Here are some of the most common questions related to JUUL. We’ve gathered the necessary information about the Juul vape brand and their starter kit to give you an idea of what to expect before you spend a dime.


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With all the buzz about the Juul ecig, the world is not jumping right in to take up this cutting edge ecigarette without asking some very important questions. Like all new endeavors, it can be crucial to have the facts, details and a full understanding of what to expect before you spend money on a product that won’t fulfill your needs.

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What is a Juul?

Chances are you’ve already heard the brand name, but you may not fully realize what is a Juul device doing differently that the rest of the vape mods on the market are missing. To answer, we first need to look at who owns Juul. This innovative a design was pioneered by popular vaporizer brand Pax Labs. The Pax Juul combined mega brand created this electronic cigarette to appeal and appease anyone interested in making the switch to vaping.

Essentially, Juul Labs looked closely at what was preventing smokers from leaving tobacco behind and created a nicotine salt solution that quickly swept the vaping industry. Pax is largely known for their outstanding devices and innovative technology and the Juul ecig is no exception. In effect, the answer to what is a Juul, may just be the world’s most satisfying electronic cigarette.

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How do Juuls work?

When it comes to how to use a Juul, there are few electronic cigarettes that are as simple to use or as compact. Like many ecigs for beginners, the Juul vape pen uses auto draw technology, which essentially means the circuitry inside is operated by the user drawing air and vapor through the device. There’s no button, no trick, you simply puff on the Juul ecig the way you would any vape device or analog cigarette.

However, the process of inhaling the vapor itself can vary widely depending on the user’s own experience and preferences. Understanding how to use Juul products pivots on whether you’re a former smoker or an experienced vaper. After quitting smoking, the Juul is perfect an MTL or mouth to lung device, take vapor into the mouth and then inhaling it, taking it into the lungs in two motions. Reflexively, the vaper’s preferred method of DL or direct lung hits, brings the vapor immediately from the device into their lungs. In truth, there is no wrong way to vape as long as it keeps you tobacco free.

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What are juul pods?

Being familiar with what are Juul pods is crucial to ensuring your ecig is always locked and loaded to get the vapor you need to stay smoke free. Juul Vapor designed their vape starter kit to use interchangeable cartridges with nicotine salt instead of the typical liquid form. Although nic salts have become widely popular in the vaping community, Juul cartridges were the first to implement them.

To understand what is a Juul pod compared to other beginner cig-a-like flavor cartridges, you have to look at the science and tech that Juul products utilize. Each pod is a closed system, which means it is not refillable and only good for a single rotation before requiring replacement. A Juul cartridge is meant to take the place of an entire pack of cigarettes in a tiny pouch filled with vape juice.

With this in mind, it is important to be able to distinguish between alternative devices, replacement pods that claim they are Juul compatible and clones that may put your health at risk. Although getting cheap Juul Pods may seem enticing, it’s important to research the company, their ingredients and other user’s experiences to determine whether the products are safe to use. That said, it’s wise to use certified Juul products in order to protect yourself from counterfeits without the customer’s well-being in mind.

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How much nicotine is in a Juul?

Understanding how much nicotine is in Juul products can help you decide if it is the best vaping device for your needs. The amount of nicotine salt in each Juul Pod may be an overwhelming dosage, even for former smokers of full flavored cigarettes. Essentially, each Juul cartridge is 5% nicotine by weight, which works out to a whopping 59mg per milliliter of liquid. However, since a Juul Pod is only 0.7ml, this works out to about 45mg.

This may seem like a lot; however, each pod is designed to take the place of an entire pack of cigarettes or as Juul measures it, around 200 puffs which is meant to last the duration of a fully charged battery. In a sense, they don’t suggest you draw on it as frequently or deeply as a vape mod or even a traditional cigarette, it’s meant simply to administer doses of nicotine when you need them. To explain, determining how much nicotine in a Juul will enter your bloodstream at one time depends on frequency of use, need and vaping techniques. As with all things related to vaping, it’s best to start small with a single puff and work your way up gradually.

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What is in a Juul pod

The content of what’s in a Juul Pod are generally the same as any vape juice; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring. However, here’s where the Juul cartridges are divergent; rather than the liquid form they use nicotine salt and to help with vaporization at low temperatures they add benzoic acid. While the majority of vapers and former smokers are satisfied by the nicotine amount, others would prefer to vape at a lower dosage while still using the Juul device.

So is There A Safe Method For How To refill Juul pods? The Juul device is fairly easy to use and many vapers are trying to save money on replacement cartridges by learning how to refill Juul Pods with their own nic salt solution. Although there are plenty of instructional guides and videos online showing vapers how to get a longer life from their pods, Juul Support does not recommend opening or refilling the cartridge, predominantly due to possible safety hazards associated with safe and sanitary standards.

