In the beginning, there was ecigarettes, and they were good, but fast forward through the eons of vaping evolution and box mods have become the pinnacle of performance for experiencing everything that fulfilling vapor has to offer in compact design. This technological growth was apparent during our Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review, as this next step on the ladder of climbing vape tech takes another rung in combining satisfying vapor with elegant design.

On the heels of releasing their Espion Silk lightweight durable vape kit, they certainly increased both the performance and the ability of this class of power mod. Speaking of class, the redesign includes an elegant, vibrant lightshow of dual LED frames with a recessed mirror illusion that is about the most tasteful of these glowing upgrades we’ve seen in recent memory. In fact, users are able to toggle the lighting system to only activate when fired, in standby until is goes to sleep, or off in what is effectively a stealth mode when you don’t want to draw attention to your vaping.

Clearly, with the top vape brands releasing a fury of mods with quirky engineering meant to impress users visually as well as physically, everyone has their own take on how to offer a device that meets the optically stimulating range of devices. While many we’ve seen recently span the spectrum from over-the-top flashing intensity, to obvious kitsch accoutrements which are wholly unnecessary, something about this tightly constructed and machined mod carries a certain elegance and dare I say, futuristic design. Throughout our Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review I felt as if every puff took me through a time traveling portal transporting me to a distant world of incredible vapor.

Bear in mind, every time I looked down at the projected LED display which floats above an optical illusion and framed by a secondary LED light ring, I felt like it was moving through space time at a million miles per hour, predicting the performance of my vapor and sending the message into the past. To be clear, it doesn’t do this, I’m a huge science fiction fan and the design of this vape kit reminds me of full color illustrations of pulp magazines from my youth which I have an immense nostalgia for. That said, I had to pull back from just looking at this amazing artifact of beautifully crafted space age technology to fully appreciate whether it was worth exploring my own vaping future with.

21700: A Vape Odyssey — Joyetech Espion Infinite Vape Kit Review

First off, one of the most notable improvements we noticed for this Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review was the ability to use a wide range of vape battery configurations. Although the starter kit does come standard with two 21700 battery units, you aren’t limited to using them as the mod itself is able to run efficiently on 20700 and 18650 vape batteries using the included adapter. As a result, users never need to worry about running out of power supplies as many of us have a vast collection of 18650s already and being able to choose is an immensely valuable asset from square one.

Moving on to the available performance options, the Espion Infinite mod has all the standard modes including variable wattage, TCR settings, and temperature control for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless-Steel atomizer coils, plus the aforementioned stealth/battery saver mode. It’s also able to fire between 1w and 230 watts in single watt increments which is an ideal system for users to dial in their perfect wattage in both power and temperature control modes. In addition, you can custom select your atomizer resistance which means you don’t need to rely on the auto detection system that many comparable vape mods use and sometimes miscalculate (my Smok X-Priv gets stuck on a single ohm setting every time I change it until I attach a different tank).

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The ProCore Conquer sub ohm tank that was included which we used specifically to highlight the efficacy of this Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review, performs brilliantly and comes with a color matched finish, cobra style resin drip tip and translucent bubble glass (it’s comes with a clear spare tank as well). It’s top filling via a sliding cap which reveals a good size fill port accessible by most bottle tips and droppers. Additionally, the kit comes with two pre-built sub ohm atomizer heads, a ProCA 0.4ohm coil which is already installed and a 0.15ohm ProCD mesh coil, both rated for use between 40w and 80 watts.

Understand, just because a high wattage vape mod is rated up to 230 watts (or more), does not mean they can be cranked all the way up with the equipment included in the starter kit. However, it does open up the possibility of performance with all of your favorite low resistance RDA vape tanks and custom dripper builds which are able to safely reach that maximum power output. Though we didn’t test the Espion Infinite with any dripper tanks, we still got an immensely dense amount of flavorful vapor at around the 74-watt range that seemed to be a comfortable sweet spot.


  • 230-watt Espion Infinite Mod adjusts in 1-watt increments and has two integrated LED light framed mirror illusions
  • Easy to navigate power (wattage), TCR, Temp Control (Ni, Ti, SS), and stealth mode
  • ProCore Conquer vape tank comes with 0.4ohm and 0.14ohm mesh atomizers
  • Sub ohm tank is top filling via a slide cap and has integrated dual port bottom draw airflow control ring
  • Vape starter kit available in matching black, blue, red, green, gold and dazzling (rainbow) finishes

Joyetech Espion Infinite Vape Kit Review Wrap Up

As far as the best designed box mods, this is possibly my favorite creation of the last five years even though I’m not a huge fan of flashing lights and gimmicks. Without the scrolling, flashing and tracing LED system, it is at the very least a solidly build and high quality device that combines minimally sleek design elements with outstanding functionality for an all-around pleasurable vape. Again, I’m a huge science fiction fan from way back, so there are creative flourishes I appreciate that make this setup astoundingly attractive to me. However, the aesthetics only influenced my Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review to a rather small degree and the vapor as well as the flavor production was equally as impressive.

The Joyetech ProCore Conquer sub ohm tank is like a prepped rocket ready to fire into the clouds from an artfully constructed Launchpad and once it reaches optimum vaping atmosphere, you realize how quick your trajectory is from being rooted on Earth to transporting into the massive vapor nebula in no time at all. Every puff is an exploration into far off galaxies of tasty vapor with the push of that super tactile fire button. The fine-tuning buttons are on the top of the mod, which isn’t the typical, nor my favorite placement honestly, but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of this vape starter kit.

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If you look at vape mod clones, there’s a very good reason that so many are Joyetechs and much of that has to do with the functionality as well as the design of their devices. They were one of the first well-known vape brands to differentiate themselves for creating some of the most popular vape mods on the market early on and have remained an important name by creating devices and tanks that are both innovative and attractive (my first sub ohm tank was the Delta II which I loved for the RTA atomizer heads). As such, it should not have been a surprise how much I enjoyed conducting this Joyetech Espion Infinite vape kit review, but I was completely overwhelmed with how precise and detailed the engineering was on this setup.

With dual 20700 vape batteries the vapor output of this vape kit truly does seem to go on forever and earns its name throughout hours of powerfully potent performance. Nevermind the lighting system, for one of the best high performance vape starter kits crafted with integrity and intention, there’s no doubt in my mind this one is well worth the investment. As it is, the Espion Infinite kit is definitely going into my regular rotation as an invaluable tool for jettisoning my nicotine cravings to the end of eternity.