Finding the best oil vape pen shouldn’t be difficult, sure many of the most popular models look relatively the same and seem to offer the same features, but how does their performance measure up? We put together this Mig Vapor Bug Rx oil vape pen review to deduce exactly that, to figure out how this small vape compared to the sprawling selection of cheap vape pens on the market.

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Starting out, we weren’t expecting a great deal of performance from this oil vape pen initially, but as with most Mig Vapor products, appearances can be deceiving. This is especially true considering the understated design and sleek elegance of the Bug Rx vape pen. While most of the compact devices optimized for vaping weed at a singular temperature or wattage and offer discretion, the most affordable options of these devices often possess underwhelming performance.

When we took it upon ourselves to create this Bug Rx oil vape pen review it was with the notion of providing the vaping community with concrete details about why this device had enjoyed so much popularity over the other weed vaporizers for oil concentrates. On the one hand, this oil vape starter kit looks exactly like the Mig Vapor Bug for eliquid, which some might say makes it less appealing. However, once you experience using a weed vape pen, you come to appreciate the devices that hide in plain sight, especially when they look more like an electronic cigarette than one of the popular portable vaporizers which are constructed with performance in mind rather than stealth vaping.

Additionally, small vapes for oil concentrate often produce think or unsatisfying vapor, but the Mig Vapor Bug Rx concentrate pen seemed to pump out denser clouds than we were expecting, especially from an above ohm atomizer coil. It’s fairly easy to talk the Expert Vaping team into trying a new weed pen for review but finding a device that’s able to hold their focus after those first few puffs and collect their thoughts is relatively difficult. To our surprise, they had some interesting things to say about this oil vape pen starter kit, particularly since they each have their own favorites for vaping weed concentrates.

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A Stealth Weed Pen With A Wildside — Bug Rx Oil Vape Pen Review

One of the unique aspects of the Bug Rx vape pen for weed oil is the adjustable airflow, we assume was based on the engineering of the tank. While many vape pens for oil make promises about “pre-optimized draw” claiming that the airflow is specifically integrated into the design of the device, this oil vape mod allows users to select their preferred amount of draw using three air holes on the top of the tank. This can make the difference for users who have recently made the switch to vaping in terms of experiencing similar sensations and preserving the familiar ritual.

To explain, the inability to adjust how much air flows through your vapor means a specific weed pen may be designed more as a direct lung device rather than a mouth to lung device. While some users are accustomed to drawing vapor or smoke directly into their chest, others prefer the sensation which accompanies taking a single haul into their mouths and then inhaling into their lungs in two separate actions. Having multiple airflow options means the Bug Rx weed pen is able to provide both experiences in a single vape starter kit, which can save you money in the long run if you’re unsure of which you enjoy without having to acclimate to an entirely new ritual from square one.

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In addition, the 1.2 ohm vertical kanthal atomizer coil is engineered specifically for thick liquids and solids. Though in our experience trying to use it as a dab pen for our Bug Rx oil vape pen review produced fairly underwhelming results and we ended up having to prewarm the wax in order to get it to feed into the atomizer. If you’re looking for a weed vape pen that effectively functions as both a wax and oil vape pen, you may be much happier with something like the Brain Fogger Target kit with an actual oven for dabbing rather than an atomizer.

However, if you’re perfectly happy vaping oil alone, the Bug Rx concentrate pen will give you fulfilling clouds and relatively poignant flavor at a constant 22 watts. Powered by a single 1100 mAh battery, it provides hours of oil vape of a higher quality than most of the cheap hash oil pens available.


  • Built-in 1100 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Constant 22 watts of power
  • Top filling 2ml oil vape tank with 1.2-ohm vertical kanthal coil atomizer
  • 3-hole adjustable airflow built into the top draw tank
  • Available in Silver or Black battery with matching magnetic cap to help prevent leaks
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Bug Rx Oil Pen Review Wrap Up

While this weed vape pen may not offer as much customization or performance as larger, more technologically advanced wax and dab pens able to vaporizer cannabis oil, the Bug Rx thc oil pen definitely packs as much functionality as possible into a compact, stealthy device. In addition, due to its standard 510 threading, you can pair the best concentrate tanks and wax atomizers which are meant to be used within the 22-watt range of the vape battery as well. Essentially, if you’re unsure of whether you enjoy vaping other weed concentrates beside oil, this creates an opportunity to pair the battery section with other tanks like the Brain Fogger or Sub Herb Black expanding the overall tactility of one of this vape pen for oil isolate alone.

Throughout our Bug Rx oil vape pen review we found this pocket-sized mod to produce a fulfilling amount of flavor from specific cannabis strains and a robust vapor cloud that satisfied our desire for the sensation of smoking without the harmful carcinogens. If you’re in search of a thc oil pen that pumps out the medicated vapor you need without generating an overabundance of heat and the possibility of tar, this concentrate vape pen is a perfect introduction to weed vaping. While learning how to use a vape pen for oil can be complicated and require some experience, the Bug Rx simplifies the operation with their incredibly easy fill and vape system that puts the power in the hands of the user with a process that doesn’t really even require a user manual (although it includes an impressively detailed one).

Discover how this outstanding cannabis vape pen can help you remove smoke from your life and still provide you with the poignant and intense benefits of vaping essential oils in a design benefitting from the advanced engineering of even the best desktop vaporizers in a size comparable to many of the small vapes available. Check out the Bug Rx concentrate vape pen from Mig Vapor and vape oils without all the sophisticated procedures integrated by the competition while still experiencing the best performance from a stealth travel vaporizer.