It’s small, comes in six different colors, makes big vapor clouds and is cute as a bug. In fact. it is called The Bug. The Mig Vapor Bug review uncovered a compact ultra portable sub ohm vaping device that is TPD compliant. What does that mean? Well, TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive. The European Union issued a directive to guide what type of vaping products are allowed to be sold in European Union countries.

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The TPD dictates that any vaping devices sold in Europe need to have an e-liquid capacity of 2 ml or less and the vape tanks must be leak proof. The Mig Vapor Bug tank has a 2 ml capacity and is designed to be leak proof. The Bug is ready for Europe, ready for America and ready for the world. The Bug is loaded with all of the cutting edge safety features that are built in to the mod. The 0.8 ohm atomizer and 22 watt device puts out a surprising amount of vapor.

Mig Vapor The Bug mod kit in purple with power supply, tank and magnetic cap.

A 22 watt device is not going to be a cloudmaker like a 200 watt mod is, but a 200 watt mod is also a bulky piece of equipment. In the case of the Mig Vapor Bug, the 22 watts works in harmony with the 0.8 ohm atomizer coils to deliver more vapor than you would expect from something so small and compact. You will get sub ohm vapor clouds. The Bug is the best compact, easy to use sub ohm vape mod that we have come across.

Mig Vapor Bug Review

With the Mig Vapor Bug kit you will get the Bug battery, charger and Bug top fill vape tank. You will also get one 0.8 ohm atomizer coil and a magnetic top cap to cover the drip tip. The gift box that it arrives in is sweet. The Bug mini vape mod comes in size different colors including black, stainless, yellow, powder blue, purple and pink.

Mig Vapor The Bug full kit broken down into its parts including power supply mod, magnetic cap, coil and reservoir tank.

The price is less than $35 making this a terrific value for a sub ohm mini mod that you are able to buy direct from an American ecig brand. When you buy the Bug, you will also notice that you will have the option of buying additional coils at a discounted price with your original purchase. Take advantage of this and get at least a 5 pack of coils. This will keep you vaping for months!

This is the part of the Mig Vapor Bug review where we get into the technical aspects and specifics. Let’s start off with the battery.

Bug Battery

The Bug battery is an 1100 mAh battery capable of 22 watts of output. The 1100 mAh battery should give you a full day of moderate vaping. I know, you are suspect that 1100 mAh will really last that long. But Mig Vapor has a secret that ensures maximum efficiency. Along with all of the latest battery protection feature and Mig Vapor temperature protection, the efficiency is further enhanced by gold. Yep. Gold. Folks, there’s gold in them thar connections!

It has a spring loaded 24 karat gold plated 510 connection. Gold contacts ensure a stable and smooth connection with no arcing or corrosion. We are talking about very efficient battery atomizer relationships that means a more consistent vape for you. Gold plated 510 connections are a Mig Vapor hallmark. The care, quality and attention to detail are all reasons that Mig Vapor has made the list of the best American ecig brands.

Mig Vapor Bug mod power supply boasts full 6 protection in their specs in including low voltage, charging, short circuit, over 10 seconds, over temperature, and overcharge protections.

The other thing that I like about the gold plated center pin is that it seems to lead to a more rapid re-charge. I found that the Bug battery re-charges very quickly.

Of course an 1100 mAh battery will have limitations in battery life. But the beauty and main feature of the Bug mini mod is that it is subohm, makes lots of vapor and is not too much bigger than a cigalike.

Bug Top Fill SubOhm Tank

I want to send a big kudos to Mig Vapor for taking the care to put gold plating on the 510 connection of the Mig Vapor Bug tank as well as the battery. You get a true and reliable connection overtime as a result. The Bug vape tank has a convenient top fill design that makes refilling the tank very easy.

The tank has a 2 ml capacity and is leak proof so if you are one of our European readers, this mini mod is compliant with the regulations in the European Union. Let me say too that Mig Vapor is very good at making leak proof tanks. The Mig 21 Clear Fusion tank is the choice of pilots because it doesn’t leak even at the lower pressure environment in an aircraft cabin. The Bug tank does not leak and won’t leak in your pocket.

Mig Vapor Bug vape mod diagram shows the placement, function and flow of magnetic cap attachment.

The magnetic cap that fits over the drip tip is just a great idea. It keeps your drip tip clean and that is great because lets face it, we carry our mods in pockets and purses. They are thrown in desk drawers. Drip tips are exposed to a lot of things that we normally would not want to be exposed to. The drip cap is a major pro.

Bug atomizer coils are long lasting and I could get two weeks out of one. Replacing the atomizer coils is an easy, seamless process. You don’t have to over tighten at all. Once you insert a new coil let it sit for three minutes to make sure that the wick is saturated.

How To Use The Mig Vapor Bug

In my opinion, the Bug is a Mini subohm mod with a unique quality. The 0.8 ohm atomizer is right in that border area between subohm vaping and standard vaping. Subohm vaping is when you draw the vapor directly into your lungs, DL or direct lung, and standard vaping is like a cigarette in that you draw into your mouth first and then inhale, MTL or mouth to lung. The point is that with the Bug from Mig Vapor, you can do both.

If you are intending on subohm vaping, you can use a VG ejuice. If you are intending to MTL vape, go with a 50/50 eliquid. Mig Vapor Bug coils can handle either. I prefer subohm with the Bug because of the vapor production you can get from this device with VG eliquids. By the way, Mig Vapor has a massive selection of 50/50 and VG eliquids. You can even create your own blend online.

Using the Mig Vapor Bug is very easy. Five clicks to turn it off or on and that’s it. It will deliver the ideal power output automatically. You do not have to do anything. The top fill makes it easy to fill and I love the top cap for the mouthpiece because when I carry it in my pocket I know the tip stays clean.

Excellent Vaping

The vaping is excellent. The biggest thing is how much vapor you get from such a small mod. It really is surprising. The flavor is very good and the vapor production is very consistent. Our Mig Vapor Bug review discovered great vaping performance from a device of this size is a huge pro and will fill a niche for many vapers out there.

In the final analysis the Mig Vapor Bug is an ideal device for someone looking for an attractive, easy to use subohm mod that is portable. Box mods can be bulky and not idea for travel or work. The Bug can be your daytime run around vaping companion that you can rely on. It also costs under $35 so it is one of the better values out there. Mig Vapor quality and innovation is really starting to distance itself from the competition. The Mig Vapor Bug fills a need for many vapers and delivers a fantastic, consistent vapor experience.