Throughout the course of this Mig Vapor Dray vaporizer review we will discuss the outstanding attributes, functions and performance of a portable dry herb weed vaporizer that has completely changed the way users understand mobile cannibus vaping.

Weed vaping is enjoying a renaissance so we decided to look at a portable dry herb vaporizer that has been a favorite since its release.

With the rapid growth of vaping weed taking hold all over the world, there is a massive range of dry herb vape pen technology being introduced to appease users looking for the perfect dry herb vaporizer. With that in mind, few have been as consistently impressive as the Dray vaporizer from Mig Vapor.

Our dry herb vaporizer reviews always take an objective look at what every device has to offer in terms of vapor production, flavor accuracy and the heating efficiency without the dangers of combustion and the results of our Dray dry herb vaporizer review were rather telling regarding what this little pocket sized stealthy weed vaporizer was capable of.

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Many Vapers Act Like They Forgot About Dray — Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or enticed by a wide array of dry herb vaporizers that make bold claims about their performance without burning at bargain prices, but the Mig Vapor Dray vaporizer delivers on every level. In fact, from our extensive experience testing and evaluating an ocean of convection vaporizers, the Dray seems to be one of the few that allows users to set the temperature in a limited range that actually protects them from combustion, which is obviously the entire point of vaping.

Mig Vapor has been creating some the best high tech vape mods like the WTF Target Mini almost since their beginning giving them plenty of time to perfect their own brand of vaping technology and improving upon their past innovations. The Dray portable vaporizer is simply the next evolution on that timeline implementing a winning formula for the best portable herbal vaporizers in a compact, durable and perfected design. Not only does this portable vaporizer have “attitude” while still functioning efficiently as a brilliantly engineered device, it has an incredible ability to retain your herb strain flavor.

Essentially, you can taste “the chronic” accurately which is significant for cannabis users who value being able to experience the flavor as well as the essence of their herbs. In addition, the quartz bottom heating oven heats dry herb material evenly and thoroughly, ensuring a clean, flavorful and medicated vapor with every consistent session. Our Dray Vaporizer review testing found that the ABV we ejected from the device was heated enough to remove essence, but without creating any carcinogens or smoke which is always an important aspect of weed vape.

Although there are plenty of cheap dry herb vape pens making big promises, many of them only have a single heat setting that actually burns material rather than vaporizing the essential compounds. That said, the Mig Vapor Dray is one of the few true dry herb vaporizers we have had the joy to review. Not only is it easy to use, but the heating chamber is able to accommodate an impressive 0.5 grams of dry herb material through each session.

Getting Baked At Lower Temperatures With The Dray Vaporizer

One of the most important factors for vaping effectively without the possibility of burning dry herb material is having accurate temperature control. Mig Vapor’s Dray vaporizer is able to precisely vape herbal essence between 385 and 430F in single degree increments. With real time heating on the built in OLED display, users can literally watch the device rise to the preferred warmth in both climbing degree numbers as well as tiered measurement bars while the set temperature is displayed.

This way users have a better idea of not only which is the optimum heating for a satisfying vapor cloud, but how deeply their dry herb can be vaporized before being singed or burnt. To explain, while actually burning material is the opposite of what herbal vaporizers are supposed to achieve, you still want to reach an ideal heating temperature for the dry flower you’re using to remove the essence. In fact, during this Dray vaporizer review, the device achieved an astounding amount of vaporization performance throughout our rigorous use.

An important feature we want to mention is the built-in vibration which both alerts users to the device powering up as well as reaching set temperature. A steel screen on the inside of the tip prevents any dry herb from escaping the heating oven and the vaporizer starter kit comes with a replacement which is perfect for when one becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned out. In addition, the Mig Vapor Dray has an integrated 3 minute automatic shut off time ensuring the heating element never over cooks your ground herbs.

Durability and Functionality in a Compact Design

Mig Vapor seemed to design the Dray portable dry herb vaporizer with mobility in mind, the durable outer rubberized tread material protects the device from accidental drops while making it perfect to fit comfortably in your hand and keeping it lightweight. While the removable, magnetic mouthpiece effectively insulated the user from the heat of the oven chamber below, the vape kit comes with a silicone cover which both helps to cut down on heat transfer as well as aids in keeping the cover securely in place.

Powered by a built-in 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery, the Dray vaporizer provides hours of incredibly satisfying dry herb vaping before needing to be plugged in. With that in mind, it takes the Dray roughly two hours to reach a full, fresh charge between sessions. Every Mig Vapor Dray vaporizer kit comes with the device, a spare screen, scraping tool, cleaning brush, tweezers and a 90-day warranty as well as a twenty-five-dollar replacement warranty if the device has any issues after the first three months.


  • Built-in USB rechargeable 1800 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Temperature control range between 385 and 430F in single degree increments
  • OLED screen displays battery charge life, set temperature, real time oven heating temp and heating bars as temp rises
  • Quartz oven chamber base able to accommodate 0.5 gram of material
  • Compact, durable and effectively draws essence from flower without combustion

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Mig Vapor Dray Review Wrap Up

Few portable herb vaporizers achieve this level of precision vaping from such a durable, compact and easy to use design. What Mig Vapor has accomplished with the Dray dry herb vaporizer is simply astounding, between its ability to produce fulfilling clouds and incredibly accurate herbal flavor with such simplicity is a testament to the quality of their research and engineering. If you’ve been searching for the best portable dry herb vaporizer and simply want a device that delivers everything you want in a pocket-sized, durable design, the Dray hits all the “beats”.

We value the opinion of the Expert Vaping community and we hope this Dray vaporizer review has been helpful in aiding your decision to find the best portable dry herb vaporizer for your needs. If you decide the Mig Vapor Dray is the perfect dry herb vape device for your needs, don’t forget to use our exclusive Mig Vapor coupon for an impressive discount on your purchase.

Do you have experience with the Dray vaporizer? Feel free to leave any questions or comments, as always we enjoying hearing feedback from you. May all your vaping be a breath of fresh air.