You may have seen the TV advertisements for Logic Pro vaporizers on TV lately. As a result of those commercials, we have been getting a lot of emails asking us if we recommend them. Well, let’s cover that with a full Logic Pro review. First, a little background on the company.

Logic eCigs has actually been a round for a while. They designed their products to be easy to use and they also designed them to be sold in retail stores. The difference between designing a product to be sold in retail vs online is that a retail marketing plan can only have so many skus. As a result, Logic electronic cigarettes offer relatively few flavors and nicotine levels in comparison to US vape companies that operate mainly online.

Logic Pro capsule tank system vaporizer kit comes with everything but Logic Pro proprietary cartridges.

As mainly a retail ecig brand, Logic outperformed most of the other retail brands and captured a strong market share. They drew the attention of Big Tobacco and in fact Logic eCigs was acquired by Japan Tobacco in 2015. With an eye to developing a new product that would produce more vapor than a cigalike and still be a good fit for retail, JTI and Logic decided to go all in on the Logic Pro vaporizer.

Is Logic Pro Review — A Vaporizer, Vape Pen Or eCig?

It’s an ecig! So if you watch the TV commercial they call it a vaporizer. On the Logic eCigs website they call it a vape pen. That is not wrong but generally speaking the vaping community considers vaporizers and vape pens to be herbal vaporizers, very different than ecigs or mods. Ecigs and mods vaporize eliquid that typically contains nicotine. The Logic Pro is an ecig that works with e-liquid. It’s an electronic cigarette!

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For the Logic Pro review, we want to make clear that this device is an ecig. It would fall into the category of an eGo class ecig or sometimes called a mod, which is a very broad category of electronic cigarettes. The eGo type design was very popular about three years ago but has fallen in favor as more powerful box mods have become more popular. The eGo type would be in the category of a beginner ecigarette.

The Logic Pro e-cigarette capsule tank system starter kit is sleek and streamlined.

Experienced vapers will look at the Logic Pro as an older design and it is for the most part. But it still has a place in vaping for newbies and for people who want to keep vaping simple. The Logic Pro has a 650 mAh battery which is typically good for a day of moderate vaping. The unique thing that you get with the Logic Pro is the concept of disposable ecig tank capsules.

Logic Pro Capsules

The one aspect of the Logic Pro that is not an old idea is the e-liquid cartridges. The eliquid cartridges allow you to replace the eliquid without having to manually refill the ecig tank. This is an interesting idea. It is basically a disposable and replaceable vape tank.

Logic Pro e-liquid replacement capsules come in packs of 3 20mg cartridges in flavors such as tobacco.

It was not long ago when it appeared as though FDA regulations might outlaw refillable vape tanks so the Big Tobacco ecig companies quickly came up with disposable tank systems like the Logic Pro and Blu Plus. Fortunately, for the sake of vaping, the FDA did not end up banning refillable tanks, or what they call ‘open systems’. That said, closed tank systems may have a place for a certain segment of vapers who want a larger battery and a bit more vapor than a cigalike without the worry of having to manually refill an ecig tank.

A Disposable Ecig Tank

Logic Pro capsules claim to provide 1200 puffs, or roughly 5 times what you would get from the leading cigalike refill cartridge from Green Smoke. Ecig refill tanks and capsules do hold larger reservoirs of e-liquid so it makes sense that you would get more from a capsule that from an ecig refill cartridge but 1200 puffs seems like a grand claim! Then again, every brand inflates their puff count claims. And honestly puff counts do not mean a whole lot. Everyone is different, takes different types of draws so what we really want to watch for is vapor satisfaction and value. We’ll get to that.

advanced ecigs
advanced ecigs

Logic Pro refill capsules come in two different nicotine levels. They offer 1.8% and 2.4%, both relatively strong and I know it would consume more retail shelf space but I would advise Logic eCigs to offer some lower nicotine levels. There are four flavors and those are tobacco, menthol, vanilla and cherry. Logic Pro capsules are sold in packs of three for about $12.

