Happy Birthday, America! At 241 years, the USA is still young. You know what they say, 241 is the new 154. Here at Expert Vaping we want to wish you a fantastic holiday with family and friends. Relax and enjoy. May your vapor be thick and plentiful. May your bbq produce burgers and dogs and may your drinks be cold. Enjoy the fireworks and soak it all in. And…may the Dodgers win. Or your favorite team. Unless your team is the Arizona Diamondbacks who are playing the Dodgers. Sorry, D-Backs. Not sorry.

How about this July 4th we take a look at some of the American e-cig brands. I know the imports get all the attention but …not today. The American brands have been under the radar for way too long. When you buy from the American brands you get the best quality, you get US bases customer service, you get warranty protection and a money back guarantee. You do not get those things from the imports that you buy at vape shops. Heck, when you buy an import you don’t always even know if you are getting a clone. Buy direct from a leading American vape company.

4th of July list of ejuice sales

It is also time for July 4 2017 vape sales. This weekend, many of the leading American e-cig companies will be offering you the chance to capitalize on savings. It is a great time to get your e-juice and some coils. It is also a great time to get that new hardware you have been thinking about for a while.

So I know you are busy and have to get to it. I am going to list the sales as they happen. Some are already underway now. So I’ll list out the sales and you can take it from there.

UPDATE:  2017 July 4th vape sales are over! The next big sale will be on Labor Day weekend. Until then you can always find good cheap vape deals here.

Also, find discount vape juice deals here.

Halo Cigs July 4th 2017 Vape Sale

BOGO! Right now at Halo Cigs you can take advantage of a BOGO offer. Buy a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid and get another 30 ml bottle for the price of…zip. Free. Gratis.

halo ecigs 4th of July sales

Halo E-Liquids are among the best on this here planet. Made in the USA at Halo’s cutting edge vape juice lab in Florida. Halo has won several best e-juice awards and is an industry leader. These guys have been in vaping since the early days. Halo Cigs is an American innovator that creates jobs right here in the USA. They are deeply involved in fighting for the right to vape.

Halo Cigs features two lines of e-liquids. The original Halo E-Liquids are tobacco and gourmet flavors. The Evo line of e-liquids are fruit flavors. You can select your nicotine level and VG/PG blend.

VaporFi Fourth Of July 2017 Electronic Cigarette Sales

At Expert Vaping we currently have VaporFi as our top rated electronic cigarette brand. VaporFi has always offered impeccable quality, warranty, money back guarantee and a huge selection. And recently they took a sledge hammer to all of their prices. Sp with VaporFi you get the new lower prices along with a massive selection of dozens of ecig kits, vaporizers and pretty much any flavor of e-liquid that you can imagine or create. Yes, with VaporFi you can make your own e-liquid blend. It is your one stop resource for vaping.

vaporfi sales 4th of July weekend

Look, that’s another reason we have them an #1. They really are a one stop location for everything you need to fully experience the best of vaping. You don’t need to get something from one place then go there for something else. You can make it really easy on yourself with a company like VaporFi. Plus you get a money back guarantee, warranty and a responsive, attentive US based customer service team. Not to mention some of the best USA made e-liquid and top quality hardware.

Now there is a VaporFi Fourth of July 2017 e-cigarette sale on now. Today, that sale is 10% off of EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! Plus free shipping. You can save of some new hardware right now. Check it out.

Apollo July 4th E-Liquid Sale

Apollo Ecis is a California based company that has been all in on vaping for the better part of a decade. They are not some Johnny come lately brand looking to capitalize on a trend. Apollo helps make the trend to begin with.

Apollo Cigs is continually releasing new designs and new e-liquid flavors. For beginners Apollo e-cigs has easy to use devices and they also have advanced mods including a DNA device. They have their own vape juice lab and use only the best ingredients. Folks, they have not only a large line of e-liquid flavors they also have probably the very best Max VG juices in the business.

apollo vaping 4th of July sales

Right now and through July 4th weekend, Apollo is offering a huge 25% discount on e-liquids. Use Apollo coupon HAPPY4TH to claim you 25% discount.

South Beach Smoke 4th Of July Vaporizer Sale

South Beach Smoke is a Florida Based American Vape company that has been around for many years. In the early days, South Beach Smoke vape kits were known for offering great quality at a lower price. The same holds true today but only more so. In fact, South Beach Smoke e-cig kits have smashed their prices lowering them by as much as 75%!

4th of July sales south beach smoke vaping

South Beach also offered premium quality USA made e-liquids. This is a great company. We call South Beach the “fun” vape brand. They really are.

In terms of July 4th 2017 vape sales, South Beach Smoke has a 25% off sale going. Now, they have something else to offer. That is vaporizers. They have a large selection of dry herb vaporizers along with a big time selection of electronic cigarette and vape products. So a little bit of everything going on at South Beach. Check it out for yourself.

Mig Vapor July 4th Sales

Mig Vapor is shaking it up this July 4th. Every day they are bringing you a new offer. So one day they may have an e-juice deal and the next a deal on mods like the Mig Vapor Morpheus. Mig Vapor has something for everyone. They have e-liquids in endless flavor combinations. Vimanna E-Juice is made in the USA. They have e-cigs for beginners, intermediate and heavy duty cloud making mod kits!

You will also find a full line of vaporizers, dry herb and wax hardware. Including some top of the line dab pens. Oh, and before I forget, Mig Vapor has the SubHerb. Now the SubHerb is a very unique device that lets you convert any sub ohm vape mod into a dry herb vape.

mig vapor sales for 4th of July

So check out Mig Vapor using the link below. Once you go there you will be able to see what July 4th vape deal is on today!

July 4th Sale At V2 Cigs

V2 cigs has been expanding rapidly. You can find 3 in one vaporizers, ecigs, eliquids and more. Just starting out? Check out our V2 VERTX review. A cigalike style ecig infused with 2017 vapor making technology.  Or take a look at the crafted V2 Void mod. There is a lot to choose from.

v2 cigs has annual 4th of July sales

V2 also carried e-liquids from companies like Charlies Chalk Dust, Vape Bartender MYLK and more.

Today as part of the V2 July 4th e-cig sale you can save 25% on any purchase.