Okay, so marijuana vaporizers may not be your cup of tea. In fact, they may not be something you want to have anything to do with. As a vaper, it doesn’t mean you user or even condone the use of marijuana, for medical or recreational use. How you feel about the issue is totally up to you, and really has nothing to do with your vaping life. But, for now, we’re going to ask you to take a step back and take a look at this issue from a different angle.

We want you to consider the positive impact that marijuana vaporizers could make in your life, even if you never go near one. That may sound foreign to you. You may wonder why you need to get behind marijuana vaporizers at all. What we can say is that in this period of time, a period in which electronic cigarettes are being attacked and the FDA is trying to put the clamp on vaping, we can use all the help we can get. Any good news at all about vaping, needs to be widely embraced.

Vaporizers designed specifically for dry herbs and marijuana usage are changing the way people are consuming cannabis and saving their lungs in the process.

Which brings us to the latest report coming out of Europe and what it says about the use of marijuana vaporizers. More specifically, this is a report about new research conducted by scientists at the University of Lausanne. What they did was take butane gas to extract cannabinoids (the active substance in marijuana), from cannabis. This created a concentrated butane hashish oil. After they tested it to see how well the oil atomised in e-cigarettes, a new research study was born. The conclusion? Ecigarettes could be used as marijuana vaporizers and produce a safe and effective way of delivering medical marijuana.

Marijuana Vaporizers To The Rescue?

For us, this could be big news, because marijuana vaporizers could help shift the perception on vaping. If they are able to make a positive impact in an area that is growing and being more well-accepted like medicinal marijuana use, it could very well have a carry over effect for vaping in general. This would be a boon for vapers, helping shed some positive light on all types of electronic cigarettes. At this point, we will take all the help we can get.

That’s where this research comes into play. What the team in Switzerland claims is that so called “therapeutic cannavaping” would simply be better for patients than smoking it with tobacco, as is often done, especially in Europe.

The data on vaping cannabis are in and vaping appears to be a gentler, safer, more efficient and user-friendly alternative to smoking which achieves the same results as burning it without the harsh carcinogens associated with smoke.

Vincent Varlet, one of the researchers on the project, explained that using marijuana vaporizers could be “a great approach to using these kinds of cannabinoids.” Varlet asserts that marijuana vaporizers would be used, “not to get high, the aim is to get cured.”

This type of positive effect is exactly what we want to hear about vaporizing anything. Varlet claimed that, “Cannavaping appears to be a gentle, efficient, user-friendly and safe alternative method for cannabis smoking for medical cannabis delivery.” Good stuff! As we said, it doesn’t really matter if you are for medical marijuana use or against medical marijuana use. This type of analysis should be music to the ears of every vaper.

We also aren’t surprised that this is coming out of Europe, which is fast becoming a much more welcoming place for vaping research. The tables seemed to have turned, as the FDA tries to get in the way of vaping, while researchers in Europe are forging ahead. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron gave vaping a thumbs up late last year. Somehow, even with our libertarian roots, we are being passed up by Europe as far as openness to vaping.

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At this point we can only hope that stories like this reach our shores and enable a change in public perception. Marijuana vaporizers can do a lot of good for vaping by showing people how vapor can significantly help people. We already know that the difference between vaping and smoking is huge, and now this is proof that the same goes for vaping and smoking medical marijuana. For now we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for good news, everyone in the vaping community could use it.

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