Logic Pro Review

The Logic Pro vaporizer kit sells for $24.99. That includes the 650 mAh battery, a tank and a USB charger. The refill capsules are sold separately. So a Logic Pro vaporizer kit and one pack of Logic e-liquid capsules will cost about $37. Is that a good value? I guess to determine that first we have to cover how well it vapes!

You can order online but you will see Logic Vaporizer kits being sold in stores. I bought one from a Rite-Aid in Eagle Rock with a pack of three capsules and it did come out to a $40 hit. That is not outrageous nor is it a great value. Anytime you buy retail vs online you have to remember that there is another level of expense that you don’t have when buying directly online. So the price is fair.

Logic Pro e-liquid replacement capsules come in packages of three 1.5ml, 12mg of nicotine cartridges in flavors such as cherry.

How about the vapor and flavor. Well the vapor is decent and the flavor is noticeable through the life cycle of the capsules. This is a quality product and very well made. Inserting a new e-liquid capsule is very easy. All you do is remove the bottom cap, insert it into the tank and screw into place on the battery. Five clicks will turn the battery on and off. It is a no fuss no muss tank. On that score, the Logic Pro delivers as advertised.

I am used to vaping with the best products from leading US vape brands so my standards are high. I enjoyed the vapor and flavor but the overall vapor production was not what I was hoping for. Of course I knew before I started my Logic Pro review that I should not expect huge clouds, but I was hoping for more. The Logic Pro performed on par with a basic eGo.

I would still recommend that new vapers in search of an easy to use product take a look at Green Smoke first. Green Smoke may be a cigalike but it produces vapor at a level a lot of eGos can’t match. You will be surprised and this is the reason why Green Smoke is so often found at the top of the consumer rankings charts. They have now sold over 50 million products so they are doing something right.

Should I Buy The Logic Pro E-Cigarette?

If you are interested in a disposable tank system, the Logic Pro is a good choice. If you are looking for a larger ecig, that is larger than a cigalike, but do not want to have to mess with manually refill ecig tanks with e-liquid, you should take a long look at the Logic Pro, it might be right up your alley. The Logic Pro review model was convenient and very easy to use. It was well made and the capsule system is very creative.

Some of the advantages to buying the Logic Pro e-cigarette vaping system is the ease and functionality of the cartridges or capsules that are completely self-contained.

Like the TV commercials show, there are no worries about ejuice spills and everything works very smoothly with the Logic Pro. I would like to see more vapor but other than that it is a decent product. So if it is the operational ease of the Logic Pro capsules that attracts you, then go for it! It is certainly a better product than the O2 Pur that you also see on TV commercial. O2 Pur, well, sucks. Yes, I will probably get a letter from them, I get them often, and they will be mad but the fact is that O2 Pur is not competitive with the best ecig products. It is also a very expensive subscription program.

Getting back to the Logic Pro electronic cigarette review and whether or not you should buy it. I covered the reasons why you should buy it and now for the reasons that you shouldn’t. Honestly, the reasons that you shouldn’t are simply because in my opinion you can do better, get better vaping and better value.

Logic Pro Comparisons

Like we talked about earlier, the Logic Pro is essentially an old school eGo design. There are other similar designs offered by leading US electronic cigarette brands that have more to offer at lower prices. A lot of this is because they do not have to pay a retailer or distributor, you can buy direct from them and get more bang for the old buck. So if you like this particular electronic cigarette design, let me throw a couple of similar designs at you from leading independent US ecig companies. For your consideration.

Halo Triton

Halo Classic Triton e-cigarette kit comes with two chameleon e-cigs, two drip tips, chargers and a sleek black carrying case for about the same price as Logic.

The Halo Triton is a classic. You get two complete Tritons for $40. That way, you can always ensure that one of your Tritons is fully charged and ready. Try some Halo E-Liquid, too. Use Halo Cigs coupon code Expert Vaping5 and save a buck or two.

Apollo Endeavor

For a time last year, the Apollo Endeavor was rated the best ecigarette. The Endeavor makes excellent vapor and the vaping satisfaction comes from the remarkable consistency. The basic Endeavor kit comes with everything you need to get started and sells for under $30. You can save even more money by using Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping to save another 20%.