Though we all know the health risks associated with tobacco use, single people in search of potential mates have declared themselves tired of kissing a smoker. In a recent study conducted by online dating site in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, over fifty percent of respondents said they would NEVER date a smoker. In other words, if they represented half of the planet, they wouldn’t date anyone who smoked cigarettes.

Daters Dumping Buttheads — Give Up Kissing A Smoker

Seventy-eight percent surveyed said they refused to kiss a smoker after they’d had a cigarette. The same percentage also said fresh breath is a top attribute, keep in mind there are plenty of minty-fresh e-juice flavors to choose from.

Additionally, a large number of daters said their hesitation to date a smoker was due to both immediate and long-term health concerns. Seventy-five percent said they didn’t like the way smokers smell and eighty percent hated the way it made their home or vehicle smell. You know what the smell that clings to people who vape is? Confidence.

Scientifically, there is not enough evidence to determine whether vaping is better than smoking. However, the National Health Services of Scotland has determined it to be definitively less harmful than smoking. Add that to the smell of wonderful flavors of vape juice and the difference is clear, just like the air. Your days of kissing a smoker or being a single smoker can dissipate in a cloud of vapor when you switch to vaping.