I want to open the Laisimo L3 review by proudly demonstrating my firm grasp of the obvious. Vaping technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Probably more bounds because I believe the record reflects that bounds are larger than leaps. Anyway, not only is vaping technology rapidly advancing, it is going a myriad of different directions. The variety of those directions reflects the diversity of vaping.

Today, we have vape mods that are designed with extreme power, even 300 watt mods like the Koopor Primus. Presently, vape mods are capable of operating in several different modes. There are vape tanks that are designed specifically for vaping aficionados who enjoy sophisticated and complex atomizer builds.  There are also vape tanks that can produce huge vapor but are easy to use. There are so many choices. Well the Laisimo L3 makes all of those choices less intimidating. Complex vaping functions are made easy.

The LaiSimo L3 vape mod power supply kit comes with a programmable screen and charging cable.

Most of today’s new technologies are designed for the sophisticated vaper seeking a high level of interaction and customization by giving you the ability to control which technologies you involve in your vaping style. Other new technologies are designed to streamline the vaping experience and put the technologies to work on your behalf. That brings us back to the Laisimo L3 review. This is a new touch screen mod with Bluetooth connectivity. The ability to use your phone is designed to offer you another way to conveniently access every advanced feature.

Benefits Of Touch Screen Mods

Before getting into the specifics of the Laisimo L3 review, I want to mention something about touch screen mods in general. That particular subject starts out with a personal confession. When I first used a touch screen mod I thought, ‘this is a gimmick designed to oversell a largely useless feature’. After using one, I realized very quickly that my first impressions were very wrong. A touch screen mod offers several useful aspects that can enhance your vaping.

The Laisimo L3 vape mod is fully customizable from the user's smart phone and has an interactive touch screen for on-device vaping adjustments.

The first benefit of a touch screen mod is the instant access to loads of information. The large touch screen is easy access to all available controls. Most mods require you to push buttons in various combinations in order to customize the features. One other note about this, if you have any visual impairment or if you find yourself at the stage where reading glasses are necessary, a touch screen mod is simply excellent. You won’t have to fish for your glasses every time you want to check your settings. You can easily read your coil resistance, battery level or change any of those settings.

The Laisimo L3 vape mod is a touch screen mod that does all of this and more. So let’s move on to the Laisimo L3 review. Find out what this fantastic, advanced and easy to use vape mod can do. Yes, it is going to be a good review! I was actually very surprised by how much I enjoyed the writing Laisimo L3 review. I experienced many pleasant surprises that I will explain. The L3 is a terrific mod.

Laisimo L3 Review

Let’s start off the meat and potatoes of the Laisimo L3 review by covering what it is and what it can do. It is a 200 watt mod that operates with two 18650 vape batteries. It has eight modes of operation. There is variable power, temperature control vaping options for Ni, nickel, Ti, Titanium, and SS, stainless steel.  There are multiple DIY vape settings including ultra-accurate TCR, temperature coefficient of resistance.

What are the DIY settings on the Laisimo L3 vape mod? Using the DIY settings you can pre-set the power output or atomizer temperature during each second that the fire button is activated. So, when you fire the mod to vape, you can set the first second to put out 70 watts of. You can make the 2nd second put out 50 watts, 3rd second 20 watts, 4th back to 60 watts etc. You can program a full 10 seconds of atomizer firing manually controlling the power output or temperature setting for each of those seconds. You can basically design the power output to be delivered in a wave pattern or a solid block. You have complete control.

The detailed physical specs for the Laisimo L3 vape mod beyond the touchscreen programmability are power button, bluetooth indicator lamp, USB input, vent holes and 510 reservoir tank threading.

Now, adjusting these settings is very easy. Yes, setting a DIY vape is an advanced and highly customized vaping feature. But with the Laisimo L3 mod it is easy to achieve this level of customized vaping experience. The L3 screen is very large and vivid. You can access every feature and set your preferences with a touch of your finger. The screen is actually the same type of screen that you have on a cell phone. You can choose every aspect of the display including font colors and backgrounds.

Using The Laisimo L3 Touch Screen

The screen is nice and responsive and large and instead of clicking buttons in umpteen combinations to make the mod work, you can do it all with your finger on an easy to read, easy access screen. This is a very convenient vape mad and will enhance the vaping experience for many people. To lock the features in place, you can just click the fire button 3 times and do the same to unlock.

For the Laisimo L3 review, we tested the Bluetooth connection and it was easy and effective. All you do is download the app from the Google Play or the App store (use keyword – LAISIMO) and use the USB port on the L3 to download the Bluetooth firmware for your mobile device. Once done, you will actually sync your vape mod to your mobile device. Then you can actually use your phone to make any adjustments to your vaping as well as monitor batteries, puffs, resistance etc.

