Joyetech Notch coils are starting to gain a lot of traction in the vaping community for one very powerful reason, they make amazing vapor and deliver full flavor. Many describe the vapor as being very clean, as in no metallic or burnt taste. It is also a very responsive atomizer coil that activates almost instantly. The solid stainless steel design is durable, easy to wick and with a resistance of 0.25 ohms and low resistance connections, this is a high-performance vaping technology. #Vapelife is always evolving.

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Notch coils were developed and launched by Joyetech with the Wismec Theorem RTA. Joyetech is the parent of Wismec and eLeaf and no doubt Joyetech is a very progressive vape brand that is working hard to lead in new electronic cigarette technologies. I can tell you what I like best about Joyetech as a manufacturer and that is how they constantly improve.

For example, when they came out with the eVic TC, one of the first temp control mods, it had some issues with dropping out of temp control seemingly at random. There have also been firing issues of iSticks in the past. Well, Joyetech confronted these issues head on working tirelessly to develop more advanced and responsive chip sets and they have done so. Now, JoyeTech chip sets are seen as being among the very best in the ballpark with YiHi and DNA 200.

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The Notch coils are now also available as part of the release of the new Joyetech Cuboid Mini. The Mini is a very compact and diverse mod that is going to be a huge success for the company. Joyetech is really on the ball these days. The development of the Joyetech Notch coil is a perfect example of a new innovation that actually improves vaping. Ultimately, it is based on a very simple idea and most often, the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

What Are Notch Coils

Notch coils are heating elements that are literally notched out to allow for greater airflow and vape cloud production.

Notch coils are different than your normal wire wrapped coils. Notch coils are a solid, tubular piece of 316 stainless steel. Simple, right! In essence, Joyetech Notch coils are not actually coiled in any way. There is no specific reason that atomizer coils need to be made of wrapped wire. The resistance of Notch coils is 0.25 ohms, give or take a couple hundredths of an ohm. The lead wires have almost no resistance and that plays a factor in how well these coils vape. Specifically, the no resistance leads are the reason why Notch coils are so damn beautifully responsive. They instantly heat, react and vaporize the e-juice.

With most coils, the leads are the same resistance as the coil, it is all one gauge wire with one resistance level. With the Joyetech Notch coils, the super low resistance leads deliver the current from your vape mod to the coil almost instantly. The leads may only be millimeters in length and you would think that such a small distance for current to travel would not be all that noticeable when you are vaping but it really is noticeable. When you try it, you will know what I mean. The Joyetech Notch coil design is the most responsive atomizer coil that I have ever experienced.

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Notch coils are a solid piece but they are equipped with a number of notches in the surface area. By the way, that surface area surpasses that of wrapped coils. The notches enable more vapor to be drawn from the heart of the heat source, right where the vaporization process is happening. You know how a wrapped coil has no space between wrappings, well Notch coils do have additional spaces for vapor to be drawn from while at the same time having more, flat uninterrupted surface area. It’s fantastic.

Thank goodness there are pictures so you can see what I am trying to describe! You can clearly see the notches and the flat surface area of Joyetech Notch coils. You can also see that the leads are a different material and welded in place. You can re-wick Notch coils and use them a few times before you have to replace them

So, while I have been singing the praises of Notch coils, and with reasoned conviction, you might be thinking “I bet they are expensive.” Nope. Notch coils come in packs of five and sell for less than $10 per pack. They are amazing and an amazing value for vapers. Claptons are currently the coil choice of many advanced vapers and Notch coils are poised to be the next big thing.

Vaping Joyetech Notch Coils

Joyetech notch coils offer two separate builds to satisfy the style of vaping you prefer whether it be for mouth inhale or lung inhale.

The instant you hit the fire button on your mod, you are going to notice the fast response and immediate vapor output of Joyetech Notch coils. The vapor production seriously kicks into top gear the instant you hit the fire button. The idea of non-resistance leads accelerating the responsiveness of an atomizer coil is brilliant. This idea was enabled by the solid coil design as opposed to wrapped coils we are all so used to. With the new design, the body of the coil can be a different material than the leads. With wrapped coils, obviously the leads are the same material as the main body of the coil.