That said, the comparison of vape juice varieties to Juul flavors leaves users yearning for the satisfying vapor and flavor production of their favorite ecig with the ability to customize their taste preferences and nicotine levels. As a result, compact pod mods such as the Trap Pod from Mig Vapor offer similar vaping experiences and compact size with the ability to refill them with the ejuice and nicotine levels of your choosing at a far more affordable price.

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How Long Does a Juul Pod Last?

Determining how long do Juul Pods last has a great deal to do with personal need and preference with regards to your own vaping ritual. By the manufacturer’s measurement, Juul cartridges should last you the life of a full battery charge or around 200 puffs. But what if you don’t make it to 200, are you using it wrong? It’s easy to say there is no wrong way to vape, but due to the uniquely high nicotine content of the Juul ecig, it really shouldn’t be used as frequently or intensely as typical ecigs, or for that matter a tobacco cigarette.

Instead, it’s best to consider it as a way of culling nicotine cravings as they arrive rather than preemptively. Think of it in terms of drinking water, when you’re thirsty you take a sip, you don’t need to gulp down the whole bottle and it won’t prevent you from being thirsty in the future. That said, figuring out exactly how long do Juul Pods last depends on how deeply and intensely you draw vapor through them, to extend the life of them, it’s best to take short puffs that deliver only the nicotine amount you need at one time.

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Where Do I Buy a Juul Near Me?

Discovering where to buy Juul products and accessories may be as easy as opening a web browser. Right on the Juul website they offer a store locator that will help you find a nearby location to buy Juul Pods and kits sorted by distance to your present address. While there are plenty of vape shop finders out there, you’ll certainly discover a convenient location to buy Juul ecigs and cartridges from a certified dealer around every corner.

With that in mind, deciding to buy Juul Pods online is definitely the most cost-effective method if you can wait to get your next refill. Going directly to the Juul website opens an immediate conduit between you and the vaping supplies you need. Additionally, using a Juul promo code will help bring down the cost even more and ensure you get the best possible price on all your necessary purchases.

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How Much Is A Juul Starter Kit?

When you buy Juul online, you’re cutting out all the costs of neighborhood retailers raising them prices to pay for store operating costs. Essentially, the Juul price direct from the manufacturer will always be lower due to the fact that their primary concern is getting the product into the hands of customers without a middleman. Sourcing vaping equipment online is the key to getting the lowest prices possible on the products you love.

To explain, calculating how much does a Juul cost can be affected by other factors such as gas used to drive to a location and of course time out of your busy schedule used to go out and buy Juul products rather than having them shipped directly to your house. Additionally, most Juul coupon codes offer free shipping in addition to a hefty discount. This makes buying Juul Pods online the best way to save money on all your vaping supplies.

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How long does it take to charge a juul?

Juul Labs has set specific parameters and durations for the charging of the battery section. Figuring out how long does a Juul take to charge can depend on how drained the unit is when it’s set on the dock. That said, the manufacturers rating for the amount of time a Juul needs to reach full charge is one hour. In terms of vape devices, this is a fairly short period to be without your ecig, but not surprising given how small it is.

Learning how to charge a Juul is easy, you simply plug the Juul charger into a compatible, functioning USB port and set the battery section on it. When it is fully charged, the color-coded indicator light will glow green to signal its finished. Additionally, the Juul device has a yellow light when it is functioning at half strength and a red light when it is empty and needs to be plugged in. This makes for even easier navigation and use of an electronic cigarette that is already among the easiest to use.

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Is There A Preferred Method for How To Clean Juul Products?

In short, knowing how to clean a Juul ecigarette correctly can be defined in two items; rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. In essence, every exposed surface including the slot where the pods feed into the battery can be quickly, easily and safely cleaned with alcohol and a Qtip.

The best method for how to clean Juul either after its leaked vape juice or to make sure the charging terminals and pod feed port are clear from obstruction is to lightly soak the cotton swap in isopropyl alcohol and wipe away any imperfections or detritus. Always make sure to let the damp alcohol applied to your device air dry completely before attempting to use it again to ensure your personal safety.

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Is Juul Bad for You?

With its growing popularity, many new users wonder how bad is Juul for you. There are no easy answers regarding vaping related health risks and effects for Juul, mostly due to the lack of research regarding the long-term effects. However, studying the toll ecigarettes can take on your immediate health requires comparison to smoking in order to understand any possible negative results from vaping on the whole.

We know plenty about the harmful chemicals and byproducts produced by burning tobacco and that vaping by is not able to reproduce them because it doesn’t involve combustion. If your goal is to give up nicotine altogether, you may want to invest in a device that provides more than one nicotine level. That said, how bad is Juul for you can depend on factors like nicotine sensitivity and pre-existing respiratory conditions. Ultimately, the best Juul alternative is to give up nicotine completely.

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Juul isn’t your typical vape, this device truly has the ability to convert many tobacco smokers over to vaping which is why it’s listed on our best ecigs page for 2018.

We highly recommend the Juul vape for anyone looking to give themselves real chance at kicking tobacco. Without a doubt, it’ll serve you well