Tobacco giant Altria, the company famous for making Marlboro cigarettes, originally launched their Mark Ten ecig as a way to regain their market share of customers switching to vaping. This standard cig-a-like design with their gimmicky ‘four-draw cartridge’ technology, simply adapted the single hole mouthpiece to include four separate sections to draw vapor from meant to create more resistant puffs.

Mark Ten ecigs are dubbed as an evapor device instead of the familiar term of electronic cigarette. We reached out to indpendent sources to find legitimate Mark Ten reviews for a more detailed picture of what this popular retail ecig offers in terms of performance and innovation.

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Why The Mark Ten eCig Got So Much Buzz

Initially, let’s start with some background on the Mark Ten ecigarette and it’s development being brought to market. Those of us with time and dedication in the vaping industry have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Mark Ten vape device for years. We knew it would only be a matter of time before Big Tobacco came looking for their piece of the pie, but we hadn’t expected the response of casual users and curious first time vapers.

lorillard purchased blu cigs and its british counterpart skycig

There was a lot of wonder and speculation about what the Mark Ten ecig would look like, how it would function and possible ways it might impact the industry overall. Regardless of the quality, the Mark Ten electronic cigarette was destined to capture a significant share of the market originally for two primary reasons, targeted impulse buying by smokers and the convenience of being able to find them in local retail locations potential customers already visit for tobacco products or other consumer goods.

To explain, Big Tobacco weaponizes their marketing methods in such a way that no independent electronic cigarette brand can compete with, specifically a massive distribution network throughout the retail space. Essentially, this translated into Mark Ten ecigs being made available in every corner store and gas station from here to Eternity and more locations on the return trip. In detail, you are more likely to find yourself in a business that does sell Mark Ten ecigs, than one that does not, every time you enter a store, which is pretty wild given that much of the vaping industry relies on online sales and local vape shops.

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ecig starter kits

The convenience store and gas station market for electronic cigarettes is basically dominated by five of the top ecig brands. They are Blu Cigs, Logic Ecig, NJOY, Vuse and Juul Vapor. RJ Reynolds developed Vuse as their own introduction in the vaping market in an almost identical way to the MarkTen. Blu Cigs started as an independent vape brand before being bought up by Tobacco baron Lorillard, who was then acquired by RJ Reynolds who closed the doors on them to make way for the Vuse. Wow, that was a lot of information and history in one sentence.

At the time Blu was bought out by Lorillard, NJOY became the largest independent vape brand until filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016. However, they have been slowly trying to make their triumphant return ever since impressively hanging on to their market share and brand recognition. Uniquely, NJOY, Juul and Logic Ecig are not owned by Big Tobacco, however, Logic is helmed by a former tobacco company executive with access to extensive distribution channels, which is why you frequently see Logic Ecigs every time you stop for a tank of gas or a Big Gulp.

For more details on the history, when Lorillard purchased Blu Cigs they also acquired its British counterpart SkyCig. Then RJ Reynolds bought out Lorillard and dumped the Blu Cig in favor of its own creation which became the Vuse Vapor ecig. It’s been a soap opera of tobacco industry backstabbing and betrayal from square one, but the point is that the companies that are either owned by Big Tobacco or have strong ties to them are the ones dominating convenience store and gas station sales because of their existing presence from cigarette sales.

How The Mark Ten eCigarette Made Such A Strong Impression

All of these brands, including the Mark Ten ecig, sell for very similar base prices as well as the cost of cartridges, creating a suspicious environment in which to start vaping. In fact, the Juul starter kit is really the only outlier with a standardized pricing. I mean, even combustible tobacco products have slightly differing prices per brand, I can’t understand how users don’t see all of these corporate owned tobacco vapes as any kind of conspiracy, but that’s just me.

None of the aforementioned electronic cigarettes would ever be mistaken for one of the best ecig brands save for the Juul pen, but the marketing and distribution budgets of these ecigarettes allow them to compensate for less than optimal quality. I’ve noticed that local vape shops near me and across the country have made a dent in the sales figures of the convenience store cig-a-likes with many switching to offering customers all-in-one pod mods optimized for nicotine salts like the Juul device, which seems to be a fair indication that the consumer market is becoming more knowledgeable and accepting of vaping.