The battery monitor actually keeps tabs on each individual 18650 battery. So, if you are having an issue with a pairing of your 18650s this Laisimo L3 vape mod will tell you which one is to blame.

To upgrade the firmware in your Laisimo 200 watt vape mod click here.

For an overview of all of the features of the Laisimo L3, here is a video from Laisimo:

Laisimo L3 Specifications

The Laisimo L3 is a 200 watt vape mod that is adjustable from 5 watts up to 200 watts in 1.0 watt increments. In TC mode the power output is from 5 watts to 70 watts. The output voltage range is from 0.5 V to 7.5 V. The temperature control range is from 100 C up to 300 C, or 212 F to 572 F. The Laisimo L3 will fire atomizers as low as 0.05 ohms up to 2.5 ohms. The battery voltage range is 6.2 V to 8.4 V.

We checked into the battery safety features for the Laisimo L3 review and found that this vape mod is loaded with all of the latest including reverse battery protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection, low resistance protection (very important), short circuit protection and overheating protection.

If you are familiar with the Laisimo L1 touch screen mod, the L3 mod is smaller yet maintains the nice large screen size. In total, the Laisimo L3 mod stands 95 mm tall or 3.7 inches. It is 52 mm long, or about 2 inches and 25 mm thick or about one inch thick. The construction is a light yet strong zinc alloy. It is surprisingly compact for a 200 watt touch screen mod.  All of the edges are nicely rounded so there are no sharp edges.

Of course it is subjective but I do have to say as part of the Laisimo L3 review that this vape mod looks great. It is attractive and the finish is durable. You will get a silicon cover to protect against any scratches and scuffs. You can choose from five different colors including black, white, stainless steel, red and blue.

Vaping The Laisimo L3 Vape Mod

Included in the Laisimo L3 vape mod kit are a warranty card, user manual, USB cable for charging and upgrading, a silicon safety cover and a scratch-resistant screen protector.

My initial thought when I was testing out the DIY settings for the Laisimo L3 review was that the DIY function would be a plus for a technically oriented aficionado. But, as it turns out, I quite enjoyed the feature myself! I tend to gravitate toward higher ease of use devices but that is the beauty of the L3. The advanced functions are suddenly easy to use. Even I can do it and enjoy it. I found myself using the DIY power mode the majority of the time. This is a new level of custom vaping.

What I also really like is how responsive the screen is. You know how some touch screens are finicky and you have to hold your breath just the right way and touch it at the right angle to make it work? Well that does not happen with the Laisimo L3. It works like you expect it to and gives you some leeway even if you have clumsy fingers like me.

I am also not a cell phone techy but I did like the Bluetooth and being able to use the phone to make adjustments on the fly. Of course, the cell phone and all of its features is becoming central in how we operate so it is only a natural progression that we are able to sync the technologies that we are using and that includes our vape mods. So, I had a couple of very pleasant surprises during the course of the Laisimo L3 review and that was that the technology became less intimidating and more useful simply through the means of convenient access to utilize those features.

The Laisimo L3 Vapes Beautifully

The Laisimo L3 vape mod comes in a variety of colors including black, white, blue, black and brushed silver.

That’s basically a long sentence to say that even though I did not originally know what I would get out of the technology, once I had it and was using it, the more I liked it! I think that’s the same process many of us go through any time we are exposed to new technology, especially for old school meat and potatoes types like me. I still have maps made of actual paper in my car so whatever that says! So, technically savvy people will love it and so will the non-tech savvy. In fact, I suspect that old school people like me who remember telephones with rotary dials will come to truly enjoy using the technological vaping options that the L3 gives you. It really is enjoyable and easy to use.

The vaping is excellent. Laisimo mods are top performers. For compact mods, the Laisimo iPower 70 watt was a definite success. The precision accuracy of the settings leads to a very responsive vape. I used the DIY to accelerate the initial heating so I would get excellent vapor right off the hop. Ultimately this is the most important aspect of the Laisimo L3 review, right. It can have all the technology in the world but it needs to perform and it certainly does.

I used a couple of different tanks when testing for the Laisimo L3 review. I used the Aspire Cleito for TC and power modes. After that I went with the Uwell Rafale so I could test the L3 at higher wattage settings. The Rafale can handle 160 to 180 watts. I also used my trusty Nautilus for some MTL vaping. The L3 was stellar with every tank that I tried. It is a high performance mod that is convenient and easy to use. The Laisimo L3 makes advanced vaping options more accessible than ever. The best touch screen mod on the market right now.