Vaping is evolving at a very quick pace and to keep up with the times we’ve brought you this Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 Watt ecig mod review. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the next innovation! People who are new to vaping tend to prefer basic models and cigalikes as do those who like to keep it uncomplicated. Many vapers, however, want vapor clouds!

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The eLeaf iStick 30 Watt is a box mod that is compatible with the popular Kanger SubTank series as well as most of the best ecig tanks. We chose the Kanger SubTank Plus which is the biggest of the SunTanks but you could also choose the SubTank Mini or SubTank Nano.

How Does The Kanger SubTank Rank?

Just for your information, the SubTank Plus is the biggest of the series with a huge 7 ml eliquid capacity. The Kanger SubTank Mini has a 4.5 ml capacity and the Nano has a 3 ml capacity. The only difference is that the Nano does not work with an RBA (rebuildable atomizer). You may be familiar with the Kanger SubTank kit and that comes with the smaller SubTank Mini. The SubTank Plus is the big brother! We’ll have more on the in the Kanger SubTank Plus review section.

the kanger subtank plus has a large 4.5ml size and is compatible with rdas

We wanted to do a full Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 Watt review because quite a few of our readers are interested in subohm vaping. Now subohm vaping involves using an electronic cigarette with an atomizer resistance of less than 1 ohm. This means that there is very little current resistance.

With such little resistance, you draw more power from the battery and get more heat faster. That translates into a lot of vapor. There was a time when you could only get this kind of vapor from “dripping”, which is complicated and sometimes dangerous. Now, you can subohm vape all day with the Kanger SubTank Plus and get all the vapor you want without the complexity.

The beauty of the Kanger SubTank is that yes, it is an ideal subohm vaping tank, but it can also be used with 1.5 ohm coils which will give you lots of vapor, just not quite subohm level. It is a very versatile tank and the iStick 30 W mod proved to be a great compliment.

For the iStick 30 Watt and Kanger SubTank review, we found great deals on both at Mt. Baker Vapor. We have more on this company in our Mt. Baker Vapor ecig comsumer reviews section. With Mt. Baker, you deal with a great company and get authentic products. There are fake Kanger SubTanks and mods out there so make sure you get the real deal.

First Impressions of The Kanger SubTank Plus And iStick 30 Watt

Buying your e-cigs and tanks online is the best way to get the best prices. As always, shop around but make sure that you are getting your stuff from reputable companies because you don’t want to get stuck with a cheap fake.

When our Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 Watt arrived, they both made a great first impression. The iStick 30 W is nice and compact, very comfortable to hold. The Kanger SubTank is a well-built beast that has some weight to it. Overall fantastic first impressions, we couldn’t wait to get some ejuice in it and try it out.

Eleaf’s iStick 30W In Detail

The iStick 30 Watt mod is made by eLeaf and is part of a series of very successful and wildly popular mod designs. Often called a “box mod”, the iStick 30 W is a box shape but with rounded edges for comfort. It has an internal battery with a 2200 mAh capacity.

The iStick 30 Watt mod comes with:

  • iStick 30 Watt Mod
  • The iStick 30 is 510 threaded but comes with an eGo adaptor
  • USB battery charger
  • Wall adaptor
  • User manual

The iStick 30 Watt mod is about three inches tall, an inch and a quarter wide and just under an inch in thickness. Obviously it is very compact, comfortable and portable. It has standard 510 threading, which fits most ecig tanks, but it also comes with an eGo adaptor so you can also use an eGo type tank if you wish.

the eleaf istick 30 is a very compact mod that is compatable with standard 510 threaded tanks and has an ego adapter

The 2200 mAh internal battery is built in and does not require an external charger. You charge the battery directly through a USB port located on the bottom of the mod. We would like to see those USB charger ports located on the side but still this is an excellent mod.

iStick 30 Watt Power Specifications

The iStick 30 Watt can be set anywhere from 5 W to 30 W in 0.1 Watt increments. If you prefer, you can switch over to variable voltage. To switch, just press the power button 3 times slowly and you will see the voltage reading appear on the OLED screen. To switch back to Wattage, it’s the same process. When in subohm mode or using an RBA, you should stick with Wattage.

The up and down arrows are used to adjust the variable Wattage or voltage. Adjusting power is a smooth process. As you see in our iStick 30 review video, making adjustments on the fly is a snap. To lock in your ideal power output, press both arrows until you see the lock indication on the screen. To unlock, it’s the same process.