With a responsive action, large flat surface area, the vaping from Notch coils is excellent. Some of the best vaping I have ever enjoyed. The flavor sensation is clean vivid. The vapor production is prodigious. Very nice dense vapor. Joyetech Notch coils are suitable for avid cloud chasers.

Notch Coils are 0.25 ohms resistance and made of 316 stainless steel. They can be used in variable wattage mode, for sub-ohm vaping, anywhere from 30 watts up to 70 watts. In a bypass or mech mod mode, you can even push it to 80 watts. Notch coils can also be used in temperature control mod with mods capable of TC mode with stainless steel coils. The ideal temperature seems to be about the 450 F mark.

As far as using Joyetech Notch coils in temperature control mode, many experts are saying that these coils are the best temp control atomizers that they have ever tried. The speed at which these coils are able to reach your chosen temp setting results in a more consistent and efficient temperature control vaping experience. The solid design is also better for evenly maintaining temperature as well as reading a precise temperature back to the chip set.

They heat fast and they heat evenly and that makes a major difference to your vaping. The solid state style style design event distributes current almost instantly as we have been talking about. This is a high performance atomizer coil. These coils have a large diameter that makes them easy to work with if you are inserting these coils into an RTA or RDA so someone who is relatively a vaping beginner or someone with visual challenges will have an easier time wicking and working with Notch coils versus wrapped coils.

The bottom line is that Joyetech Notch coils vape amazingly well.

Where To Buy Joyetech Notch Coils

Direct Vapor offers a large selection, free delivery and lowest prices guaranteed on Smok vape tanks, accessories and Joyetech notch coils.

I think it is safe to say that Joyetech Notch coils are going to be very popular and in demand. The early reviews are all glowing. That means that you can also expect Notch coils to be heavily counterfeited. The fake Notch coils will look just like the real thing but who knows what they will be made of. Just speculating but the clone factories will probably use 409 stainless steel, the cheapest kind, and who knows what for lead wires and who knows what else to spot weld the lead wires in place. Cheaper materials will not get the same performance as authentic Joyetech Notch coils. No way.

You can expect the counterfeits and clones to have almost exactly the same packaging as genuine Joyetech packaging. They will be sold in vape shops and by many online vendors. Even vape shop owners sometimes don’t know they are buying clones. Clones and counterfeits can look an awful lot like the real thing. But, they will not be the real deal.

A lot of people try and tell me that clones are not so bad. I could not disagree more. There are going to be clones and you should to avoid clones and counterfeits. Worse yet, in many cases the clones cost almost as much as the real thing. Top quality vaping devices are affordable as is and saving a little on a counterfeit is just not worth it.

So yah you’ll go to Fasttech, eBay, Amazon or wherever and maybe find some super cheap Notch coils. I get emails every day from distributors offering ridiculous prices on popular vaping products. When I specifically ask them, just for fun, if they are offering authentic product they inevitably say, “no, we offer high quality facsimiles.” Well, maybe they would let me buy it with “facsimile” money! Probably not! So, why would I pay good money for a fake?

Always Buy Authentic!

The importance of buying authentic vape products is wholly safety related, make sure every purchase is one you can put confidence in.

Another thing they like to say is that they are selling “1:1 clones” as though to say they use the same quality of materials and structural design. Well, there really is no way to know so if they really are using quality materials unless you hire a metallurgist to verify. I don’t want to have to hire a metallurgist! Life is a lot simpler and hassle free when you buy authentic. Honestly, if you want to enjoy the amazing vaping of Notch coils, make sure to get authentic Joyetech Notch coils and by all means stay away from the fakes and clones.

Joyetech tries to keep track of copycats and ecig dealers selling clones but it is very hard to do so. Check for the Joyetech Trademark and logo, which will be visible on authentic products, and if you don’t see either of those then you have an instant sign that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

The best place to buy Joyetech Notch coils is from Direct Vapor. Yes, we do have an agreement with Direct vapor but keep in mind that we could forge an agreement with anyone we want. We are constantly approached to be affiliates for online vape retailers. We turned them down and opted for Direct Vapor for five specific reasons one of the most important being the fact that Direct Vapor is the ‘no-clone zone’. They sell only authentic vaping products received directly from the leading international electronic cigarette manufacturers.

