Our Mig Vapor Minion review was a pretty simple process. There is not a lot of complexity to this particular mod. It is plug and play. Easy to use and more importantly a lot of fun to vape! The Minion is aptly named as this is a small subohm mod but despite the easily portable size it makes a lot of vapor. The coils are a nice large size and the 3000 mAh battery brings plenty of long lasting power to the mix.

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Who is the Mig Vapor Minion made for? If you are into advanced vaping and enjoy building your own coils and customizing the power output on a complicated mod then you probably would be looking at the Minion as a back-up vape. An ecig that you could take to work for example, one that requires no attention to operate. With that said, there are a large number of people for whom the Mig Vapor Minion would be a strong contender for your every day vape.

Mig Vapor Minion vape mod kit includes reservoir tank and power supply.

As we will get into in the Mig Vapor Minion review, the Minion mod kit is ultra easy to use. You can enjoy excellent quality subohm vaping with terrific ease. You never have to adjust the wattage or worry about accidentally frying your coils. The Minion will handle all of the necessary calculations and all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the vapor.

Mig Vapor Minion Style

Whenever I do a vape mod review, seldom do I spend a lot of time talking about looks and style. I know it’s important to a lot of people but I don’t find it to be that big a deal. My main concern is the quality and performance. The most important thing is that you find an ecig that does what you want and will deliver a reliable result. We guide you to the good choices so that you can avoid the bad ones. With that said, the Minion mod is one stylish looking device!

Mig Vapor Minion vape available in assorted colors.

Here’s what I think a lot of people might enjoy. You can choose from 10 different colors. And these are not your everyday colors! There are colors like a neon purple and an electric green along with many others and these colors really jump out at you. Don’t forget the hot pink. There is a splatter color with a vibrant green splattered with red that no one else is going to have! So the point here is that if you want something that suits your style with a unique color then take a look at the minion.

Mig Vapor Minion Review

A Minion is a small, simple mischeivous figure. Likewise, the Mig Vapor Minion is a petite vapor maker capable of plenty of mischief! You can indulge your mischievous side with a mini-mod vapor maker. That’s the big takeaway of the Minion. It’s a compact device that makes a surprising amount of vapor. It is not as small as the Mig Vapor Bug but it is a very compact mod.

The Mig Vapor Minion mod puts out 30 watts of power. A lot of sub ohm mods today are capable of 200 watts or more. Comparatively, 30 watts seems low for a subohm mod capable of this type of vapor. But there are a couple of things going on here that enable the Minion to operate so efficiently that 30 watts is all that is needed for substantial vapor production. For starters, we have to look at the gold plated contacts.

Gold Plated Connections

Both the 510 connection on the Minion mod battery and the connections on every Mig Vapor Minion coil is gold plated. These connections do not corrode and they ensure an arc free efficient transfer of power. The next thing going on here is the size and resistance of the coils. Minion coil resistance is dialed in to optimize the vapor that 30 watts will deliver. In addition, the Minion coils are big with plenty of ejuice ports so the wick is always well-saturated. All that I can say about this configuration is that it works.

The coil resistance is 0.5 ohms. The 0.5 ohm coil resistance paired with the smooth power delivery and large, fully saturated wick hits a vaping sweet spot.

Mig Vapor Minion e-cig has gold-plated connectors.

Mig Vapor could have gone down another road here. They could have made the Minion deliver 50 watts and use smaller coils with equal vapor output. But they didn’t do that and here’s why. Battery life. By getting more performance out of a lower wattage output the 3000 mAh battery has a better battery life than similar style vape mods.

Mig Vapor Minion Specs

Minions do tend to get into mischief! To combat the every day wear and tear of life, the Minion is made of stainless steel, including a stainless steel drip tip, to stand up to wear and tear. The tank is protected with a stainless steel frame. The Minion is very durable to say the least. It can take being dropped and knocked over without damage. While vaping in prep for the Mig Vapor Minion review I did drop it a few times! The Minion is tough.

The Mig Vapor Minion is designed to deliver constant, consistent wattage / voltage. A constant 3.5 volts is delivered and that means impressive consistency. This is one of the things that Mig Vapor products really deliver on. That consistency. As the battery life winds down, the power output is not compromised. You will get the consistent output from the time it is fully charged to the moment that it is fully drained.

The Minion mod has a full complement of battery safety features including overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, low voltage protection, low resistance protection and over heating protection.

Mig Vapor Minion Tank

The Mig Vapor Minion tank is a bottom fill tank with a 3 ml capacity. There is airflow control with four different settings. You can have a tight draw or a nice airy draw will all four airflow channels wide open. The glass tank is protected by a stainless steel frame with tear drop aesthetic windows to monitor your ejuice level. The 510 drip tip is stainless steel.

Mig Vapor Minion e-liquid reservoir tank

That’s about it! It’s a simple no-nonsense vape tank design! The atomizer coils thread effortlessly into place and the quality of the engineering is excellent. Mig Vapor is perhaps the fastest growing American Ecig brand and while they have not got a lot of attention, that is changing. The team at Mig Vapor specializes in high quality, easy to use electronic cigarette products and dry herb vaporizers.

Mig Vapor Minion Vapor Production

Several times I have talked about the surprising vapor output for a small device. This is very true but I do not want to mislead you into thinking that the Minion will produce the clouds that cloudchasers are always after. For example you won’t be able to make the same amount of vapor as someone with an SX Mini Q class mod with a TFV8 vape tank. Those are more complicated, high performance devices.

What the Minion brings to the table is an affordable all in one vape kit that is focussed on simplicity and fun. The Minion is about easy access to enjoyable, sub ohm vaping. It is not huge vapor, but it is a suprising amount of vapor for a device of this size. So if you want the massive clouds you should take a look at the Mig Vapor Morpheus which is an easy to use 100 watt device.

Mig Vapor Minion individually packaged 5-pack atomizer coils made with OCC and Kanthal.

Just wanted to make that clear for my Mig Vapor Minion review! The Minion is an impressive vapor maker, much more than I expected based on the size, but it’s not a cloud chasing rig. It is for experienced vapors looking for a reliable back-up and it is for the huge number of vapors out there who want to enjoy sub ohm vaping in a fun, easy to use package. The Minion name matches what this ecig mod is. Small, fun and keeps it simple!

Wrap It Up People!

Mig Vapor Minion reservoir tanks available in assorted colors.

Okay, that’s about it for the Mig Vapor Minion review! No long descriptions of how to use it or complicated details are necessary here. This is a grab and go vape mod. The Minion does the work, you enjoy the vapor. This vape mod is perfect for people looking for a compact sub ohm mod  that is easy to use.

By the way, when you go to the Mig Vapor website using the link below, you might also want to check out their vape juice options. Mig Vapor Vimanna ejuice is made in the USA and you can blend your own right on the website. If you decide to give the Minion a try, you can use Mig Vapor coupon code Expert Vaping10 to save 10% off of your purchase.