When the power setting is locked, the power button is still live. Before putting the iStick 30 W, or any mod, in your pocket make sure you turn the power off by pressing the power button 5 times. This is pretty simple and standard in the industry. To turn it back on, press the power button 5 times.

Eleaf iStick 30w Performance

The charge up time is only 2.5 hours and that more than meets our standard for the best ecig mods. The reason we keep an eye on charge up times is because it gives us an insight into the quality of the battery components used. Many of the knock-off mods are using factory second lithium ion batteries that have all kinds of impurities. The iStick 30 Watt uses the best lithium ion battery components and that means more consistency and better vaping for you.

We tested for months before finalizing the iStick 30 Watt review and this mod performed flawlessly. There was never a problem with misfires or sticking buttons. This is definitely a recommended ecig mod and just a great value.

Kanger SubTank Plus Overview

There’s a lot to talk about in the Kanger SubTank Plus review. It is a multi-dimensional ecig tank with a lot of capabilities. Recently, KangerTech improved its atomizer technology and now offers a vertical coil design. The new vertical coil design improves the vapor production, flavor and virtually eliminates dry hits.

the kanger sub tank plus now has a verticle coil that virtually eliminates dry hits which is a big win for everyone

When we talk about the different dimensions of the Kanger SubTank Plus, we’re talking about the different vaping styles that you can enjoy. You can subohm vape with a pre-built 0.5 ohm coil, you can vape a 1.5 ohm coil or you build your own RBA coil.

Of course the Kanger SubBox Plus has adjustable airflow. The airflow settings vary and you can truly dial in your ideal draw. If you like an airy draw, wait until you see the size of the air intake on the Kanger OCC coils. They are big! So for airy draw fans, you are going to love this tank.

What’s In The Kanger SubTank Plus Kit?

The Kanger SubTank Plus comes with:

  • 1 – Kanger SubTank Plus with 7 ml eliquid capacity
  • 1 – 0.5 ohm OCC (organic cotton coil)
  • 1 – 1.5 ohm OCC
  • 2 – RBA coils
  • 1 – RBA atomizer deck base for your RBA coils
  • 1 – Pack of organic Japanese cotton
  • 1 – Replacement Pyrex glass tank
  • 1 – Tool kit for your RBA builds
  • 1 – Set of extra O-rings
  • 1 – User manual

When Ray opened the box for the Kanger SubTank Plus review, you could see how nicely it was packaged and how it is jam-packed full of stuff! Kanger includes everything you need to try every style of vaping including the tool kit.

You’ll also notice in the Kanger SubTank plus review video the proof of authenticity certificate that should be in your package. This is important because there are counterfeit products out there being sold for cheap prices. People think they are getting a bargain but in reality they are getting ripped off. It’s crucial that you buy your SubTank Plus or other vape gear from a reputable vendor.

Kanger SubTank Plus Performance and Specifications

Included in the manuals and on the coils themselves are the ideal Wattage settings to get the most out of your Kanger SubTank. For example, you will see that it advises not to exceed a 30 Watt output when using the 0.5 ohm coil. These coils are excellent quality and long lasting but if you exceed 30 Watts, you run the risk of burning out your coil prematurely.

If you can’t remember which coil you put in your Kanger SubTank Plus, it’s not a problem. You can look through the side of the tank and see the coil, ohms, and recommended Wattage settings anytime. The specs are always visible and easy to read.

a large plus for the kanger sub tabk plus is that you can see which coil you put in from the side of the tank without taking it apart

When you assemble your Kanger SubTank Plus you are going to notice how smoothly everything connects. The engineering and design are brilliant and it all fits together beautifully and effortlessly. You don’t have to tighten anything up too much. When threading on the tank base or attaching an atomizer, once you feel resistance that’s really as tight as it needs to be. It’s easy to use.

Filling the tank is also easy. The Kanger SubTank Plus is nice and big so even if you are all thumbs you are not going to have a problem. We put this tank through its paces and it never leaked once, not even when on its side.

Understanding Sub Ohm Vaping — Why Is The Kanger SubTank Plus So Different?

Something important to keep in mind is that if this is going to be your first venture into subohm vaping, you need to have the right eliquid. You will want an ejuice with a higher VG content. VG vape juice is thicker and provides more vapor. With the Kanger SubTank Plus, a lot more vapor. So, if you are used to using an 18 mg eliquid, for example, cut that down. With all of the extra vapor that’s too much nicotine. Start with 3 mg of nicotine and if that’s not enough then try 6 mg.

