It’s here! A 300 watt mod. Now it’s time for our Smok Koopor Primus review. We wanted to give it a preview because many vapers are always looking for the next level. They are looking for the mod that can take them to new boundaries. With a 300 watt parallel box mod there will be new territory that the Koopor Primus can take you to. It operates with three 18650 batteries and uses what they call an ‘energy matrix’ to get maximum battery life thanks to a “cool wire drawing process”. How does it work? We will find out!

First, I have to say that a 300 watt mod is not for everybody! For most of us, we seldom vape at 200 watts never mind 300. But, there is something about just having the capacity to go there if you want to. Maybe you want to try an atomizer build at 0.06 ohms that really goes to the edge and if you do, knowing you have the capacity to go there if you want to is kind of cool. I would not recommend a 300 watt mod to a new vaper or to someone who is not familiar with advanced vaping and interactions between power output and resistance. If you are new to vaping take a look at our vaping for beginners guide for easier to use devices.

Advanced Vaping Mod

Where I think the Koopor Primus can really enhance the vape life of vaping enthusiasts is in the enhance, longer lasting vaping you will be able to enjoy between having to recharge batteries. That is in addition to vapers who love low resistance builds. In temperature control vaping mode, you will get so much mileage from a mod like this. You won’t have to lug around a spare set of charged 18650s in your pocket. By the way, if you do carry an extra set of 18650s with you, make sure you keep them in a case. You don’t want them contacting keys or coins that may be in your pockets. That goes for any batteries.

The First Parallel Triple 18650 Vape Mod

The Kooper Primus 300 watt battery charger has capacity for three units to be charged simultaneously.

The Koopor Primus is the first triple 18650 parallel box mod. That means that all the batteries go in the same way with the positive at the top and the negative at the bottom. If you accidentally install your batteries in an alternate series, you could have big problems. The batteries may hiss and there could be a thermal runaway. If you do put them in in a series as opposed to parallel, get them out of there asap.

There is an advantage to parallel batteries. That is you can enjoy vaping on lower resistances. How low will depend on the amps drawn from your particular 18650s. Cloud chasers love the parallel style vape batteries but you really have to be aware when vaping. This is another reason that I would not recommend the Primus mod to a new vaper. This is more for the experienced vaper who is looking to push the edges of vapor performance.

Our Smok Koopor Primus review revealed this vape mod to be a very powerful 300 watt mod capable of variable power, temperature control vaping and TCR. If you are a sophisticated coil builder who loves low resistance or if you just like to push the limits, yah, you are going to want the Koopor Primus. It is well built and a great value at under $60.

Smok Koopor Primus Review

The Smok Kooper 300 watt power supply mod comes in classy silver.

We start the specifics of our Smok Koopor Primus review. Let’s start with the initial sensory impression, namely what does it look like? Well it looks very futuristic. A classic box mod design with a collar around the top that contains the fire button and an advanced OLED screen.  It looks like a Star Fleet Tri-Corder! Smok said the design was inspired by Transformers and indeed it does look like at any moment the Koopor Primus vape mod will suddenly transform itself into a robot!

(Note: During testing for the Smok Koopor Primus review at no time did the mod actually turn into a robot:)

What does it feel like? It feels great actually. I know, with three 18650 vape batteries loaded side by side you would think it would be like trying to palm a basketball or something but Smok has really done an amazing job of efficiently maximizing space. It is comfortable to hold. It does feel larger than a typical mod but certainly not uncomfortable. The body of the Koopor Primus vape mod has ample texture giving you a nice grip. No gripes about the grip!

So we’ve covered the fact that the Koopor Primus is a very nice size that can be easily held and carried. It stands in at about 4 inches in height, or 100 mm. It is about 2.4 inches wide, or 62 mm, and just over an inch thick at 28 mm. So it is taller and thinner than other three 18650 battery mods like the iStick 200 watt mod or the Reuleaux. The Reuleaux and iStick 200 for example use a triangular shaped battery compartment to lessen the width but then you have more thickness.

OLED Screen And Vaping Menu

The Kooper Primus OLED display is clear, concise and easy to read the output wattage, puff numbers, output voltage and atomizer resistance.

The OLED screen features a wealth of information including a puff counter. Not many people are interested in puff counts but they are handy if you are monitoring your vaping with perhaps the goal in mind of ultimately getting off nicotine altogether. Certainly a worthy goal to have. Other information includes battery monitor, settings, voltage output and time of day. To access the settings, click the fire button three times and you will be in the menu system.

The menu system is clear to read and easy to scroll through. The technology is very sophisticated and you will receive very accurate coil resistance readings. You will also get precision readings of the battery life of each individual 18650 vape battery. This is very handy because if you notice your battery performance is off you will be able to identify which specific battery is the trouble source.

Another thing you can choose is how hard it will hit. The menu feature labelled “Magic” lets you customize the hit. You can pick hard, normal or soft. So if you like a hard hit, you got it. And this really works, too. While vaping for the Smok Koopor Primus review, switching the “Magic” mode made a noticeable difference in the vaping experience. Normal felt best but I found myself quit often dialing up a hard hit! Very enjoyable.

