About the most discreet dry herb vape pen with an affordable entry cost, Mig Vapor has made yet another push into the world of cheap portable vaporizers. Our Mig Vapor Herb-e review takes a magnifying glass to this cutting-edge micro dry herb vaporizer to inspect whether it truly improves upon existing technology with a cheap vape pen for weed with the size of a permanent marker.

For a small dry herb vaporizer, the Herb-e loose leaf vaporizer packs a great deal of promise into a stealth vape design. Uniquely, this cheap dry herb vaporizer gives users the ability to switch between two preset temperature control modes packed into a herbal vape device that slides comfortably in your pocket. Mig Vapor has managed to hide an impressively powerful vape battery in what is essentially an all-in-one vape mod engineered as a flower vaporizer.

In fact, for a compact vape pen for weed, the Mig Vapor Herb-e vaporizer was about the smallest dry herb vape pen we’ve seen released in a while. Additionally, this device performs comparably to larger, more expensive weed vaporizers while still maintaining that incredibly tactile, mobile and low-profile design. You can truly see that celebrated Mig Vapor engineering being utilized as this device functions similarly to more advanced dry herb vape devices like the Matrix Vaporizer just with less overall functionality and vapor production.

With all that in mind, we were intrigued by the promise of what appeared to be a new take on continuously developing vape technology and couldn’t wait to give this small dry herb vaporizer a thorough test. Our dedicated dry herb vape team took the Herb-e micro vape pen for an intensive weed vaping session to determine whether it was actually worth the metal it was made out of. This Mig Vapor Herb-e review details the performance, functionality and design of what is quite possibly the smallest vape pen for weed to see if it’s “fully loaded” engineering surpassed its potential or whether it simply crashed into a wall of vapor performance compact vape mods simply can’t move past.

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Herb-e Review — A Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer That’ll Make Your Eyes Light Up

With a carbon fiber wrapped metal construction, the Herb-e vape pen isn’t simply durable, it’s lightweight and the outer coating helps to control heat conductivity from the oven. One of the most distinctive design elements that make the Herb-e vaporizer enjoyable to use is the temperature control mode indicator lights. In detail, Mig Vapor has printed a robotic face on their device with two LED lights in place of the figure’s eyes. These lights have a multitude of purposes as far as the vape battery strength and active heating time as well.

Plugged in to the included USB charger cable which attaches to a port on the base of the device, green colored eyes can indicate full charge of the device which can take between 2 and 3 hours, which honestly is quite a window when you’re anxious to use any vape device, let alone the best portable vaporizers like the Mig Vapor Dray. However, once the 1200 mAh battery reaches its peak charge, the Herb-e dry herb ecig manages to keep you vaping for up to 10 full sessions which is impressive given the size of this cheap weed vape.

With a Happy Herb-e and Angry Herb-e mode indicated by yellow eyes and red eyes respectively, users have the opportunity to utilize both low heat herbal vaping at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and high heat which brings the device closer toward combustion at 430F. This can be especially significant for users who aren’t accustomed to vaping their cannabis flower and want a device that will help them make the transition easily. Each setting is designed to produce vastly different amounts of vapor; however, they are both capable of retaining authentic flavor of your chosen weed strains.

Obviously, “Happy Herb-e” at a lower warmth produces less vapor and intensity as it passes through this affordable, portable convection vaporizer. When the user holds the fire button down for 5 seconds, the device switches to “Angry Herb-e” generating considerably more vapor production as well as flavor highlights and nuances that aren’t possible at lower temperatures. Finding out the best temp to vape weed for your preferences with the Herb-e takes some practice and experience, however, as there are only two settings, we found the learning curve during our Herb-e review barely left the ground and easily found each of our vaping preferences with a device the size of the best electronic cigarettes.


  • Built-in USB rechargeable 1200 mAh battery
  • 5 gram integrated and removable ceramic oven chamber with magnetic mouthpiece
  • Two temperature settings at 400F (Happy) and 430F (Angry)
  • Pocket convection vaporizer ensures no combustion in a discreet size
  • Two-minute automatic shutoff ensures dry herb material doesn’t overheat

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Mig Vapor Herb-e Review Wrap Up

Overall, one of the most impressive aspects of this loose leaf vape pen we loved throughout our Herb-e review was that it is overwhelmingly one of the best cheap vaporizers for all levels of vaping experience. While it doesn’t produce a massive vapor cloud you’d expect from the advanced functions of the top weed vaporizers, literally anyone can pick up this affordable vape pen and explore the improved possibility for performance that the best dry herb vaporizers are able to achieve. Although you certainly have a broad range of choices for selecting the best cheap weed vaporizer that fits your budget, few will be as useful, discreet and easy to use as the Mig Vapor Herb-e.

To be fair, the glowing robot eyes of the Herb-e aren’t something you look for specifically in the best cheap vaporizer, but they are an important aspect of this device’s functionality, plus it’s kind of cool. Ultimately, we decided that this is quite possibly the smallest vape pen for weed we’ve ever tested in addition to being a definitive contender for our best budget dry herb vaporizer. If you’re looking for an affordable option designed specifically for vaping flower, the Herb-e vape pen is truly a look into the future of vaping weed.

Have questions, comments, something to add? Did we miss something with our Herb-e review and you have a personal story you want to share? Send us and email and let us know about your own experiences using this compact dry herb vaporizer. We value feedback from the Expert Vaping Community. Until next time, we hope you find the best affordable vaporizer that both fulfills your needs and fits your budget.