This Kanger SubTank Plus review took a long time to complete. The reason being that there was a lot of variations we had to test out. The pre-built coils worked perfectly and we could get a solid week of vaping out of each of them. The vapor production and flavor are both excellent. What really stood out though was being able to use the RBA deck and manually build your own coils.

Building your own coils saves you a good chunk of money. It will not take long to master the art of building your own RBA coils and once you do, the vapor is great and you will enjoy the benefits of saving some money. Also, when you want to change flavors all you have to do is pull out the old cotton and put in some new and like that you are ready to go. You get to fully enjoy your new flavor without tasting the residue of the previous ejuice that you were using.

When using either a pre-built OCC coil or your own RBA, remember to “prime” the coil by dripping a few drops of eliquid into the coil before you start vaping. That way you won’t get a dry hit or burn the coil. With this tank, dry hits may be a thing of the past. The Kanger SubTank Plus is an amazing tank. The vapor production is awesome and the flavors really pop. We definitely recommend the Kanger SubTank Plus.

Where Do I Buy The Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 Watt With Confidence?

Mt. Baker Vapor has terrific customer service. It all starts with their website which is designed exceptionally well and easy to navigate. There is a wealth of information available on ecigs, sub ohm vaping, troubleshooting and more. You can contact Mt. Baker through their toll free number or drop them an email. They are great to work with. The customer service reps know their stuff and that’s what we like to see.

the eleaf istick 30 is very simple to use and rides very well at 22 watts

You like freebies? Apparently Mt. Baker Vapor does! They give you free ejuice with your order. The eliquid will be pre-steeped and ready to vape when it gets to your door. You get a 10 ml bottle of either 50 / 50 or Max vg ejuice with your order. Orders are generally processed and shipped within 24 hours. There is free shipping on orders over $50.

Looking In Depth At The iStick 30Watt

This was a two in one ecigarette review! The iStick 30 Watt review covered what we found over months of testing. We like the built in battery that way you don’t have to buy separate batteries or a charger. The recharge time is fast and it performs time after time.

Operating the variety of functions on the iStick 30 Watt is easy. Thumbing through the available power settings is a really smooth process and locking in your ideal setting is as simple as holding both up and down buttons at the same time. We found 22 Watts to be a nice sweet spot for getting lots of vapor and flavor.

The only pet peeve was that the USB charging port is located on the bottom. If it was on the side, you could charge the battery with the ecig standing up.

Overall this mod performed superbly. The OLED screen never failed and there was never a problem with misfires or sticking buttons. The ohm reader was accurate and very useful for knowing the exact resistance of your RBAs. The value, quality and ease of use make this an easy recommendation. We love being able to recommend great vaping products like this.

The iStick 30 W is very consumer friendly and feels great in your hand. Priced at under $35 you can’t go wrong. You don’t have to go into a vape shop and blow your budget, you can get great products like the eLeaf iStick 30 W online and avoid excessive retail mark-ups.

the eleaf istick 30 is a very simple mod to use and comes in at a very affordable $35

Kanger SubTank Plus Up Close

The Kanger SubTank Plus review was equally impressive if not more so. The Kanger SubTank Plus is a remarkable tank that is large, durable and incredibly well made. The versatility stands out from other ecig tanks. If you enjoy subohm vaping or have been thinking about going subohm, this is the tank to have.

The new vertical coil design is a major improvement. The flavor pops with these coils and the vapor is impressive to say the least. You can buy a 5-pack of replacement coils for less than $15.

If you want to go the RBA route, the Kanger SubTank Plus rebuildable atomizer deck and coils are very easy to use. You do not have to be intimidated by the prospect of building your own coils. It’s actually easy and kind of fun not to mention that it’s going to save you some money.

The Kanger SubTank Plus sells for $36.99 but you will save 10% off that with our coupon code, Expert Vaping10. If you pick up the Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 at the same time, you will also get free shipping. We can absolutely confirm that they go together very well.

The pairing of the Kanger SubTank Plus and iStick 30 Watt mod is a beautiful partnership. We give the performance of both our strong recommendation. This may be the ecig that makes all the difference for you or it may be that perfect addition to your current vaping repertoire to take you to a new level. Either way you can’t go wrong. Give it a try.

With products like this, we are well on our way to making smoking a thing of the past. All the best on your own vaping journey and, as always, have an excellent day.