You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to vaping, you might have decided there is no further that the rudimentary technology can be pushed to benefit users any further. However, our Joyetech Espion Silk review had some surprises in store that we didn’t even see coming, and we handle a ton of mods and tanks regularly.

First off, plenty of critics have decided from square one that they don’t like the appearance of the Espion Silk starter kit, which may have unfairly skewed their opinion of this compact vape setup. It’s important to us to never judge a vape by its cover, though how they look aesthetically is certainly a factor to consider when purchasing one of the best performance vape mods on the market, particularly because if you’re going to make a significant investment, you want something that you can feel proud and confident about while using. That said, if you enjoy the way the Joyetech Espion Silk 80w TC mod looks, it really does present some unique attributes that could be ideal for your needs.

With a cushioned, rubber outer padding that claims to be hypoallergenic, vapers who have skin sensitivities to metallic surfaces, plastic or polymers used in the construction of the latest cutting edge box mods and tanks may get a little boost of confidence with this setup clutched in their hand. Keep in mind, if you’re allergic or hyper sensitive to metals of any kind, it’s probably smart to start with a ceramic coil or vape tank since there’s always a chance that the vapor particulates contain metal byproducts that irritate. That said, as we conducted our Joyetech Espion Silk review, it’s not a design aspect we can remember being integral to the build of any mods or ecigarette starter kits we’ve reviewed in recent memory and is at least interesting.

Aside from the standard functionality of a compact device with single USB rechargeable vape battery capable of reaching 80 watts with temperature control, one of the truly impressive aspects of the Espion Silk kit is the vape tank with its drop in notch coil design. To explain, the Joyetech NotchCore sub ohm vape tank is innovative in ways that are not only attractive and user friendly, they optimize technology and engineering typically reserved for RDAs, RBAs and custom coil builds and drippers, at least in how the atomizer coils attach to the base. We gave this groundbreaking vape kit a thorough trial to determine whether the new attributes were worthy of the investment.

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Meet the Coil of Your Dreams — Joyetech Espion Silk Review

Some years back, there were rising trends in redesigning the construction and configuration of atomizer coils in a variety of metals, ceramic as well as shapes and designs. In fact, we’re still seeing these innovations making waves in the vape industry with the sudden popularity of “mesh coils” like the outstanding Plexus suh ohm atomizer we were enamored with for our Innokin Proton vape starter kit review. Reflexively, notch coils are nothing new, and quite honestly we were surprised to find the Joyetech NotchCore vape tank designed around them, but what we didn’t know, was that they had put a new twist on the replaceable atomizer system we didn’t expect.

In detail, the way RBAs and RDAs or rebuildable drip and sub ohm atomizers are designed, users are expected to reconstruct the atomizer when the cotton burns out and replace it with either a fresh build or a new coil if the metal is too fatigued. One of the highlights of drippers and rebuildable vape tanks is the intersection of outstanding flavor and maximum cloud production. With that in mind, the NotchCore we tested for this Joyetech Espion Silk review isn’t a true RBA, what it does is simplify the system in which you replace burnt coils, prime them and break them in with a similar setup.

Essentially, the replacement notch coils for the NotchCore tank are pre-made, drop-in units that easily seat and detach from the terminals on the base and have exposed cotton wicking that is as easy to prime with vape juice as any drip deck, plus, there’s the option to re-wick them if the cotton is fried and the coil is okay saving you tons of money on replacements. Without complicated threading and multiple parts that can be tough to seal, as well as take apart, this bottom seated atomizer coil system is incredibly easy to use and maintain, which, if you’ve never used a modular vape tank before and don’t understand priming or breaking in cotton, the NotchCore tank which implements the innovative Joyetech notch coil technology is simply amazing.

Of course, throughout our Joyetech Espion Silk review, the mod performed just as well as we would expect from the Joyetech vape brand, easy functionality, an intuitive menu system toggled with the fire button and +/- buttons and a good size 2800 mAh built in USB rechargeable battery which adequately supplied plenty of power for tasty and consistent clouds of vapor. In addition, that hypoallergenic rubberized outer grip material, was comfortable unbelievably lightweight and not surprisingly comfortable in my hand for hours, I almost forgot I was holding a vape mod and not some floating swimming pool accessory made from spongy material (don’t ever use your vape mods when submerged in water). It’s grippy, cushy outer coating is ideal for on the go vaping compared to the heavy high power box mods with multiple vape batteries.


  • 80w mod with variable wattage, temperature control, TCR settings, and Bypass Mode
  • 5ml NotchCore sub ohm tank is top filling, dual adjustable airflow with drop in atomizer coil design
  • Powered by a built-in USB rechargeable 2800 mAh vape battery
  • Rubberized hypoallergenic outer grip material comes in orange and black, red and black (dark grey?), and black and brown (it’s tanish-beige like a band-aid)
  • Vape starter kit comes with 5 Replacement notch coil atomizers!

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Joyetech Espion Silk Review Summary

Here’s the thing, I know we didn’t cover much about the mod itself, it has variable wattage up to 80 watts, temperature control with Ni, Ti, SS and three TCR settings, basically everything you’d expect and want in the best advanced vape mods, not a lot of new ground here. The most attractive things about this lightweight vape starter kit really are the most visible; the foam outer coating hypoallergenic material and most importantly the tank. Again, it’s top filling via a slide cap like much of the newest sub ohm vape tanks on the market, dual bottom draw airflow control ports, 510 threading, again, literally everything you anticipate a brand new atomizer tank to have standard.

However, that notch coil system, with the removable coil that isn’t inside a pre-built threaded atomizer head truly was a revelation for me. After building my own coils for years, loving my RDA drip decks and RBA tanks, there was something so impressive about this system, which, although old and kind of archaic as far as vaping technology is concerned, showed me a new way to implement it. It’s simple, straightforward and produces incredible flavor for a sub ohm tank that uses pre-built coils. In fact, even though it comes in this kit as an accessory, the NotchCore tank took the spotlight for this Joyetech Espion Silk review, which is so strange for me to admit.

Is it the best vape tank I’ve ever used, not at all, but that ability to easily throw a new coil in or rebuild it with fresh cotton if it isn’t burnt adds both an environmentally responsible aspect as well as a valuable one. You save money, you create less waste, it’s a win across the board for me. Throw that tank on the Espion Silk mod and you have this lightweight, mobile, compact vape starter kit that travels well, creates incredible vapor and is comfortable in your hand and USB rechargeable, I mean, that’s a lot of positives if you appreciate simplicity.

When you’re looking for the best travel vape mods and kits available that are easy to use, rebuild, maintain, and produce an incredibly tasty and dense vapor cloud in every puff, this may be one of the “sleeper mod” best sellers that the vaping community ends up loving, you just got to get past the overall design. We hope this Joyetech Espion Silk review was valuable to your search for a vaping upgrade, once you give this compact vape starter kit a try, you may not need anything else.