Be that as it may, we fully expected the MarkTen ecig to experience a sizable head start in terms of sales figures sheerly through advertising and retail placement. At the end of the day, their resulting success was largely due to accessibility, visibility and convenience making them instantly available to so many consumers that their success was nearly guaranteed out of curiosity alone.

If you haven't already seen them, e-cigs could be headed to your local convenience store including the Mark Ten.

Where To Buy Mark Ten eCigs

Formerly, 7 out of 10 electronic cigarettes were bought in convenience stores and gas stations, however, with the number of vape shops on the rise and companies like Juul Labs dominating the market both online and in retail locations those statistics may be adjusted. Mark Ten ecigs are sold at the exact same locations where 70% of smokers making the switch to vaping already buy their tobacco cigarettes. As a result, the Mark Ten electronic cigarette will have the distinct advantage of being placed right in front of consumers at eye level, whereas the best beginner ecigs are typically sold online or specialty shops who stock vaping products exclusively.

Although Big Tobacco may not have the same commitment to quality as the top vape brands striving for a smoke free future, they do have the unique ability to put electronic cigarettes at smoker’s eye level everywhere they purchase tobacco products.

Of course, we know that smokers are in the “habit” of satisfying their nicotine cravings using the most accessible, convenient means possible, which is why retail locations that are open 24 hours are able to charge a premium price over other stores. As a result, it stands to reason that many of them maintain their purchasing routines and buy electronic cigarettes from the same vendors who sell tobacco products. Thus, because Big Tobacco owns those distribution channels already in place to reach this demographic of customers they will be seeing a lot of Vuse Vapor, Logic and Mark Ten ecig marketing material (even if its cleverly disguised as a poster of two people laughing at nothing while holding the products which I recently saw on the side of a mini mart).

Past estimates have indicated that as many as 40% of smokers have at least tried vaping either out of curiosity or as an aid to help them get nicotine without the proven harm created by combustible tobacco. Sadly, many of them end up going back to smoking after their first initial experience. Frequently, the problem is that many of these people try a vaping device that they bought at a local convenience store that doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction of a high quality ecigarette.

In detail, after deciding that vaping did not satisfy their cravings they instantly made up their mind that all electronic cigarettes create the same sensation and it just doesn’t fulfill their needs. However, those of us who value vaping, understand that all ecigarettes are not created equal and often times cheap ecigs don’t measure up to the possibilities of vape starter kits that generate better quality vapor and improved vaping experiences.

In fact, it’s a disappointing trend to see cheap ecig brands producing or at least selling lower quality vape products seem to be exactly the same brands that you find in the places where you used to buy your tobacco goods. Essentially, the notion that vaping can be a satisfying replacement for smoking is instantly overwritten by devices and products that may intentionally provide vaping experiences that fall short, by design. To explain, even if users buy an ecigarette that underperforms, they are spending money that goes back into the pockets of tobacco executives and the potential for them to become full time smokers just shifts their spending from one product to another, but the destination of that money remains the same, a win-win for big tobacco.

Typically, cheap gas station ecigs do not measure up to the quality of vapor provided by the high quality vape mods and ecigarette starter kits. In fact, even in cases where they offer better quality items, often the vape flavors and nicotine levels are so limited that they cannot satisfy even a small percentage of former smokers.

Additionally, beyond basic issues with poor quality, buying products from brick-and-mortar retailers besides dedicated vape shops isn’t the most trusted outlet for consumer spending. In fact, the advantages of buying ecigs online are seemingly endless when it comes to aspects like customer service and satisfaction. Obviously, you get a much better value when you buy products directly from the manufacturer so you already save on the retail markup by cutting out the costs of operating a retail store. Though, you also build a business relationship directly with the company rather than through a third party which provides you with access to improved customer service and ultimately, a better overall experience.

Meanwhile, you get the knowledge that everything you purchase is from fresh stock rather than buying something that’s been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for who knows how long. While this isn’t a major factor for vapers as there is no significant decay associated with the devices or the vape juice inside, the life of a battery can falter if it isn’t at full charge or loses it’s ability to function effectively over time. Plenty of the cheap ecigarettes bought in mini marts have this problem and the recourse by consumers is often, “tough luck pal” when they try to get someone on the phone.

