the size. The Morpheus is a leader to free you from the pod of standard vaping. With the vape tank attached to the ecig battery the Morpheus vape mod stands at 7 inches tall. It has a large diameter that feels natural to hold. Despite the size, it is not heavy thanks to the carbon fiber body.

Here’s what you get with your Mig Vapor Morpheus 100 watt sub-ohm vape mod starter kit:

  • 100 Watt 3000 mAh Mig Vapor Morpheus Carbon Fiber Battery
  • Morpheus Adjustable Airflow SubOhm Vape Tank
  • 2 – 510 Drip Tips 1 Stainless Steel With Airflow Control And 1 Black No Crust Drip Tip
  • 1 – 0.2 ohm Morpheus SubOhm Coil
  • 1 – 0.4 ohm Morpheus SubOhm Coil
  • Pack Of Rubber Seals
  • USB Battery Charger
  • User Manual

The Morpheus 100 watt vape mod kit sells for $89.95 and comes with everything you need including the Morpheus tank and pre-built coils. That makes it a complete starter kit and an excellent value. To compare, if you buy an imported 100 watt mod you will easily be in the $50 area and by the time you buy a battery, charger and tank you will be far north of $100. Considering the high quality of the Morpheus the value you get for your dollar is excellent.

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The stainless steel components and precision machining is something that you notice as soon as you assemble the Morpheus. Everything assembles smoothly. It is definitely an excellent first impression. Of course, the real test was yet to come.

Mig Vapor Morpheus Review — Battery And Charging Performance

the morpheus battery can burn through 9ml to 12ml of e-liquid in a charge

The Morpheus battery is capable of up to 100 watts of output and at 3000 mAh is designed to give you hours and hours, even days, of vaping. Does it meet those expectations? We’ll get to that. First, this is a nice big battery. The 3000 mAh capacity is better than the 18650s that most mods rely on. Most 18650 batteries come in at about 2,200 to 2,300 mAh so the Morpheus battery has a solid 25% more staying power.

As robust as the Morpheus battery is, it is surprisingly light weight. The carbon fiber battery saves a lot on weight without compromising on strength and durability. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel which is why new aircraft today rely heavily on carbon fiber components including aircraft wings. Just for good measure, the Morpheus comes with rubber seals that you can insert into grooves at the top of the battery which act as bumpers to absorb shock on the occasions when you might drop or tip your mod over. Great idea.

The Mig Vapor Morpheus 100 watt mod battery also has a spring loaded 510 center pin so you always have a strong and reliable connection. The battery has 4 venting holes on the bottom and is loaded with battery protection technology, including heat regulation, to ensure optimal performance, battery life and safety.

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The re-charge time time is in the 2.5 to 3 hour range. That is a very fast and efficient charge for such a large capacity battery. When the battery is charging, a red light will show and when it is charged the light will turn blue. Now we get to the question of how long can you vape with this battery? In testing for the Mig Vapor Morpheus review, we could get 6 to 7 hours of heavy vaping. This number will vary depending on how much you vape, of course. It is possible with more casual vaping that one full charge could last you days.

Here is another way that we measured battery life for the Mig Vapor Morpheus review. It was found that a full charge would allow you to vape 9 ml to 12 ml of eliquid. Obviously with subohm vaping you go through a lot of ejuice, which is why you should not go above the 6 mg nicotine level, but 9 ml to 12 ml of ejuice is clearly a lot of vaping. As a result of this excellent performance, we give the Morpheus battery a high rating for battery quality and battery life.

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There is no OLED screen on the Morpheus battery nor will you find any additional buttons to adjust the wattage output. The Morpheus battery will recognize the atomizer resistance and deliver the appropriate amount of power for maximum vapor. It takes the complexity out of subohm vaping and does all the calculations so you don’t have to. It is very easy to use.

The only thing you have to do is charge it up and turn it on. The Morpheus has a large and responsive power button. To turn it on, just click the power button five times. Click it five times again to turn it off. Remember that if you are carrying the Morpheus in your pocket, turn it off first. That goes for any vape mod. When the battery is running low, the Mig Vapor logo on the power button will blink red. When you see the red, you know it is time to recharge. Easy.

Mig Vapor Morpheus Sub-Ohm Vape Mod: Refill Tank Performance

the morpheus refillable tank is very sturdy and holds 3ml of e-liquid

The Morpheus vape tank is a stainless steel construction with adjustable airflow. The tank has a 3 ml ejuice capacity. It comes with two different drip tips. One is a black, no crust drip tip. The other is a stainless steel drip tip that has an adjustable airflow setting. With the adjustable airflow drip tip you get another level of control and can increase the airflow. The top airflow has the added perk of cooling the vapor.

Going through the steps that we do here at Expert Vaping for all of the vape brands we review, part of the testing for the Mig Vapor Morpheus review involved putting this tank through its paces. The stainless steel construction is very durable and the precision machining is exact. That means that everything assembles smoothly and effortlessly. The base perfectly attaches to the tank, the atomizers smoothly connect and the 510 connection always threads just the way it should.