In fact, Direct Vapor has a Joyetech Authenticity Certificate verifying that they are indeed an authorized dealer and a reliable source to purchase authentic Joytetch Notch Coils. When you can get a 5-pack of Notch coils for less than $10 shipping included, I mean, why would you ever want to mess around with clones that might cost $7. It makes no sense.

Other reasons why we chose Direct Vapor include the fact that they offer a low price guarantee. That means if you see a lower price on authentic product elsewhere, they will match it. They also do free shipping on every order. Direct Vapor offers warranty protection. Most vape shops or online vape stores will refer you to the manufacturer for any warranty issues. Direct Vapor has a 15 day money back guarantee and a 60 day warranty that they will handle, they will not send you to an overseas call center where no one speaks English.

The thing is authentic Notch coils are not expensive. It is not worth a buck or two difference to take a chance of getting shafted with fake Notch coils. Your best bet is to order from trusted sources and authorized dealers like Direct Vapor.

Wismec Theorem Notch Coils

The intricacy and craftsmanship of the notch coil is never more evident as on the Wismec Theorem where the coil sits front and center.

In the image above, you can see the Notch coil separately and see how it is located when installed into the Wismec Theorem. The Wismec Theorem Notch coils are delivered as bare coils that you can wick and insert into the Theorem RTA. We first tried Notch coils when doing our Wismec Theorem RTA review. We found that the Notch coils are easy to work with and the diameter of the coils at 0.55 mm is twice the size of the typical wrapped coil. They are much easier to wick and you can use more wick. That means you can absorb and vape more e-juice.

With the Wismec Theorem, which was designed in the USA by Jay-Bo, you also have the option of installing the Notch coil vertically. The Theorem is a unique RTA designed with an elevated atomizer deck that is easy to build on. It is airflow friendly and the first time that we tried it the instant response of this coil was very noticeable. The clean flavor was also noticeable. The vapor production is outstanding.

Wismec Theorem Notch coils come in packs of five and sell for $8.95. They have a listed resistance of 0.23 ohms and are long lasting.

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Notch Coils

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Notch coils were released alongside the Joyetech Cuboid Mini mod. We did a full Cuboid Mini review and were very impressed by this ingenious, compact vaping device. The Cuboid Mini mod is capable of standard vaping with coils over 1.0 ohm. It will sub ohm vape, too. In addition, it is a temp control vaping capable device for every type of temp control coil material including Ni200, SS and Ti. It has a TCR and bypass mode to boot.

The Joytech Cuboid mini notch coil is constructed with 100% organic cotton and features improved resistance and ohm accuracy with it's bottom feeding system.

The Joyetech Cuboid Mini has a 5 ml tank and top airflow. The tank is cuboid shaped to match the body of the mod. It will take you all the way up to 80 watts. It really is an amaing little mod and it is sometimes hard to believe that such a compact mod can do so much and crank out up to 80 watts. The Joyetech chip set runs this device beautifully and the software is upgradeable. The vaping is awesome and it gets an excellent vaping performance form the Notch coils. So much vapor and lots of flavor!

There are a number of coil options available for the Joyetech Cuboid Mini, including an RBA head, and a Notch coil, of course! Cuboid Mini Notch coils are pre-built so you do not have to do any wicking or building of any kind. If you are so inclined, you could take a pre-built Notch coil apart and re-wick it but that is a subject for another time and requires some patience to accomplish. Pre-built Notch coils are in fact perfect for people who are not into rebuilding but still want to enjoy the exceptional vaping that these coils deliver.

Another one of the interesting features of the Cuboid Mini pre-built Notch coils is that there are additional ejuice ports located on the bottom of the coil. Of course there are the large juice ports in the sides of the coil, but ejuice can also be absorbed into the organic cotton wicking from very small ports located on the underside of the coils. The capillary action, the name for the fluid dynamics principle explaining why fluids flow upwards in fibrous mediums, from the bottom combined with the saturation from the standard juice ports should contribute to a evenly saturated wick.

Cuboid Mini Notch coils have an atomizer resistance of 0.25 ohms. The 316 stainless steel is capable of temp control vaping, bypass, or variable wattage. The recommended settings are from 30 watts to 70 watts.