Our primary question remained whether or not the Mark Ten ecig was just another tobacco product in sheep’s clothing with a lot of hype behind it or an actual quality vaping device that could provide smokers with an alternative that they deserve.

Mark Ten E-Cigs, a big tobacco entrant into the close-knit world of vaping.

A Closer Look At Mark Ten eCigs

The Mark Ten ecig is a has the traditional electronic cigarette design that is modeled after traditional tobacco products. To clarify, the body of the ecig battery is meant to appear like the length of a cigarette and the Mark Ten cartridges resemble the butt, though not in the classic tan color as some cig-a-like cartomizers frequently are.

After being on the market for some time, the Mark Ten battery was sent back to the drawing board for a redesign, promising longer periods of vaping before requiring a fresh charge. The built in rechargeable lithium ion battery employs the standard technology found in competitive ecigarettes and it can be charged by plugging the charging unit into any standard USB port on a computer or outlet.

Mark Ten cartridges are self contained and single use, integrating the coil heating element, atomizer, and vape juice inside the closed system. Once the cartomizer is attached to the battery, you simply puff on the device to draw vapor from it, just as you would a tobacco cigarette. An internal micro chip situated above the battery detects when you inhale and automatically activates the battery powering the heat source to produce vapor. This is referred to as an auto-draw or automatic draw device because it is instantly activated when you take a puff.

More Control With The Mark Ten eCigarette Or Less?

While most ecigarettes deliver the vapor through a single exit hole in the end of the device, the Mark Ten ecig actually has four seemingly separate holes. Altria claims that having four ports equates to providing a smoother draw and denser vapor through their four-draw design. However, what is actually does is encourage vapers to use it as an MTL device, drawing vapor directly into their mouth ready to be inhaled, effectively promoting the same rituals and sensations of smoking.

That said, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the fact that it may help users give up tobacco. However, for a product manufactured by a tobacco company, it seems less than trustworthy in general and with their limited nicotine levels all set fairly high, it seems less like another tool at roping former smokers back into Big Tobacco’s corral than one that may liberate them.

With that in mind, Mark Ten vape cartridges are available in eleven flavors, Including multiple tobaccos and menthols, plus some fruit blends and a creamy dessert. All vape juice inside the Mark Ten cartridges contains a blend of propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine, water and flavoring. However, certain flavors contain benzoic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid and actual menthol as well. While propylene glycol or PG is a common food and consumer product additive we take in all the time, the other compounds like benzoic acid pose a danger when vaporized at high temperatures.

In the years since it’s introduction, Mark Ten flavors have certainly grown from their original two. Even though options are important, the quality of those options can be equally as crucial for users looking to switch to vaping. To explain, many vapers eventually come to find that over time they truly do not like the taste of tobacco. In fact, more than half of the people that have successfully made the switch to vaping find they prefer non-tobacoo flavors. Seeing as that at least three of the  Mark Ten ecig flavors are specifically tobaccos and at least two others are tobacco-based tastes, it simply serves to limit options, which in part is what has helped to sustain vaping up to this point.

Speaking of limited options, as mentioned there very few nicotine levels available to choose from and they are all considerably high. Mark Ten ecigs are available with 2.4%, 2.5%,  3.5% or 4.0% nicotine depending on the flavor. That said, choosing the right nicotine level to match your needs can be absolutely crucial if you are going to be successful in switching to vaping.

Why Single Nicotine Options Aren’t a Good Idea

Specifically, smokers cannot all be lumped into one big basket of what their nicotine dosage should be. Just as no two smokers are alike, there is no single nicotine strength that works for everyone. Although the trends seem to be moving towards higher nicotine ranges, especially when it comes to nic salts, everyone requires different supplemental stimulants to fill their cravings. Servings of nicotine can not, should not be looked at as a cure all, especially when so many users are intent on giving up nicotine for good.

