What’s the latest star in the vaping world? Well, there is a new ecig on the block that is getting a whole lot of attention. The Kanger SubBox Mini has rocketed to the top of the ecig sales charts. The reason is simple, people just love it. Vape shops can barely keep it on the shelves. No problem! You always get the best deals when you buy online anyway.

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Kanger is a leading electronic cigarette brand that produces a number of advanced electronic cigarettes. What differentiates them from the crowd is the fact that they are always improving their product line. For example, when Kanger released the SubTank it was a huge success.

Kangertech subox mini with tank

The SubTank, like the Aspire Atlantis, allowed vapers to experience the massive clouds of vapor that had previously been the exclusive domain of drippers and dripping ejuice right on to hot coils. The problem was that dripping can be complicated and often relies on unregulated mods that can overheat. With the Kanger SubTank vapers could experience subohm vaping with a safer, regulated mod in a format that is as easy to use as a standard ecig tank system.

As great as the SubTank was, Kanger did not ride the gravy train instead they improved it. The SubTank now has vertical coils that have improved performance, especially at higher Wattages.

The Kanger SubBox Mini comes with the new and improved Kanger SubTank with vertical coils.

Kanger SubBox Mini

The Kanger SubBox Mini kit comes in either white or black. It is very striking in appearance and it fits very easily in the palm of your hand.

The Kanger SubBox Mini stands 3.25 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide and just under an inch thick.

The variable Wattage can be set anywhere between 7 W and 50 W in 0.1 Watt increments. You adjust the wattage with the up and down buttons. The wattage setting is easy to see on the 2-line OLED screen.

Kangertech subox mini comes with rba charging cable and spare parts

The Kanger SubBox mini starter kit comes with:

  • One Kbox 50 Watt Mod
  • One Kanger SubTank Mini
  • One RBA Mini Plus Head And Two RBA Coils
  • One 0.5 ohm OCC Coil (organic cotton coil)
  • One 1.5 ohm OCC Coil
  • One Instruction Manual
  • Koga Organic Japanese Cotton Wicking
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • Screws And A Screwdriver

The Kbox mod has an OLED screen that is easy to read. The buttons are just the right size and making adjustments is easy. This little mod not only is capable of 50 watts, it has all the features that you are going to want.

The Kbox has a zinc-alloy body and is very sturdy. The battery cover is held on magnetically. This is not one of those weak magnetic covers, the Kbox magnet has some oomph. It’s not going to fall off on you.

kanger subox mini black and red and white

This mod has short-circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low resistance protection and overtime use protection. It also has a USB charging port and you can actually vape in pass through mode.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to buy an 18650 with 20 amp or higher. Mt. Baker Vapor or Apollo Cigs are great places to get excellent prices on batteries. With the Kbax, you can use atomizers as low as 0.3 Ohms.

The Kbox is 510 threaded and has airflow channels. It works perfectly with the Kanger SubTank Mini.

Kanger SubTank Mini

The Kanger SubBox Mini kit comes with the new and improved Kanger SubTank. The SubTank gives you several different vaping options. You can insert and use the subohm coil, the 1.5 ohm coil or an RBA. By the way, the RBA and accessories come with the kit.

The Kanger SubTank Mini has a 4.5 ml eliquid capacity. The construction is Pyrex glass and the body is steel with ceramic coating. The tank has adjustable airflow setting and easily accommodates virtually any draw preference. If you like a stiff draw or airy draw, the SubTank can do it.

One really cool thing about the Kanger SubBox Mini and the SubTank itself is the fact that each atomizer coil is visible through the tank. This is handy because on each coil you can look at the coil and see the optimal wattage settings to get the best vapor production.

kanger subox mini with subtank nano

As mentioned earlier, the Kanger SubBox Mini kit comes with the new vertical coil design.

The vertical coils replace the original bottom coil design. The improved vapor and flavor is something that you will notice. Another thing you will notice with the Kanger SubBox Mini kit is no dry hits. This is because of the new coil design. If you decide to try out the RBA coils, they sit vertically as well. If you do want to try out the RBA, and why not, the Kanger SubBox Mini comes with the kanthal coils, Koga organic Japanese cotton, screws and the screwdriver.

what comes with the kanger subox mini

The Kanger SubBox Mini kit sells for $79.99 but with our Expert Vaping Mt. Baker Vapor coupon code, Expert Vaping10, you will save you 10% off of that price. Plus Mt. baker Vapor includes a bottle of eliquid giving you a pretty awesome overall value. So, if you want to try the current hot seller in vaping, now’s your chance. You know you want it!

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Enjoy you Kanger SubBox Mini!