Vaping is one of the most popular ways to ingest marijuana these days. It is quiet and discreet. Getting high off of concentrate is typically just as effective as hitting a joint, but minus the odor or smoke. This is a godsend if you want to get a buzz without causing a scene, and it is very popular as a result. The question on hand though is how this compares to the actual smoking of marijuana from a health perspective. So the question at hand, Is Vaping Weed Safe? lets find out.

You Might Think Vaping Concentrate is Safe but We have Some Facts you need to know

The problems arise from the usage of the concentrate. While vaping may feel less harsh than smoking, there, a slew of new issues come out of using concentrate, and that is mostly the usage of additives. The creation of concentrate differs depending on who you are buying from, and it can be homegrown in a yard, or extracted in a lab. Regardless, the product is unregulated meaning we do not know what is safe and what isn’t.

Vaping vs Smoking a Joint

On the plus side, legal states have done some bits to try to limit the amount of additives in marijuana concentrate. Some work has been done to alleviate the health risks posed by some of the more popular extraction methods. So that is good! But there is still plenty of issues present as well and we still want to know is Vaping Weed Safe?

These are the States Where Weed is Legal as of 2017

Vaping may cause health problems in the lungs, even though it feels smoother. Plant matter that burns when smoked does not go away when vaporized, and that may build up over time. But vaping is new, so the research is more or less hypothetical. Of course, there is also the fact that the heating of concentrate can release carcinogens.

These are the Carcinogens Found in Cigarettes

Oils, additives, and other synthetic materials are likely not going to be beneficial to your health if ingested. The issue is that some of these additives, like pesticides used when farming are regulated on the plant, but as the name suggests, concentrate contains significantly larger amounts of the additives in smaller batches. This is scary stuff, and it would be so helpful in the long run to have actual clinical trials regarding concentrate and vaping. If society keeps going the way it has been in regards to the drug, hopefully that will end up being the case.

Much More Research is Needed to Determine if Vaping Weed is Safer

Closing Thoughts

When talking about marijuana in any capacity it is hard to ignore the obvious. Since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, there has been extremely little medical research into effects of the drug. This goes double for the vaping of the drug since it is still a relatively new phenomenon.

Hopefully in a few years, this will be a totally different ballgame. Legal trials and research will go a long way into safety and regulations when dealing with new ways to use the drug. So Is Vaping Weed Safe? The honest answer is we don’t know. As with most things, it is a risk. Hopefully soon we will know for sure, but until then you’re going in blind.