The fact is, when starting with set higher levels of nicotine from the start, a large percentage of users are almost destined to become more addicted, rather than breaking free of its hold. As the option for stepping down to zero isn’t present, they are simply left to waver back and forth between a range of nicotine dosages that do not provide for smaller increments to help them clear the stimulant from their vapor altogether. As a result, they are forced to then purchase more equipment and devices in order to give themselves the opportunity to try nicotine free vape and discover whether its possible for them to break free of it forever.

closeup of the juul vape starter kit including four juul pods, juul charger and juul battery

Following criticisms that the original Mark Ten singular nicotine level of 15 mg wasn’t enough to satisfy a pack per day smoker, they seemed to go a little crazy cranking up their lowest dosage to 24mg, which is an industry standard for vapers who were formerly heavy smokers. In fact, it’s frequently the highest level that most of the top vape juice brands use in their products. Still, when you consider that the most popular ecigarette starter kits at least offer consumers a vast range of options, why would you hand over your hard earned money to a brand that is basically lobbying for people to return to tobacco for some kind of normalcy as far as nicotine intake. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? It would be wiser for MarkTen ecigs to look into offering their customers more variety in terms of both ejuice flavors and lower nicotine levels.

What the Mark Ten ecig does offer is a 90-day guarantee, which is not bad (it’s not great either). Of course many of the best electronic cigarettes offer a one year warranty if not a lifetime guarantee. Even without giving it a full review it’s clear that the MarkTen offers little in the way of integrity while offering more than enough nicotine to reel you in.

One thing they actually got right was providing an 800 number making the company directly accessible at certain times of day. Yet, if you ever need to deal with faulty cartridges or batteries, you will probably be left with a cumbersome process of working through the store where you bought it in the first place, since everyone seems to want to pass the buck when a middleman is involved. This is a major reason why finding a trusted source of where to buy electronic cigarettes can be crucial to the best vaping experience possible.

For example, when you buy the best vape starter kits or ecigs from a reputable brand online, you open a direct conduit with the company from origination of the sale, to customer satisfaction and everything in between. You have instant access to customer service in an online environment as well as by phone. It allows you to take advantage of savings and specials and you never have to worry about having to stop at a store to pick up cartridges.

Most importantly, you’re holding the manufacturer responsible for the products they sell, you are creating a situation where they are fully accountable for the quality of your vaping and their products. Reflexively, just like you have limited options when it comes to flavors and nicotine levels at the retail level, you have limited options and recourse when it comes to customer service as well.

What the Vaping Community is Saying — Mark Ten Reviews

Consumers have found their voices and been sounding off about their experiences using the Mark Ten ecig ever since. Here is what actual users have had to say up to this point:

  • “The first time I bought a battery I found out that they did not include any cartridges. Once I bought the cartridges and tried it I found that the flavors were too mild to even notice.”
  • “The battery seems pretty solid, but I was surprised at the quality considering the price.”
  • “I loved the menthol flavor; it was not too strong like most I’ve tried.”
  • “Four draw technology made absolutely no difference whatsoever.”
  • “The cartridge only lasts 2 hours.”
  • “Any vapor cloud is almost unnoticeable.”
  • “I got barely any sense of throat hit. Either it’s is too mild or it was empty when I got it.”

Judging by first-hand user reviews of the MarkTen, it seems like it has a very light vapor quality and not much longevity as far as battery life or ecig cartridge. Neither is surprising given its origin, but to be fair, how much success can you expect from a tobacco company marketing a product that’s supposed to help you get away from tobacco? Our initial assessment lumped it in the same performance category as the Vuse, Blu and other brands that you find on the shelves of corner stores. However, as time went on and more people gave it a try, it’s popularity began to falter, regardless of how much marketing material was being pushed at it. It’s no wonder so many smokers are only seeing the negative possibilities of what vaping can accomplish.

The Mig 21 vape kit from Mig Vapor comes with two batteries, two clear draw vape tanks, a bottle of vape juice and a USB charger that all fits into a convenient carrying case

High Quality eCigs That Are Better Than the Mark Ten

Any electronic cigarette that helps you shred tobacco from your life is valuable. However, there are of course premium vape mods and products that provide an advanced experience that can be endlessly satisfying for users looking for a method for kicking tobacco to the curb without nicotine withdrawal symptoms. For some former smokers, the solution may be a high-powered box mod that generates enough vapor to conceal the approach of Godzilla as he pulls entire city blocks from their foundations. Others might find more success with a cig-a-like that closely resembles the ritual of smoking that has been an ongoing part of his or her life for decades. Ultimately, the best ecigarette is the one that satisfies your needs.

