Happy Fourth of July, everyone! It is Independence Day and a time to celebrate and enjoy all of our freedoms. For now at least, we still have the freedom to choose to be smoke free with vaping. This July 4th 2016, many of the best ecig companies are featuring July 4th vape sales. So you can save some money and take full advantage of your freedom to choose to be smoke free.

Today, we want to talk about real American vape brands. These are July 4th vape sales from independent companies that are working hard right here at home. All of these companies are doing things the right way. They are innovating and competing by pushing to be the best. They do not compromise and frankly they are all awesome. This is the dat we celebrate American entrepreneurs and American vape companies.

Big blowout 4th of July holiday sale celebrating American independence with big clouds of savings.

These will also be the companies that lead the fight against the FDA’s oppressive regulation that threatens your right to choose to be smoke free. So, if you want to save some money and get some new vape gear, then on Independence Day let’s support these independent US vape companies that are doing things right.

Before we get into the vape sales, we want to wish everyone an awesome day of bbq’s, family, friends, baseball and apple pie! Please, stay safe and enjoy. Now, let’s save some money on some of the best vape gear and ejuices from American vape brands.

VaporFi July 4th Vape Sales

A huge weekend of savings is underway at VaporFi. You can save 20% and get free shipping on e-liquids, ecigs, mods and vaporizers. What can we say about VaporFi. From the very beginning, they have simply done everything right. They have even had a Super Bowl commercial! VaporFi has nothing to do with Big Tobacco instead they are a true American entrepreneurial success story. I mean, how Fourth of July is that!

VaporFi is well known for their July 4th vape sales. They have not let us down this year offering 20% off of any purchase and on top of that, they are going to throw in free shipping.

The Vaporfi eCigarettes and Custom Blends Fourth of July 20% off sale is going on all weekend.

We have been reviewing VaporFi eCigs for a few years now and we have seen nothing from them but innovation and quality. They have designed their vaping devices to be workhorses that stand up to the stress of real world use. They use leading, precision technologies as evidenced by their hugely successful Vox vape mods. They also have introductory level mods and ecigs that you can rely on.

Honestly, VaporFi has just a massive selection of vape products. Not only ecigs and mods but also vaporizers. Then we get into eliquids. Want to know how to make your own e-juice? That’s easy, go to VaporFi and you can easily create your own ejuice recipe online. VaporFi ejuice is exceptionally well made. They never, ever use diacetyl or acetoin in any of their e-liquids. They publicly share third party independent lab reports verifying the quality and ingredients of their ejuice. You can see it with your own eyes and that is reassuring to say the least.

For specialty eliquids, VaporFi has the Reserve and Grand Reserve lines that will make your subohm vaping a whole new level of awesome. At the end of the day, VaporFi knows vaping and they are leading the way for US ecig companies. With so much to choose from, you should go and check it out for yourself. Enjoy July 4th vape sales!

Apollo eCigs Independence Day eCig Sale

Apollo eCigs is a California base ecig brand that is passionate about vaping. They have built their own in house ejuice lab where they exceed the standards of the food industry. They produce a large number of electronic cigarettes and mods to meet the needs of any style of vaper from beginner to cloud chaser. In addition to their own products, Apollo also carries a large number of popular tanks from companies like Kanger and Aspire. By the way, Apollo’s 25% off July 4th vape sale applies to everything they carry!

Apollo E-Liquids are so good. We mentioned that Apollo has its own ejuice lab but the professional chemists who work there also happen to be devoted vapers. They work tirelessly to perfect their ejuice recipes before they release anything. They are also incredibly transparent. They have a video that shows you exactly how e-liquid is made in their state of the art vape juice lab. Apollo offers dozens of ejuice flavors plus lines of Max VG ejuice.

Apollo e-cigs Fourth of July sale includes all vape products and e-juices.

