I wanted to connect with our readers to reassure everyone about the soundness of the iStick 30 watt mod. There have been so many reports going around about failures and other incidents about the iStick 50 watt mod but that should NOT be confused with the 30 watt model. The eLeaf iStick 30 watt is incredibly sound and reliable.

The iStick 30 watt is a very compact and comfortable ecig mod that is made by iSmoka eLeaf. It has a built in battery and multiple layers of safety features. We have tested the iStick 30 watt mod extensively and it has proven to be incredibly reliable. We picked ours up from Mt Baker Vapor so we know it is an authentic device.

The Eleaf iStick 30 watt vape mod package comes in an assortment of colors including pink, black, silver and blue.

In so many cases when we hear of an event of a drastic failure of an otherwise reputable electronic cigarette, quite often you find out that it was actually a counterfeit device that failed. This happens way too often. Low quality knock-offs are a major problem. This is why you have to know who you are buying from. Don’t buy from eBay from some person who buys their supplies from online wholesalers. Just don’t do it. These knock-offs are everywhere.

It’s so important to buy from a reputable vendor like Mt. Baker Vapor or Apollo eCigs. You need to know that you are getting authentic products and not counterfeits.

Now, there have been some reported problems with the iStick 50 watt mod. This is causing a minor ripple in the industry and giving the media fodder to attack electronic cigarettes. This week in Knoxville, Tennessee the media was avidly reporting an incident of an iStick 50 watt overheating. It was in the newspapers and on the TV news as well.

There have been some issues with the iStick 50 watt mod. There are a number of reported incidents of random firings and overheating. There are some posts on Reddit that talk about iStick 50s overheating and catching fire while sitting in the charger overnight. I am sure that eLeaf is working to fix the problem with the iStick 50 watts and may have already. But I felt that we are duty bound to report these incidents.

The iStick by Eleaf 50 watt power mod is available in silver, black, pink, and blue.

There are two very important things that I want to express here. First, the iStick 50 watt is a troubled product and in any industry, especially an emerging one like vaping, there are going to be occasional flaws. It was the exact same with laptop computer models in the 1990s and early 2000s. In general, eLeaf is a reputable manufacturer and the iStick line was designed as a low cost, solidly designed ecig mod. We are confident in the quality of the iStick 30 watt. One of our staff members has been using it for almost 6 months and it has never had any issue whatsoever. It is an excellent product.

If you do want a 50 watt mod, then you will want to go with the VaporFi Vox II 50 watt mod. Yes, it costs more but it is worth it. The Vox 2 is a rock solid design and proven performer. VaporFi is an American ecig brand that is one of the absolute best. Anyone who says that American ecig brands are just rebranders of OEM products is not telling you the truth. US ecig companies have stepped up huge in the last couple of years and are now designing some of the best vaping products in the world. Not to mention the fact that if you do have an issue at any time it is a lot easier to deal with an American brand when it comes to any warranty matter.

The main thing to convey today is that if you have heard about the iStick 50 watt failures or seen something on the news, don’t confuse those incidents with the iStick 30 watt mod. Yes, you should be aware of the iStick 50 problems and you should be very aware of the prevalence of counterfeits in the market place. We are confident that iSmoka eLeaf is a quality brand and that they will solve any technical glitches or defects. Their most popular product, the iStick 30 watt, remains a tried and true performer that you can rely on.

iStick 30 Watt Mod

The iStick 30 watt mod is incredibly popular and with good reason. For such a compact device, it is capable of a 30 watt output and that is more than enough to enjoy the full range of vapor production from a 0.5 ohm resistance atomizer. Plus you can also use it for standard vaping. It is easy to adjust and easy to use.

We completed a full iStick 30 watt review and we tested this mod inside out and upside down. It is a top performer and a great value for the money. We bought ours from Mt Baker Vapor so we know it is authentic. It arrived very quickly and if you watch our review video you will see the unboxing portion where we show you the packaging. Look at the authentication code on the back. Make sure you get the real deal.

The 30 watt iStick by Eleaf comes with everything needed to get started.

The iStick 30 watt mod itself is small and comfortable to hold. The 2200 mAh battery is built into the device and is quickly and easily charged through the USB port. That means that you do not have to buy a separate battery or charger. This is an easy to use device that lets you lock in your chosen settings and is diverse enough to work with a huge range of ecig tanks. You are not limited with the iStick 30 watt mod.

One thing that we find people really like about the iStick 30 watt mod is the fact that it is so small. Men and women love it for this reason. It is so portable and convenient. Even though it is small is still has the power needed to get the most out of a subohm atomizer. The 2200 mAh battery has excellent staying power and recharges very quickly.

The iStick 30 watt mod is a proven perfomer and a consumer favorite. The 30 watt model has not had the problems that have been reported on the 50 watt model. To be very clear, the incidents that were most talked about with the 50 watt model happened early this year. The latest production runs of the iStick 50 are drawing rave reviews. It seems like the problems of the iStick 50 are in the past.

The iStick 30 watt vape mod by Eleaf comes in an array of colors including silver, red, black and blue.

What we wanted to make sure of was that the bad press that iSticks have been getting don’t color your view of the iStick 30 watt mod. When you get an authentick iStick mod from a reputable company like Mt Baker Vapor you are getting a high quality vaping product. The 30 watt model is small but powerful, easy to use and very reliable. Our staff have been using it for months and it is also a proven workhorse that will not let you down.