For vapers who are constantly on the go, you want an oil vape pen that is easy to use, discreet and with a sufficient enough battery for a full day of vaping without having to constantly look for places to charge your device. From the start, our Mig Vapor Canna Blast vape pen kit review took a closer inspection at what may be the best vape pen for oil cartridges equipped with its own refillable vape cartridges for vaping weed concentrate.

If this compact weed oil pen looks familiar, it should, it’s essentially the Mig 21 vape starter kit battery with the Ccell oil vape cartridge on top instead of the Clear Fusion tank. At some point, Mig Vapor realized that most of the 510 threaded vape pens for weed being offered had insufficiently low power resulting in thin and wispy vapor as well as disappointingly short durations of weed vaping between charges. As a result, they decided to repurpose their popular electronic cigarette vape batteries for another purpose, as an upgraded method for how to vape weed.

While thc oil may look similar to traditional vape juice with nicotine, those with experience using cannabis vape know that it has a thicker consistency, which can often clog coils or atomizers. To solve this common issue, Mig Vapor took the opportunity to redesign the oil vaporizer coil from the ground up for the Canna Blast, creating the Ccell cartridge which launched a revolution for how the best vape pens operate. We wanted to investigate first-hand what the Mig Vapor Canna Blast vape kit was capable of for this review, which lead to some surprising results.

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Revolutionizing the Oil Vaporizer  — Canna Blast Vape Pen Kit Review

As soon as we fired up our first Ccell cartridge, we knew Mig Vapor had achieved something special with the Canna Blast vape pen. First off, we cannot say enough good things about ceramic atomizers for vaping weed concentrates especially oils. The way they preserve the flavor and seem to heighten details of each cannabis strain is unmistakably satisfying, especially if you consider yourself a weed connoisseur.

In addition, the vapor production is incredibly impressive from an oil pen as stealthy as the Canna Blast and its aptly named considering you get a powerful cloud of thc vape in every consistent puff. Speaking of consistency, the 380 mAh battery ensures every draw is as robustly satisfying as the first, there’s no drop off of performance, which is always surprising with smaller cheap vape pens. This is without mentioning that this is an attribute we expect from the best portable vaporizers with dedicated ovens that ensure material is heated evenly and are packed with much larger vape batteries.

The affordability of the Canna Blast vape pen kit review setup we tested is worth mentioning, there are few hash oil pen kits with an entry level price tag that produce this amount of distilled vapor. Significantly, you end up saving quite a bit more money in the long run with this device as it not only works as a dab pen, not only comes with its own refillable cartridges, but because it’s a 510 threaded vaporizer you can fit many of the prefilled vape cartridges available from your local dispensary directly to the battery without an adapter. That means, no more throwing away money on single use units, no longer needing to run to a clinic whenever your vape cartridge runs dry, you simply refill the ccell cartridge with whatever CBD or weed oil you enjoy and keep on vaping.

As a result, our Canna Blast vape pen kit review found this starter dab setup to not only be economical, but more environmentally responsible as well as you’ll no longer throw out useless equipment that has planned obsolescence or a set shelf life for how long it will function. Mig Vapor has created the most “green” cannabis oil vape kit we’ve ever seen that still gives you an endless amount of fulfilling thc vape before needing any attention.


  • 380 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Runs at constant 4.2 volts
  • Ccell cartridge has a ceramic and kanthal 1.2 ohm coil
  • Available in black, white, pink or silver with auto-draw or push button manual activation
  • Impressive cloud production and poignant vape oil flavor

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Canna Blast Vape Pen Kit Review Wrap Up

If you’ve tried or researched the full range of oil vaporizer devices including the best vape pens for weed concentrates, you know plenty of the oil pens on the market offer roughly the same device with little differences outside of branding and design. However, throughout the course of our Canna Blast vape pen kit review enlightening our testing team to new opportunities we couldn’t imagine possible from even the best cheap oil pens. In fact, this slim, elegant, stealth vape pen shook our entire view of what weed oil vape devices could accomplish in such a small package.

Even we were astounded by the performance of this small ecig battery once it was connected to the Ccell oil vape cartridges, with the combination of the kanthal wire and ceramic coil vape tank our expectations were clearly not as high as the result. It just goes to show you, while some vape starter kits are designed with other brand specific components in mind, there’s an important reason why the 510 threaded standard is so popular. Being able to add a different tank or battery vape mod to your existing equipment and experiment, can yield impressively fulfilling results.

For an incredibly satisfying thc oil pen that looks like an ecig and not an electric shaver that smells like weed, the Canna Blast pulls vapor from your weed oil concentrates like a champ while concealing its true purpose as a weed vape device. Additionally, if you already have an outstanding desktop vaporizer, this concentrate pen is a perfect supplement for mobile weed vaping. Cut out complicated questions like the best temp to vape weed and what wattage should you be set on by equipping yourself with a portable oil vaporizer that performs better than the competition at an affordable price.

Using thc vape oil doesn’t require thirty temperature control settings and power over 30 watts anyway, why not get a cannabis vape pen that’s already set up for exactly what you want that’s designed for vapers of all experience levels and vaping aptitude. Do you already own the Canna Blast thc oil pen and have some personal thoughts you want to share? Reach out the Expert Vaping team and let us know what you think. We hope this Canna Blast vape pen kit review was useful in your search for the best oil pen and that you have confidence in an incredibly satisfying, smoke free future ahead.