Top selling ecigs that meet Expert Vaping standards are expected to meet high performance and production criteria in order to qualify, let alone gain our endorsement. For instance, top quality electronic cigarette refill vape cartridges should last at least as long as a pack of tobacco cigarettes, or around 200 puffs. Vape flavor and vapor production needs to maintain consistentcy with every successive puff.

Likewise, vape batteries should last for at least 200 puffs minimum to ensure you have the opportunity to acclimate to the sensation of vapor before giving up and returning to tobacco. A responsibly made vape battery should also be able to recharge quickly and efficiently, the best ecig batteries typically take around an hour to reach full charge. The consistency we mention relies on a high quality battery, including the lithium sourced, and equally high quality cartridge components.

The High Cost Of Low Quality Vape Batteries

In order to explain why quality counts, it’s important to understand that there are certain dangers that exist relating to inherent instability in lithium ion batteries. Keep in mind,  all vaping devices utilize lithium ion battery technology, it’s what allows them to be so compact, and why you can slip a smart phone in your pocket rather than wearing it on your hip like a holstered refrigerator. Furthermore, the purity of the lithium used inside the battery is essential for efficient charging and discharging in relatively equal parts.

Inside, charged ions should be smoothly transferred through high-grade lithium. However, low-grade lithium components will sometimes have impurities that will interrupt the smooth transfer of charged particles leading to breaks in function and performance. Cheap ecigs often use cheap components to keep the prices down and that can lead to inconsistent or even borderline dangerous vaping.

Additionally the quality of the heating coil in the cartridge itself is necessary to achieve consistency. Bargain ecig brands that you find in gas stations and convenience stores are generically mass-produced products pushed into the market as quickly, sometimes as hastily as possible with little concern for quality control. Often, the atomizers notoriously produce staggered vapor and flavor production throughout each vape cartridge and charging period. Understand, inconsistency is often the hallmark of low quality materials and poorly manufactured products with low accountability.

On the other hand, the top performing ecigarettes are consistently satisfying, sturdily built, offer an impressive range of flavor and nicotine options and are known for excellent customer service which translates to an excellent overall value.

if you’ve been in search of the best small electronic cigarettes that won’t break the bank, we have some suggestions of where to begin your investigation into the world of top quality vaping.

The Mig Vapor Trap Pod leaning on two replacement vape cartridges on a wooden table in a cafe with a Mig Vapor logo banner

Mig Vapor

As one of the most successful vape brands in the industry, Mig Vapor has certainly made a name for themselves creating high quality vape mods and ecigs to fit any lifestyle or purpose. Notably, their vape pen starter kits are incredibly comprehensive and many come standard with a bottle of vape juice to get you started as soon as its delivered. If you’re looking for a company whose name signifies quality products and outstanding customer service, Mig Vapor is a perfect place to begin your search.

They offer a vape device for nearly every need including some of the best dry herb vaporizers like the Mig Vapor Dray, sub ohm vape tanks, power mods and of course ecigarettes. Additionally, they offer what is possibly the best Nic salt vape pen available with their Trap Pod nicotine salt system. This compact, pocket sized Juul alternative has a great deal of advantages over the wildly popular gas station ecig, with refillable pods and an unbelievably affordable price, this Nic salt optimized ecigarette costs roughly half of what the Juul starter kit will run you and you can customize your flavors and nicotine levels!

As a company that seemingly makes everything, they pride themselves on their accountability and integrity and it isn’t surprising to hear vapers talk about how much they love Mig products in casual conversation. Essentially, you can get an entire vape starter kit, all your supplies and accessories in one convenient online location and the surety that everything you purchase will be of the highest quality. In addition, they have about the best customer service offered by any vape company across the board!

With a full range of vape products for every need, they provide some of the most trustworthy devices that offer the pinnacle of vaping quality in every puff. Take a look at some of our Mig Vapor reviews and browse through some of our top picks for outstanding vaping devices that can instantly upgrade the quality of your vaping.

Also, while you’re checking out your next vaping investment, why not get 10% off your next purchase from the Mig Vapor website, it’s just our way of helping you move towards living a smoke free life while enjoying products that perform exactly how you want them to.

