Though it doesn’t have the same design as the majority of the most popular dab pens, this compact weed concentrate command center is a portable dab rig in an unbelievably compact design. Our Mig Vapor Brain Fogger review looks into the performance, engineering and function-rich capability of this compact dab mod vaporizer setup.

We take a look into the inspiration and insight inside this portable enail for our Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit review to help determine whether it’s worth a second thought, or if it’s simply a grand idea best left on the drafting board. Before you decide on the best wax atomizer for vaping weed to fit your needs, this Brain Fogger review will present you with all the details required to make informed comparisons against the top wax vape tanks and vape starter kits for weed concentrates.

If you’ve been looking at the top cheap dab rigs and wondering which wax vaporizer would be ideal for achieving the pinnacle of weed vaping from a dedicated dabbing atomizer, the Brain Fogger is at the top of our list. Among the most fulfilling shatter tanks for vaping dabs, this pocket-sized wax rig is the optimum performance enail kit for experiencing exactly what the best dabs pens are capable of cranking out.

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Brain Fogger Review — Cloudy Skies and Cloudy Minds

As a portable enail, the Brain Fogger dab atomizer alone creates some of the most fulfilling weed vape we’ve experienced from a single component. Every consistent hit from this high performance dab atomizer pumps out impressive clouds of intensely potent herbal vapor. Importantly, the Pyrex glass outer tank preserves the flavors of your dab strains brilliantly, ensuring there are no contaminants to augment the taste of your weed concentrates.

Within the Brain Fogger wax vape tank are dual porous ceramic coils that warm your wax dabs up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the Target Mini portable vape mod is capable of up to 600F and 40 watts of power, it is recommended not to go over 300F or 20 watts to keep from burning both your material and the coils themselves. The proprietary square coil design efficiently melts down your dabs so that they reach the ceramic chamber at the perfect temperature for vaporization.

Essentially, the ceramic oven at the base is a cup to hold your liquefied dab weed concentrate while it reaches the optimum warmth to rise through the wax vaporizer. As a result, users receive all the benefits of perfectly vaporized weed wax, dabs and concentrates with all the essential compounds and none of the carcinogens associated with traditional dab rigs. One of the biggest claims we loved during the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger review, was the splash proof design, that securely insulates the users from any spit back or popping from the dab wax due to the positioning and configuration of both the glass mouthpiece and the square coil that hovers above the cup and acts like a shield from spit back or spattering of heated dabs. While this is less of problem with the best wax pens, it can be common with dabbing devices and the Brain Fogger solves this beautifully.

Additionally, Mig Vapor says the Brain Fogger portable enail is self-cleaning, which means there is very little waste resulting from sticky remnants that need to be cleared from the ceramic oven cup or coil. This is an incredible asset to vapers who know that taking dabs can be messy from a typical glass dab rig, let alone an erig with complicated parts that need to be meticulously maintained to preserve both the flavor and performance of their dab atomizer. In all, our Brain Fogger review found this to be the best enail available that combines peak performance and portability.

Maximizing Vapor Production With the Target Mini

Though the Brain Fogger is definitively the top dab attachment for vape devices, the full dab atomizer starter kit including the Target Mini mod transforms one of the top dab atomizers into the ideal shatter vape pen. Combined with this unbelievably small vape mod, this dab tank becomes a precision tool able to dial in the most enjoyable wattage and temperature quintessential for generating the optimal medicated herbal vapor. Even if you’ve tried a wax atomizer for box mod pairing before, this “dabnamic duo” of cannabis infused vapor doles out astounding clouds of weed vape for seemingly endless sessions.

With a performance range well above those of most dab atomizers, the Target Mini mod is 510 threaded and is fully compatible with a range of vape tanks for weed including the Mig Vapor Sub Herb Black as well as eliquid. Simply as a solid starter compact box mod, this pocket-sized powerplant performs perfectly, opening up a world of vaping options with a foundation of top quality variable wattage and temperature control at your fingertips. The low profile engineering was created to put discreet vaping in your grasp and make vaping technology ideal for traveling wherever it takes you.

In addition, the Vaporesso Mini vape mod is responsible for producing the sizeable clouds we achieved throughout our Brain Fogger review which were impressive to say the least. To explain, the key to getting valuable performance from a mobile dab pen or portable enail is generating the most dense and satisfying vapor production without burning the material which typically requires understanding the vaping threshold of both the power unit and the tank. However, the Brain Fogger Target Mini vape kit simplifies the trial and error, by giving users the optimum range of both temperature and max wattage to taste their shatter, crumble, wax or dabs and get maximum potency without reaching the point of combustion.


  • Brain Fogger dab tank ideal between 10-20 watts below 300F
  • Ceramic oven chamber cup preserves the flavor of your dabs
  • Porous dual ceramic square coil design creates clean vapor with splash proof protection
  • .0.5~0.6ohm stainless steel dab atomizer wrapped around porous ceramic posts
  • Target Mini mod generates between 5-40 watts or 200-600F from built-in USB rechargeable 1400 mAh battery

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Brain Fogger Review Wrap Up

Surrounded by a sea of wax vape pen tanks and portable enail vape kits, the Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer stands out as probably the highest performing dab attachment for vape devices paired with the best mod for pocket vaporizers the Vaporesso Target Mini. While this may seem like an advanced vape kit, it’s incredibly simple to operate and requires only rudimentary knowledge and experimentation to dial it in for ideal performance to your preferences.

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Target Mini kit does exactly what the name promises, it pumps out incredibly potent clouds of vapor from your dabs and wax concentrates for a weed vaping experience that almost rivals using a more complex dab rig. We were astounded by the effects, sensations and performance of this compact dab vaping package even with a background of using plenty of other erigs that promised to vape half as well as this unit. If you’ve been looking for a dab pen that gives you a similar level of satisfaction to dabbing you’re sure to enjoy, the Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit kicks in the door to vaping wax concentrate and lets the vapor flow.

Have you had personal experience with the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Target Mini vape kit and want to share your story? Leave a comment, question or insight and help vapers just like you learn more about the products they’re interested in from first-hand accounts of their performance and capabilities. It’s important to us that the information you find on these pages be both informative and balanced by the insights of the Expert Vaping community. We hope that this Mig Vapor Brain Fogger review helps you find the ideal weed vaping device to help you maintain a smoke free future and leave combustion behind forever.