In a first for UK e cigarette brands, the JAC Vapour Clear Steam e-liquid was recently announced. This is a new vapourless e-liquid that produces no vapor when exhaled. Essentially, it’s a discreet system that creates a significant shift in the relation between smoking and vaping.

As crazy as that might sound to e-cig users, this concept is starting to get popular. The longtime e-cigarette maker insists that their new technology emits no vapor (spelled “vapour” in the UK) when exhaled, giving electronic cigarette users an even more stealthy way of “vaping” away.

Clear steam e liquid by jac vapour

JAC Vapours Clear Steam Changes The Game

It definitely took us by surprise here at Expert Vaping to see this in the UK already, because we are generally used to touting large plumes of vapor as one indication of how much satisfaction you can get out of that electronic cigarette. JAC Vapour joins White Cloud in turning this thinking on its head with this new approach and their Clear Steam technology.

The technology itself, we have to admit, is a pretty nifty concept, albeit not a new one as over here in the US White Cloud already has some experience with vaporless e-cig cartridges. Instead of converting the e-liquid that is heated by an e-cigarette into noticeable vapor, Clear Stream e-liquid produces a much lighter vapor that simply dissipates before the user exhales it. JAC Vapour claims it will still produce the same flavor and throat hit that their users are accustomed to, something you can see for yourself in their video here:

The pluses of a system like this are really clear to us. When the vapor cigarette was first introduced, early adapters had to deal with most people thinking they were smoking an actual cigarette. I can remember having to tell those around me not to worry, “it’s not a real cigarette, it’s electronic – no smoke, just vapor.” That would usually calm any frayed nerves about me using my e-cig in an area that wasn’t a designated smoking zone.

The funny thing is that as more information has gotten out there about e-cigs, more misinformation has gotten out there too. So while many more people recognize my e cigarette, some of those people still prefer I keep my vapor out of sight. Having something as discreet as what JAC Vapour proclaims they came up with can help monumentally to that end.

Can JAC Vapours Clear Steam Help Avoid The Bans?

This isn’t to say e-cigarette users could or should be as sneaky as it allows. We’ve written here about different e-cig bans popping up around the country and, however tempting it may be, we still have a duty to honor those. As inane as it may seem to us, we’ll have to let the truth fighting continue and be honest about what we have in our hands rather than deceitful.

I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to take an invisible puff in a restricted area if I had the chance, but I know that I shouldn’t, and so I wouldn’t. Not having any visible signs of vapor would still bring down the attention level for those that are unsure how they feel about these marvelous little devices. That is certainly a positive aspect that we won’t play down, it just isn’t the end all be all either.

jag vapour e liquid clear steam no vapor

JAC Vapour co-founder Emma Logan made sure to mention those bans, explaining how “Clear Steam aims to make e-cigarettes even more distinguishable than their traditional counterparts – a visual concern that has resulted in a spate of public bans.”

Whether it’s the visual itself or other elements of vapor cigarettes that are causing the public fright in some circles, we have to hand it to them for taking a stab at the problem. Logan went on to say that they “hope to alleviate these public misconceptions of the product in some situations and enable e-cigarette users to vape without prejudice,” which is a lofty goal indeed.

Has The UK Made Their Mark On Vaping?

We have to think that JAC Vapour also sees this as a differentiator for themselves among e cigarette brands as the competition continues to ramp up. Meaning that this isn’t just about the end user and the acceptance of e-cigarettes as a whole, but also a strategic business decision by a company that has been around since 2010 and has seen local British competitor SKYCIGS gobbled up by big tobacco last year.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on developments from brands over in the UK and how that could affect e cigarette brands in the US. The electronic cigarette continues to go global and the competition will breed and copy more of these advances, even invisible ones like Clear Steam.

Stay tuned for more!