The quality of all of the components means that you never have to over tighten anything. That includes atomizer coils. Thread each component in place until you feel resistance and that is all that is required.

Adjusting the airflow is an easy process. There are four airflow settings. You can control the draw and the vapor with the airflow. Many people prefer a large airflow and with all four airflow ports wide open, you will get a very nice and smooth airflow.

Getting on to the prebuilt Morpheus coils you are going to get two to try with the Mig Vapor Morpheus starter kit. You will get a 0.2 ohm coil and a 0.4 ohm coil. Morpheus coils are high quality and long lasting. Which coil you will prefer will depend on how much vapor you are looking for. The Morpheus is capable of seriously huge vapor. We recommend the 0.2 ohm coil because the vapor is massive and the flavor really shines through with the 0.2 ohm more so than the 0.4. It really comes down to this, you want the Morpheus because you are looking for a lot of vapor so go with the 0.2 ohm coils. It will give you both more flavor and more vapor.

the morpheus is able to produce large sub ohm clouds without the complexity of most other mods on the market

The vapor production of the Mig Vapor Morpheus truly delivers. It is consistent vapor production and it will give you the huge vapor clouds of much more complex mods but without any of the complexity. It is an ideal subohm vape mod for beginners or anyone who wants the vapor without the hassle.

In our Mig Vapor Morpheus review video, you will notice that we also tried out a number of Mig Vapor eliquids. They have a number of lines of ejuice to choose from. We’ll give you a quick rundown of our thoughts on Mig Vapor vape juice.

With sub-ohm vaping, of course you need a high VG ejuice. Mig Vapor makes a line they call “Red Line” eliquid. We tried several Red Line flavors including ‘Vimanna’ and ‘Innocent’ that we were not fans of. The ‘Caribbean Freeze’ is a very strong menthol flavor that is decent, if you like strong menthol you will enjoy it. The ‘Dark Angel’ flavor is very good.

The best Mig Vapor ejuice, and we rate this a 10/10, is the ejuice that you get from the Vimanna Vape Bar. The flavor and vapor from the Vimanna Vape Bar blends is outstanding. This ejuice is made in the USA and uses the best ingredients. You can mix and match and create your own ejuice recipes. So when you go to Mig Vapor to get your Morpheus try the Vimanna Vape Bar and create any juice you want. Choose the 70% VG option for the Morpheus. It’s fun and the quality is excellent. We definitely recommend Vimanna Vape Bar eliquid.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

mig has great customer service with an 800 number based in florida and an easy to use website

Mig Vapor offers excellent customer service and fast shipping. You can call the 800 number or email and expect a quick response. You can check your order status online anytime and they offer a 30 day return policy. If you do need to call for any reason, you will be calling someone in Florida who speaks perfect English and will be able to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

The Mig Vapor website is fantastic, responsive and very easy to navigate. The Vimanna Vape Bar is designed for interaction and the process of creating your own ejuice recipe is fun and easy. Another aspect that is a huge positive is the Mig Vapor Rewards Program. With the rewards program you earn credit every time that you buy anything from Mig Vapor. You get 10 cents for every dollar spent and you can use that credit for anything you like including e-liquids and replacement coils.

Mig Vapor Morpheus Review Wrap-Up

The Mig Vapor Morpheus 100 watt mod is a powerful easy to use vape mod with a long lasting 3000 mAh battery. The key points are that the Morpheus is an excellent performer especially with the 0.2 ohm coils which are the ones that we recommend. The flavor is pristine and the vapor is huge. The next key point is the ease of use.

Unlike other advanced mods, the Morpheus does not require you to make any adjustments or calculations. The technology handles all of that for you so all you have to do is enjoy the big time vapor production without hassle. The Morpheus recognizes the atomizer resistance and automatically sets the optimal power output.

Key point number three is the efficiency and durability of the Morpheus. The carbon fiber body is durable and light. The 3000 mAh battery gives you an extended battery life compared to mods powered by 18650 batteries and that means more vaping for you between recharging. The Morpheus has been called a “beast” and the name fits.

the morpheus is a very light yet sturdy mod that is easy to use and very affordable

The Morpheus vape tank is easy to fill and there are never any issues assembling the tank or swapping out coils. It is an ideal subohm vape mod for beginners or for anyone who is not into the complexities of subohm vaping. You get the streamlined user interface without compromising on performance. With the Morpheus, anyone can enjoy the huge vapor of subohm vaping. With a price tag of $89.95 for a complete, top quality 100 watt mod kit, this is one of the better values in the industry.

The final word of our Mig Vapor Morpheus review is that it is excellent and earns two thumbs way up. If you are ready for subohm vaping, or if you want a subohm vape that is designed to be easy to use, get a Morpheus. The vaping performance is outstanding.

Try it out and let us know what you think by leaving your own Mig Vapor review in our Mig Vapor ecig reviews section.