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one of the best ecigs recommended as an alternative better than retail options like the MarkTen ecig is the Juul Vapor system

Juul eCigs

It didn’t take long for Juul Vapor to make themselves a household name. In fact, their incredibly satisfying compact device with an elegant design that delivered fulfilling streams of tasty clouds seems to be the first thing new vapers reach for these days, and there’s a solid reason for that. Juul Labs pioneered the nicotine salt technology sweeping the vaping industry and as the innovators, the vaping world is hard-pressed to find an imitator or similar pod mod that provides the same level of performance in such a small, stylish package.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the Juul Pods or vape cartridges are only offered at a singular nicotine strength, so if that was a significant issue regarding the MarkTen ecig, it’s likely to be even more so with this pocket mod. However, if you’re simply in a hurry to quit smoking and throw your tobacco in the trash, like other retail electronic cigarettes, Juul products are sold widely in local stores all over the country, meaning you can run out and get one as soon as the inspiration strikes you.

In addition, the ability to replace ecigarette cartridges whenever you need one without planning ahead is immensely valuable to new vapers who have recently given up tobacco. While analog cigarettes are available 24 hours a day, it can be difficult to find a source for vape juice or coils in the middle of the night, leaving some with no other options than to pick up a pack of old reliables and fall back into bad habits. But because the Juul is available at so many retail locations, you never have to be without the nicotine you need to stay tobacco free.

While the Juul starter kit may seem pricey initially, know you will always get the best price directly from their website. Plus, we’ll hook you up with our exclusive Expert Vaping Juul coupon code to help you get 40% off and free shipping on your first order, that should help give you a little boost of confidence in your purchase.

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Free eCigarette


There is a top electronic cigarette brand that is currently offering a free ecig. Atlantic Cigs will give you a free ecig starter kit with the purchase of one 8-pack of their vape cartridges. This really is a free electronic cigarette, not a scam! You buy 1 pack of cartridges for $19.99, that is 8 cartridges to a pack, and you get a free vape starter kit. No strings.

For the price of a Mark Ten ecig and two cartridges, you can have an Atlantic ecig starter kit and 10 cartridges(the kit comes with two cartridges so you get 10 in total). You can also choose from a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. It is a lot better than having limited choices with the Mark Ten.

Atlantic is a top vape brand that offers an entirely higher level of performance. It is a solid product that utilizes the latest technology. The battery life is very good and you will be amazed at how fast the batteries recharge. That is a definite sign of high quality materials.

V2 Cigs is one the best ecigarette brands making a better product than MarkTen

V2 Cigs

With one of the biggest names across the vaping industry, V2 Cigs has been consistently turning out quality vape products since they appeared. Another vape brand who caters to a wide variety of vapers, they are specifically know for their incredibly fulfilling ecigarette starter kits. In fact, they are legendary for producing comprehensive packages of vaping products designed to help people easily transition away from tobacco.

Their range of easy-to-use 3-in-1 vape mods are optimized to be used with eliquid and their electronic cigarettes are available with both free filled cartomizers and clearomizer tanks to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get exactly what they want from their vapor. Like Mig Vapor, V2 Cigs makes getting premium vape products super easy by offering every possible component and accessory so they only need to make one purchase in order to enjoy extended sessions of robust vapor.

V2 Cigs has consistently been on our top lists of vaping products with cig-a-like starter kits that have been successfully helping smokers quit for years. They essentially took a winning formula for creating top quality products and just kept improving their core offerings. As a result, V2 ecigs just keep getting better as the technology grows and they adapt with fresh improvements to products that are already known for their achievements.

Take a tour of the V2 Cigs brand page for insight into why they have become incredibly successful and what sets them apart from the competition at every turn. If you find something you fall in love with, use our exclusive V2 coupon code for 10% off anything that inspires you to make the switch.

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All of the most trusted vape brands that qualify for the best electronic cigarettes have earned our attention through consistent creation of unbelievably valuable experiences shaped by products made with the vaping community in mind. We’ve determined each to be worthy of your consideration to aid you on your vaping journey. Though not all offer more options than the Mark Ten electronic cigarette, they are sure to bring you far more fulfillment and enjoyment from every puff .

While the early buzz about the Mark Ten ecig had grand promise for something innovative and convenient, the consensus seems to agree it simply doesn’t deliver how it should. Ultimately you, as a consumer have so many options for expanding the possibilities of your vaping, and so few when you buy a Mark Ten ecig. You deserve better. You deserve options. You deserve a vaping device designed to help you escape the clutches of Big Tobacco, not one that delivers you into them.