There is a fair amount of excitement that goes along with trying an ecigarette for the first time, and having practical fixes for your Juul not working how it’s supposed to, can be crucial. We’ve assembled research from the Juul support and personal experience to help you solve any problems with some very simple tricks.

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Obviously, the Juul Vapor ecig has an outstanding one-year warranty to protect users from manufacturing defects and material failure. Under their warranty, Juul Labs will either repair the device if it’s required or replace it with a brand new one. Although it’s uncommon, it may happen, so what can you do in the mean time to get the vapor you need right away when you discover your Juul not working properly? Understanding how to fix a Juul may be as simple as cleaning it properly and ensuring the Pod is fixed properly to your Juul.

Firstly, take a look at where the Juul cartridge feeds into the battery section to ensure it is fitted effectively. I realize this is the equivalent of “did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?” but it’s worth mentioning that in order for the Juul Vapor system to function at optimum efficiency, it needs to be inserted correctly. This is doubly important for both how the Juul charger dock is inserted into the device powering it as well as how the battery unit sits on the magnetic charging terminals.

Is My Juul Broken? — Manufacturer Recommended Juul Hacks

While we never recommend making any electrical repairs without prior knowledge and experience of the principles behind what you’re doing, there are some troubleshooting tips and tricks everyone can try if you suspect continuous usage has left your Juul broken. Have no fear, there are some very simple Juul hacks suggested by the manufacturer which may solve problems of broken connections with minimal labor and cost.

The most important fix for your Juul not working involves knowing how to clean Juul terminals and areas where the pods attach to the battery unit. In detail, the company suggests the best method for how to clean a Juul is simply wiping down all connections with a cotton swab. Apply a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to it and gently wipe down the surfaces where the Juul cartridges feed into the battery.

For users with issues of their Juul charger not working, they again advise using the cotton swab with alcohol on it and carefully cleaning of the terminals where the battery unit and the charging dock join. Always make sure that the device your USB charging device is plugged into is powered and working properly. Try plugging the Juul charger into a different device to see if the power unit itself is the problem.

Essentially, there are a range of reasons for your Juul not working and sure, some of them may have something to do with manufacturing error or equipment failure, but this is a rare occurrence. However, there are some simple vaping hacks that may bring your Juul vape pen back to life instantly that don’t include contacting Juul Support which is significant for those of us anxious to get back to our satisfying streams of vapor as soon as possible. Put the power back in your hands and try these simple tricks for fixing your device before giving up and deciding if it’s a Juul broken beyond repair.