Although it’s based on traditional vaping technology, there are some important innovations that revolutionize how Juul effects your experience. With a sleek, streamlined and stealthy design we look at possible side effects of Juul as well as how it measure up vs vape pens and cig-a-likes and what sets each apart.


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Essentially, Pax Labs who owns Juul, are the pioneers behind the best dry herb vaporizers available. The Pax Juul conglomerate sought to expand their reach into more traditional nicotine-based ecigarettes by creating the Juul starter kit. In discovering a ground-breaking scientific twist on how users are able to receive nicotine, they brought the concept of nicotine salts out of the laboratory and packed it into the Juul vaporizer. As a result, the vaping industry has been in a hurry to offer users competitive products that utilize nic salts the same way.

With all the buzz overtaking the vaping industry regarding the popularity of nic salts or nicotine salt, Juul Labs truly deserves some recognition here. They were primarily responsible for making nic salts a staple in delivering users their nicotine levels in the most effective and powerful form possible.

The impact of how Juul effects are changing the vaping industry is seen in similar devices like the Eleaf iCare and Suorin Drip all-in-one compact vape mods. Alternatives to Juul are growing in popularity among vapers who are slowly adopting nicotine salts as their chosen source of the stimulant. Vape shops too are seeing the shift in trends, not only in who their customers are, but what they are asking for and often it’s for “something like a Juul”. With a discreet design that hides in plain sight, curious vapers have been overjoyed to discover that the Juul pen is able to offer such satisfying puffs of vapor every time.

Juul effects — How Juuling Feels And What It Does

By utilizing nicotine salts, Juul vape pens have devised a comfortable method for all levels and experiences of users to get effective levels of nicotine that are both satisfying and enjoyable. Each cartridge, or pod contains enough Juul nicotine salt to fulfill anyone’s needs. In fact, the only side effects of Juul seem to be remembering where you left it because it’s so small and subtle in its engineering and aesthetic.

While there are some concrete differences between Juul effects and most other small electronic cigarettes, there are many aspects they share. Principal among these similarities is the technology inside the Juul ecig. Essentially, Pax Labs took the original design for the ecigarette and made significant improvements such as internal temperature control and regulation to ensure users receive consistent puffs of satisfying vapor from the Juul device. Significantly, many former smokers have trouble sticking with vaping due to the need for adaptability which can be frustrating, but due what is in Juul pods, this pocket sized dynamo manages to ease the transition brilliantly.

In detail, traditional tobacco products deliver the same sensations, ritual and results every time, which is why people end up sticking with them so long. On the other hand, many vape mods, ecigarettes and vape pens may have varying experiences, which can lead users to believe they are using them wrong or are required to understand more about them before finding true fulfillment. Reflexively, the way users enjoy Juul products is shifting their opinion about whether vaping is valuable or comparable.

The Juul electronic cigarette is still relatively the same idea as most of the top selling ecigs, but in a much more stylish, easy-to-use package. An important aspect to understand abou Juuling vs vaping is that they both have liquid that becomes vaporized, though, to be fair, the Juul vape juice has obviously enjoyed some sizeable improvements using nicotine salt. Inside the Juul cartridges, or pods, they use nic salts rather than the traditional eliquid form found in most ejuices.

Offering easily replaceable Juul Pods that are available everywhere is another important factor for why Juul is so popular. Each still contains a blend of flavoring, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, but again, with a little twist in innovation pioneered specifically for Juul nicotine content, benzoic acid. Essentially, many users believe the addition of benzoic acid helps with both the absorption of nic salts as well as allowing them to be easily vaporized and increase how much nicotine in a Juul cartridge enters your bloodstream. Additionally, it helps the Nic salt to be distributed at lower temperatures which delivers powerful doses of nicotine with a mellow throat hit. All of these contributing factors aid in making for a far more satisfying vaping experience in how Juul effects the sensations expected by the user.