When you’re ready to upgrade your weed vaping experience ten-fold, finding the best device to invest your money in can be a process. Our Mig Vapor Matrix Vaporizer review is meant to simplify that process, give you all the details ahead of time so you have a foundation of what to expect before you open the box.

After years of carefully calculating and endlessly engineering their dry herb vaporizer tank technology and designs, this highly trusted vape brand devised the most effective way to draw essence from loose leaf dry herb material with their Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black dry herb vaporizer tank. However, their Matrix dry herb vaporizer significantly improves on this design by integrating everything into a single vape device that not only travels well, its performs brilliantly at a moment’s notice. This compact, portable herb vape combines the collective understanding of what the vaping community wants as well as top performance to create one of the best vaporizers for dry herb we’ve ever held in the palm of our hands.

The Matrix vape device is a testament to their ultimate goal of providing the world with the best dry herb vaporizers available at an affordable price. While there is certainly a broad range of portable weed vaping devices at a lower cost, none have the outstanding functionality or performance of Mig Vapor’s Matrix Vaporizer when it comes to cannabis flower or other loose-leaf herbs. It may not be the best cheap dry herb vaporizer, but considering what this pocket-sized device offers, the value offered by this weed vape mod is infinitely greater than anything at a lower price point. As with most products related to vaping, you get exactly what you pay for, and we wanted to take a closer look in our Matrix vaporizer review to help decide if this dry herb vape device delivered everything it promised.

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Not Just a Dry Herbal Vaporizer — Matrix Vaporizer Review

Although its primarily considered a dry herbal vaporizer for ground solid material, the Mig Vapor Matrix doubles as a 2 in 1 vaporizer that not only draws potent essence from flower, it can be used to vape weed oil as well. In essence, one of the best dry herb vaporizers instantly transforms into a weed vape oil device with the simple installation of the wicks included with the package. While we appreciate an outstanding performance from dry herbal vaporizer output, having the ability to try vaping other weed concentrates is key to ensuring you spend your money on equipment that not only satisfies your primary needs, but is adaptable for other purposes as well.

Consider vapers options as far as vape juice; you can adjust and shift the nicotine strength and flavor preferences every time you fill a vape tank. Truly, there is an impressive range of cannabis strains and flavor options that only continue to grow. However, the effects and sensations from vaping dry herbs and oil concentrates can vary drastically and if you’re interested in giving both a try, our Matrix vaporizer review determined it may be precisely the device to deliver the most enjoyable experience from either.

In fact, not only is the dry herb oven chamber ceramic, but the oil concentrate insert cup is as well. Significantly, ceramic heating elements are well known for producing some of the most accurate and poignant flavor from specific materials, an important attribute for user who value being able to taste the nuanced differences between their weed strains. With on-board temperature control and variable wattage, users can be sure that the heating and vaporization of their material consistently occurs at the optimum performance range.

Specifically, the dry herb vape oven is able to accommodate 0.8 grams of loose leaf cannabis or other herbal material. This is crucial given the preferred vaping sessions to achieve a satisfying amount of infused vaping from your desired content. One helpful function integrated into the Mig Vapor Matrix is a three-minute auto shutoff which ensures you always remember to check the chamber and inspect the ABV to prevent overheating your flower and the possibility of combustion.

Details of the Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Matrix dry herbal vaporizer functions between 300 and 435F, which is a bit higher than most of the top portable vaporizers which have a cap at 420F. Users are able to adjust both the active warmth and the wattage using built-in +/- buttons just below the fire/heat up button on the side and a very legible LED screen which displays the oven temp in real time as it rises to the set warmth. The Matrix dry herb vaporizer has a blinking light built around the fire button which blinks to alert users to the device reaching its best temp to vape weed or oil as it’s been set.

Not only is the flavor poignant and tasty in every draw, but the vapor production is immensely satisfying, especially from a device this small. Powered by a built-in 2200 mAh USB rechargeable battery, the Matrix, like most of the most popular portable weed vaporizers, provides incredible compact performance for hours of vaping. This is critically important to users who often use their devices in a group setting or share with friends. Consider it like a tailgating party or a pot luck, everyone brings something to share and maybe one friend brings a folding table or a cooler with ice in it that everyone else can use communally.

In addition, our Matrix vaporizer review model came with four silicone mouthpieces which both cut down on heat transfer from the top removable section which covers the oven and allows for sharing the device under sanitary protection. The Mig Vapor Matrix Vaporizer review kit as we tested it came with a USB wall charger with retractable cord, oil concentrate wicks, tweezers for removing dry material and the oil chamber insert, four extra mesh screens to keep the dry herb from leaving the oven chamber, a dabbing tool, cleaning brush and the aforementioned concentrates chamber and silicone rubber mouth guards.

Incredibly, this device also comes with a 90-day warranty to ensure you experience the best experience vaping weed from the Mig Vapor Matrix possible. All these attributes make this device our top pick among the herb vaporizers offered in a comparable price range.


  • 2 in 1 vaporizer can process both dry herb material and oil concentrates using the included wicks and ceramic cup
  • Built-in 200 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Dry herb chamber able to hold 0.8g of material per session
  • Temperature control settings between 300 and 435F
  • Available in black, red and white
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Matrix Vaporizer Review Summary

While the best dry herb vape pens may give you a satisfactory amount of vapor, flavor and essence, only the dedicated designs of true top dry herb vaporizers are able to effectively create the most enjoyable weed vaping experience from a compact device. Our Mig Vapor Matrix Vaporizer review began with the intention of giving just another herbal vaporizer an honest and useful assessment to determine whether it was worth the investment. Reflexively, what we found was possibly the best herbal vaporizer that doubles as a concentrate oil vape and cranked out endless clouds of robust and fulfilling cannabis-infused vapor.

Finding a weed vaporizer that has the adaptability to heat multiple materials can save you the future cost of investing in more equipment further down the line. Many of the top wax vape pens are specifically designed to use a singular material like the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger dab kit which solely vaporizes wax concentrates, shatter and crumble forms of dabs. However, exploring options for expanding the possibilities for a range of weed vape compounds can be invaluable even if you don’t end up using them.

In this way, the Mig Vapor Matrix dry herb vaporizer is a triumph that pays for itself. Even if you have no intention of vaping cannabis oil concentrates currently, looking toward a future where you may be interested in at least trying it, you at least have the option to give it a puff from a device you are already comfortable using. Save yourself the cost of future expenses for extra vaporizers you may not even enjoy using, by making your next purchase one you already know you’ll love.

Have experience with the Mig Vapor Matrix and want to weigh in? Drop your questions, comments and personal stories about this portable vaporizer below or feel free to send us a direct email. It’s always important to us to hear directly from members of the Expert Vaping community to ensure those that need the crucial information find everything they’re looking for in one convenient location. We hope this Matrix Vaporizer review was valuable to your next investment in vaping tech and helps you reach a goal of living a smoke-free future.