Koopor Primus Battery Venting

It has a large number of venting holes so the battery compartment can ‘breathe’. The air is always being exchanged and cooled which adds to safety and battery life. The venting should also help keep it cool during intense vaping. Smok claims that the venting enhances heat dissipation. The venting also enables the batteries to be located directly next to each other in the battery compartment which saves on space to some extent. Perhaps another reason why the Koopor Primus is thinner than the iStick 200 and the Wismec Rouleaux DNA 200. The back side of the Primus appeas to have venting but just decorative.

Koopor Primus Safety Features

The Koopor Primus vape mod also features the full gamut of new vaping technologies and battery safety features. You will want these features especially when dealing with three 18650 batteries and the type of high power outputs that the Primus mod is capable of.

The features include a 12 second cut off to prevent overheating or battery damage. For the Koopor Primus review, I reached out to Smok and found out that this vape mod has incredibly accurate and sophisticated ship set with Intelligent Atomizer Recognition. It also has short-circuit protection, over-heating protection, and a low battery warning.

The Kooper Primus 300 watt temperature control mod comes with the standard 510 connector for external vape tank attachment.

Next up for the Smok Koopor Primus review, what’s this puppy made of? Well it is a zinc alloy construction that is very durable and lightweight. The battery door is made of zinc alloy. It slides off of the back of the mod. It is easy to access and swap batteries. The Koopor Primus battery door slides nicely into place and is held in place magnetically.

The Koopor Primus will be copied and cloned by unethical manufacturers. It is especially important that you get an authentic Primus from a certified online vendor like Aspen Valley Vapes. With a 300 watt mod, you do now want to be messing around with cheaply made clones. Check Smok authenticity codes to verify before using if you happen to buy one from a shop or from some random online vendor. Avoid Amazon and eBay vendors, too. They might sell something for less but it could be a clone.

Please do not use a clone especially with a sophisticated triple 18650 parallel set-up. The cloned devices are going to cause nothing but problems. Use the link at the end of the review to get an authentic Primus. Rely on trusted and certified vendors of authentic vape products.

Smok Koopor Primus Review Basics:

  • Made by proven top quality manufacturer Smok
  • Capable of 300 Watts Of Power
  • Operates with three parallel 18650 batteries
  • TCR Compatible
  • TC compatible with Ni, Ti, and SS atomizer coils
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition technology
  • Space-age design
  • Large OLED screen with tons of useful information displayed
  • Ample venting for safety and heat dissipation
  • All of the latest safety features and technology

The Koopor Primus is temp control compatible with nickel Ni, titanium Ti and stainless steel SS TC coils. It will also work in variable wattage mode with Kanthal coils and has TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) capability, too. With all three 18650 vape batteries aboard, it weighs in at 13 ounces. That’s about the same as a can of soda pop. So it is not heavy but it is a handful! especially when you add whichever tank you enjoy vaping. Of course it only make sense that a mod with this much punch is going to have some heft to it.

Vaping A 300 Watt Mod

Kooper Primus 300 watt temperature control mod is available in black and silver.

When I was doing mos of the testing for the Smok Koopor Primus review, I mostly used variable wattage mode. I paired the Primus with the best vape tank of 2016, the new TFV8 Cloud Beast. They paired beautifully, truly beautifully. The awesome thing about the TFV8, well one of the many awesome things, is the huge range of variable wattage the TFV8 coils are capable of. With pre-built vape coils I was able to test the entire wattage range of the 300 watt Primus mod. You could win cloud contests with this set-up.

The Primus vapes incredibly well. At the higher wattages, especially as you approach 300 watts, the vapor gets warm as you would expect and it hits like a double-decker bus. I don’t think you will be using the 250 to 300 watts for your day to day vaping but it will be there if you want it! Just make sure your coils are capable of withstanding that kind of power.

The ramp up time is not as responsive as say the Sigelei 213 but it is still very good. I mean, for under $60 it is rally amazing actually. You can always adjust how hard it hits if you want to experience that instant hit of vapor. There is no doubt that Smok makes phenomenal tanks and mods. We were also very impressed by the Smok H-Priv 220 watt mod. They are really doing things right. Excellent quality and lights out performance.

Koopor Primus Temp Control Vaping

The Kooper Primus 300 watt temperature control power mod is a simple, powerful base in silver.

The Koopor Primus temp control vaping functions work perfectly.I switched over to the TFV4 to try Ti and SS temp control vaping for the Koopor Primus review. The performance was excellent. No issues, just excellent vapor. The temp settings were very stable and on point. The Primus comes loaded with precision technology that works as designed. The TCR mode is easy to access and dial in. I was very happy with how this mod performs in temp control. And that’s all I have to say about that!

Time to wrap up the Smok Koopor Primus review! I know, you want to keep reading. You don’t want this review to stop because my writing is so compelling. Yes, I am the Shakespeare of vapor, the Joyce of vaping enjoyment, the Milton of mods and thank you for the flattery. Alas, I must sum up and wrap up. You must be strong. Besides, there’ll be many more reviews to come. Totally.

A couple of final notes. The Smok Koopor Primus has upgradeable firmware that can be downloaded drom Smok through the USB. That USB connection cannot be used for charging. Everything is so well built. The battery door is a dream to use. When you hold the mod you can feel that the door moves but it holds in place so well. It does not rattle, nothing rattles for that matter. For under $60 its a very impressive mod just a super value. So, you ready for a 300 watt mod?