If you enjoy dripping or are looking for maybe the best Max VG eliquids on the market, Apollo is the pace to look. The Fa-Q and Lindberg Max Vg eliquids are the result of intense dedication to the most flavorful cloud chasing you will have ever experienced.  Of course, there are minute amounts of PG to carry the flavor but overall these really are Max VG. You can save 30% on the Max VG juices from Apollo.

Apollo’s ecigs run the gamut from cigalikes to beautiful eGo style mods like the Endeavor to advanced temperature control vape mods like the Apollo Reliant and V-Tube 5.0. There really is a lot to see so if you need some new vape gear by all means visit Apollo eCigs and check it out.

Mig Vapor July 4th Vape Sales

Mig Vapor is offering 20% off of everything! And when we talk about everything, in Mig Vapor’s case, that is saying something. Mig Vapor offers dozens of vaping products and starter kits as well as almost unlimited vape juice flavors. We are talking about beginner starter kits that are unmatched in quality and progressing into a full line of vape mods. For those who want more, Mig Vapor has easy to use subohm mods that make serious clouds.

I’ll just mention a couple of them for you. The Mig 21 Clear Fusion electronic cigarette has been named the best to help smokers make the switch to vapor. It is a uniquely designed and developed device that works incredibly well. There are others that look like the Mig 21 but don’t be fooled, the Mig 21 is a one of a kind. If you want to get into subohm vaping but are not interested in a complicated mod, then you should check out the Mig Vapor Morpheus mod. Pure and simple, it’s a beast.

The full line-up of Mig Vapor products including e-cig mods, cartomizers and dry herb vaporizer attachments are on sale for the 4th of July.

You will also find a full line of vaporizers and vape pens. What are vape pens and vaporizers? These are designed to vaporizer dry herbal materials. Vaporizers are not smoking, they simply heat the ingredients to the point of vaporization creating a vapor comprised of the active ingredients. Mig Vapor also has a device called the SubHerb which attaches to a subohm mod creating an instant vaporizer.

When it comes to e-juice, Mig Vapor has several lines to choose from. There are standard eliquids, high VG juice and the star of the show is the Vimanna Vape Bar. Vimanna e-juice is made in the USA at an FDA registered lab where everything is done to the highest standards. You can create your own custom ejuice blends. When you design your own flavor, there are millions upon millions of flavor possibilities!

Basically, Mig Vapor has some of everything when it comes to vaping. Better yet, their July 4th vape sales lets you save 20% off of EVERYTHING! No exceptions, just a lot of savings. There may be a lot of you reading this who haven’t heard of Mig Vapor yet and this is an ideal time to get introduced and try something new. These guys are an independent vape brand that will also be fighting the FDA tooth and nail to protect your right to choose to be smoke free in your life.

Halo Cigs Summer Sale

Halo Cigs summer sale is on and you can save 15% on ecigs, mods and Halo’s world famous ejuice. These are the guys who originally made eliquid manufacturing into a science. Halo’s parent company Nicopure is also one of the American vape brands that is leading the fight against the oppressive FDA ecig regulations. Nicopure and Halo are suing the FDA for overreaching regulations.

The Halo VType e-juice is the vaping industry's best 70/30 VG/PG juice blend in flavors such as Tribeca and Kringle's Curse made in the USA.

You have probably heard of Halo E-Liquid. Last year, Halo introduced a line of VG eliquids. The eliquids are amazing and blended using only the best ingredients. Halo never uses any diacetyl or acetoin in any of their vape juice and they have independent lab reports to back it up.

But, they have a lot more than ejuice. Halo also has vape mods, beginner mods and ecigs. The Halo G6 is a cigalike that is one of the best. The refill cartridges are filled using Halo ejuice and they cost less than $2.00 per cartridge. Awesome long term value. The Halo Triton is an easy to use eGo type mod. If you want to go subohm, the New Halo Tracer and Halo Reactor are high quality and excellent values.

Of course the excellent value of Halo vapor products is made all the better by the summer sale. July 4th vape sales! You can save 15% off of any purchase. Also, you should join the Halo rewards program to save even more.