While the Juul device has risen to the top of the most popular ecigarettes available, there are some unique aspects about the Juul charger that may seem unfamiliar to even experienced vapers. We take a closer look at this revolutionary charging system to better understand how it works as well as how long does it take to charge a Juul ecig.


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Design Innovations of the Juul Charger

The Juul charger itself is a tiny USB dock which the Juul battery unit sits upright in like a skyscraper on its foundation. Each piece of the Juul starter kit charging system joins magnetically to ensure they do not become separated during charging. You can plug your Juul charger dock into any applicable USB port including applicable wall sockets, computers, mobile power supply banks, or built-in car ports and adapters. It makes the Juul ecigarette one of the few devices that can easily be powered up anywhere without worrying about a lot of cords and cables.

With a proprietary design that is both compact and relatively discreet, a Juul vaporizer placed in the charging cradle while attached to the side of a laptop looks more like a wifi hub device than anything related to vaping. That’s the beauty of the design of this electronic cigarette system, everything is meant to hide in plain sight, it makes the fact that you vape, nobody’s business but your own. In this way, Juul ecigs truly appeal to a broad demographic of users who have little interest in carrying around bulky equipment and accessories.

What’s infinitely brilliant about the Juul vape kit is the way it takes focus away from itself and brings it directly to what it achieves. To explain, you get an elegantly designed, streamlined Juul device that slides into any pocket and pumps out tasty and satisfying vapor in every puff. The Juul vape pen is the perfect accessory to every outfit and every environment where you need to keep a stealthy ecigarette at the ready.

However, with this in mind, their proprietary charger only works for their battery unit and you cannot use any other charger if it breaks or is misplaced. If you’re looking for a comparable pod mod system with similar capabilities and design, the Trap Pod from Mig Vapor is infinitely more valuable, less than half the price and allows you to refill pods with whatever vape juice you enjoy in both flavor and nicotine strength. One of the aspects vapers value above all else is the ability to customize their experience, a feature the Juul simply does not possess.

How To Charge A Juul Properly

You may know all about the innovations in technology and design from Juul Labs, specifically in their battery and charging developments in ecigarettes, but battery technology hasn’t evolved all that much since it’s invention. In fact, if you have trouble with it, there may be some very simple reason for your Juul not charging fully. Essentially, the answer to how long does a Juul take to charge ultimately depends on the life of the battery, how many charge cycles it has gone through already and what the overall health of the battery unit is.

That said, the company claims that it takes about an hour seated on the Juul charger to reach full battery life. However, users have reported it reaching full health in less time than that, with some Juul devices reaching complete charge as quickly as forty-five minutes. Though if you find your Juul not charging completely, or use cycles shortening, it may be time to replace the battery unit of your vape kit. Knowing how to charge a Juul effectively may depend on where you are, but it’s one of the easiest small electronic cigarettes to keep powered due to this proprietary charging system.

The best way to ensure your Juul is charging correctly is based on the color-coded indicator lights. Each color alerts you to the strength of your battery; green indicates a full or strong battery charge, yellow means medium full charge and red tells you the Juul device either needs to be charged or is running low on power. Essentially, if it’s been on the charger for over an hour and the light doesn’t glow green, something is wrong with either the battery, your charger the USB port and/or the device it’s plugged into.

It’s all about diagnosing the issues one by one and discovering where the problem with your Juul not charging is resulting from. That said, there have been very few issues with the Juul starter pack charger unit itself and for the most part they perform brilliantly no matter where they’re used. Although it may have a different look than most electronic cigarette charging devices you’ve seen or used, it’s clear Juul Vapor has engineered the powering of their popular device down to a science. For further issues with your Juul not working properly, it’s best to contact Juul Support for guidance about the best way to proceed through their 1-year warranty process.

We understand that having problems with a vaping device can be frustrating and rarely does initial experience from Juul reviews reveal issues that can appear in the future. It’s important to the Expert Vaping team that you not only get the best starter kits for you needs, but that they remain consistent in delivering the best possible experience over the course of your vaping future. The Juul ecig is a perfect example of where anyone can begin their smoke free journey, and we hope this guide to the charging system gave you an idea of what’s in store for your next big vaping adventure.