Understanding the reasons for your Juul not charging are essential to continuing to enjoy the satisfying vapor of this immensely popular small electronic cigarette. Getting the best possible experience from every tasty puff of Juul vapor can depend on whether you have the resources and ability to keep it charged. Looking ahead can help you stay vaping longer and make you less likely to look for an alternative. So, how long does a Juul battery last?


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If you’re wondering how long does a Juul take to charge, you aren’t alone. Most of us can’t wait to get right back to enjoying those delicious clouds of potent vapor. Obviously, any device that utilizes rechargeable batteries has a rough estimate for how long it’s required to be plugged in to reach full battery life. However, how long does it take a Juul to charge is a more complicated question due to the proprietary technology it uses to power up using the charger. Figuring out why your Juul won’t charge may be a simple cleaning away from diagnosis.

If your device doesn’t charge within an hour, there may be some issues you will need to address with your Juul not charging properly that require some simple tricks to get you back to enjoying satisfying vapor. The team at Juul Support recommends using a cotton swab lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol to gently wipe down the terminals and ensure there is a firm connection between the battery unit and the charger. While this seems like a simple fix for those of use who remember wiping down Nintendo cartridges in our youth, it actually does work to resurrect a Juul not working according to expectations.

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Another possible reason for your Juul not charging up may be due to the hard wired device the charging dock is plugged into. You should always make sure the USB port you are using is active and functional. If you’re using a computer, try switching slots and if you’ve inserted the Juul charger into a wall adapter make sure the plug is working properly. Essentially, there are some simple reasons for why you may not be able to charge your Juul, and some of them may not have anything to do with the ecig itself.

How Long Does A Juul Battery Last? – Understanding How To Charge A Juul

The life cycle of a Juul battery charge can have multiple measurements depending on the user’s preferred techniques and frequency of use. In addition, understanding how batteries function will help you grasp the concepts surrounding your Juul not charging. While the company claims battery life should last as long as a Juul Pod, which is around 200 puffs, users who take deeper draws at longer intervals may not get that full cartridge cycle on one charge. Battery life of the Juul device depends on how you use the device and as with anything consumable, “serving size” typically depends on need.

To explain, the serving size printed on a bag of chips for the nutrition information isn’t for the whole bag, but can you eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting? Of course you can. Which is why there are suggested uses for everything including electronic cigarettes. But will everyone use them the same way? Probably not. While there are a range of techniques for vaping and Juuling, everyone will experience vapor and take it in much the same way.

Although the Juul vape pen is considered an MTL, or mouth to lung device, there are certainly users who prefer to use it as a direct lung vape mod. This can be an important factor in not only how to charge Juul products, but how often they require charging regularly. Regardless of the fact that the Juul vape device uses its own temperature regulation technology, the duration of each draw will help to determine the overall length of each session before requiring a recharge of your batteries.

How To Know When Juul Is Charged

Understanding how to charge a Juul is only part of the process to ensuring you have the vapor you need at all times. To check the battery strength of your Juul ecigarette, simply tap the device twice to activate the color coded charge indicator light. In detail, a green light means the Juul vaporizer is sufficiently charged and ready for a full session, yellow indicates medium charge and red tells you the power is at low charge and may need to be plugged in for the full hour specified for peak strength.

The answer to the question of how long does a Juul battery last is inherently in its usage as well as your enjoyment. Getting the most out of both your Juul vape device and the experience of using it wholly depends on what you feel satisfied by. However, remaining smoke free will always be at the top of our priorities, so wherever you choose to use your ecig, make sure you’ve got a sufficient charge and be mindful of your Juul not charging longer than necessary. If you’ve tried to diagnose the issues and still can’t figure out the possible reasons for your Juul not charging, it’s best to contact Juul Support for further guidance.

If you don’t have any luck getting through to Juul support and you’re ready to replace your device, we recommend the Trap Pod compact ecigarette by Mig Vapor as a superior Juul alternative. Not only does it have a comparable design and performance, but it costs roughly less than half and has three charge indicator lights to get a better understanding of how close you are to needing a fresh charge. Best of luck and we hope this guide has helped you get back to enjoying your Juul vape pen.