Liquid nicotine may seem like an important element of eliquid to you and me, but to the FDA it seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. There is no other way to explain how the government regulatory organization is taking such a strong position targeting the stuff that has helped millions of Americans make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Everyone understands that FDA ecig regulations will change things, and some of that will actually be really good for the industry, but the singling out of liquid nicotine is getting to be a bit much.

The latest evidence of this systematic demonization of liquid nicotine is yet another set of new FDA ecig regulations being proposed specifically for it. While we understand the need to protect the public from mislabeled or poorly packaged eliquid, we wonder why at this time is the FDA pushing forward with such a proposal. This is all while we still have not heard anything about the impending rules that they intend to use to regulate the vaping industry. Everyone has been waiting and waiting, but these guys can’t seem to make up their mind as to how they are going to approach ecigarettes going forward.

liquid nicotine bottles

If the FDA is in fact having trouble, for whatever reason, deciding upon what they are going to do with the electronic cigarette industry, then why are they asking for comments on yet anther proposal? It’s only a natural question to ask for vapers like us. After all, eliquid has played such a huge role in the lifestyle change we have been able to make. Just the thought of FDA ecig regulations that would inhibit our ability to purchase the ecig juice we want has us concerned. Could they really jump the gun and clamp down on liquid nicotine before a full policy is decided on?

Eliquid Poisonings Affecting The FDA?

One of the supposed reasons for this sudden urgency is the spurt of poisonings from eliquid that have been in the news the past year. While these high profile incidents are tragic, they are getting an overemphasis in the news, which is how the news works (they want eyeballs however they can get them).

With electronic cigarettes being a relatively new product, folks will not take them seriously enough until they realize that they aren’t to be left around.

The fact is, however, that liquid nicotine makes up a tiny fraction of the total incidents of poison cases. Over the counter pain medicine is are the worst. Cosmetics are orders of magnitude more dangerous than eliquid. Just take a look at the chart.

e liquid vs other poisoning cases

So, part of this is just plain ecig education that there needs to be more of.

From that side of things, we can see that just as vaping and eliquid goes more mainstream, more people will understand it fully. That is just something that happens naturally as a product matures. After all, it’s not like anyone needs an instruction manual for toasters, it has just become common knowledge on how those things work and if there are any dangers to avoid (like don’t drop them in your bathtub with you in it!).

This isn’t to say that we couldn’t use more formal education regarding liquid nicotine, because the more the better, but we aren’t entirely too concerned. Especially with the bigger and more responsible companies who have always preached safety first.

people need to be educated on liquid nicotine

There is also the mere fact that an increase in incidents also could mean that there are more people using the stuff. If you hear of 5 accidental ingestions of liquid nicotine when there are 10,000 vapers out there and then you hear that that number went up 20 you might be frightened. But what if that 20 was out of a total of 500,000 vapers? It just isn’t the same alarm, because statistically there isn’t a “trend” of poisonings.

Either way, the FDA now says it wants more data  on this and other potential risks surrounding electronic cigarettes. We’re all for more information, but they have to realize it is a long process to assess such risk and in the meantime they are just planning on moving forward with new rules. That may not have the result intended, as vaping plays such a crucial role for smokers looking to make the switch.

FDA Should See Liquid Nicotine as a Solution

Their new approach really does make us wonder if the FDA realizes that liquid nicotine via eliquid is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Millions of smokers have simply changed their lives because of their newfound ability to ingest nicotine without burning tobacco and all the negative consequences that come of it. Is that fact being absorbed or glanced over when ecigarettes are being discussed in those closed door meetings?

liquid nicotine should be a solution for the FDA

Look, some of what the FDA requests in its separate regulation proposal of liquid nicotine are good things.Take for example child resistant packaging.

Of course eliquid should be sold and stored in such a manner! In fact, 14 states have already mandated this themselves. Any vaper would support these sort of FDA ecig regulations because nobody wants kids getting into these bottles. Think of it as medicine, or at the very least something that should be stored in your medicine cabinet. Everything in there has childproof seals and/or packaging right?

warning labels on e liquid should be mandatory

We can’t even disagree with certain warning labels, within reason of course. This is also standard for what you might expect to find on bottles in your medicine cabinet. The problem overall isn’t necessarily the specifics of the new proposal. It’s the concept behind it. The singling out of liquid nicotine has been growing and it is now reaching ridiculous levels. The letter of the law is always important, but the intent of the law is equally so if not more. If the intent of the FDA is to make out liquid nicotine to be something terrible then all the laws that follow will not be good for smokers turned vapers.

We don’t understand what the FDA has to be scared of, but it is obviousy scared of eliquid. If taking the time out to create something specifically to reign in what is popularly called ecig juice gives us any indication, it’s that these guys see a problem with it. As long as that continues to be the case, we’re going to need to be loud as a community in our objections to bad policy. A lot of people stop smoking because they are scared of cancer and that makes complete sense. What doesn’t make sense is how the FDA views liquid nicotine and why they see it as more of a threat than cancer itself.