Let’s face it, the future of vaping is the all in one vape mod, they’re discreet, easy to use, hassle-free, compact and perfect for vapers of all experience levels to try suh ohm vaping. However, during our Mig Vapor H20 Splash review we found that simplicity doesn’t always mean sacrifice and cheap vapes aren’t always underwhelming.

In fact, the H20 Splash vape pen from Mig Vapor is an outstanding example of how cheap vape pens can sometimes surprise even the most seasoned vapers with their performance and vapor satisfaction. As far as a simple, straightforward eliquid vape pen masquerading as an all in one vape mod, we felt it necessary to give this sub ohm starter kit at least a cursory testing. What was surprising about this compact sub ohm vape pen had less to do with the functionality and more to do with the design.

Once we decided this sub ohm vape deserved more than a simple write up of preliminary experience, our H20 Splash review took on a life of its own, moving away from our typical discussion of vapor and flavor production and instead highlighting the innovative construction of a cheap vape pen starter kit that could be considered as competition for the best all in one vape mod. Take a look at why this AIO vape kit made us rethink our criteria for the best vape pen for eliquid and how its made such a big “splash” in an ocean of similar devices.

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Vapor That Isn’t Watered Down — H20 Splash Review

Mig Vapor is known throughout the vaping industry as an innovator of both the design and the function of their outstanding line of electronic cigarettes and some of the best portable vaporizers available. However, as with every company, occasionally they will release vape mods with tanks or vape starter kits ahead of their competitors and sometimes the world simply isn’t ready for these kinds of large jumps in technology. If you’d told me years ago that I could find an AIO mod with sub ohm capabilities that was small, discreet and pocket-sized without a separate mod and vape tank components, I wouldn’t have been able to envision the vaping future we’re currently living in.

That said, with the prevalence of the nicotine salt all in one vape device category has given rise to a large number of Juul alternatives that provide customization of vape juice flavor as well as nicotine level in a compact unit. As a result, stealth ecigs or vape pens for eliquid which are created as all in one vape devices like the Aspire Breeze and the H20 Splash have achieved exactly that, putting sub ohm vaping in the palm of our collective hands. While many entry level ecig vape pens are limited in their ability to generate fulfilling vapor, there has been a dramatic outpouring of vape pen mods optimized to produce robust vapor clouds from small devices that prove improvements in battery technology have paved the way for rethinking vaping.

In detail, once we tried out this AIO vape pen for our H20 Splash review, it was the comfort of the device in our hand for long periods of vaping that truly impressed the team. Although a great deal of advanced mods can be bulky, difficult to hold casually and with smooth surfaces often become tough to hang on to, this AIO vape mod is covered in a layer of porous foam that not only protects the battery and tank but makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to get a grip on which is an attribute we don’t really see on even the best vape pens for e-liquid.

Inside the Mig Vapor H20 Splash AIO vape pen kit is a sizeable 1500 mAh battery, much larger than that of comparably priced competition at a lower cost. Vape juice is filled through the unscrewable mouthpiece which threads to the integrated 0.6 ohm kanthal coil as well. The tank itself is able to hold 2ml of ejuice and makes for a relatively satisfying vape for hours at a constant 30 watts.


  • Refillable 2ml vape tank with viewing window and limit line to guide the amount of vape juice inside as well as how much to fill without overflow
  • Fires at constant 30 watts from built-in USB rechargeable 1500 mAh battery
  • Replaceable 0.6 ohm kanthal coil attaches to mouthpiece for full integration
  • Available in Black or Red
  • Coated in a layer of cushioned foam for durability

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Mig Vapor H20 Splash Vape Pen Coupon

10% Off The H20 Splash Vape Pen! Deal Expires Soon! Happy Vaping! More Less
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Mig Vapor H20 Splash Vape Pen Kit Review

After using the H20 Splash continuously, we unanimously agreed that as a sub ohm starter kit that requires minimal vaping aptitude it was one of the best all in one vape devices for the money. Compared to the full range of cheap vape pens, this AIO mod seemed to produce enough vapor to be satisfying, though not outperforming comparable all in one vape devices. Though, again, the aspect we all truly seemed to enjoy was the portability, comfort and light weight of the Splash AIO.

To explain, when you’re just used to carrying a bunch of heavy equipment around in your pockets like vape batteries, mods, tanks and bottles of ejuice, finding something simple that almost makes you forget you’re holding it is valuable. It’s as if we all suddenly discovered that records sound better than MP3s and opened a door into a world we never knew was behind us. Mig Vapor may not have been the first to introduce the all in one mod, but they certainly got it right, and they offered something that nobody else seemed to think was important, minimalism.

Listen, we have a wealth of experience with vape pen mods, there’s a guy in the office who won’t stop talking about his Breeze all in one, they’re great and we fully understand why people love them. But finding an all in one vape that feels durable without adding weight is an accomplishment we felt needed to be acknowledged. If you’re just looking for a cheap vape pen that vapes just as good as the Juul ecig, we can recommend the Trap Pod starter kit, it’s light, it’s inexpensive and works just like the more popular nic salt ecigarette.

Though, if you want to try sub ohm vaping, if you’re curious, you just want to give it a thorough chance to introduce a different feeling or sensation without spending big bucks, the H20 Splash is a sound investment. Our H20 Splash review didn’t reveal anything new, it didn’t surprise us with an impressive improvement that’s going to revolutionize vaping. What it did was force us to reassess the aspects of vape pens for eliquid that we find value in, and that’s a significant achievement on its own.