Just about every smoker is looking for a solution to nicotine addiction, and the advent of ecigarettes that contain liquid nicotine certainly gave them more to think about. Vaping ecigs has already replaced smoking for millions of people and even the staunchest critics of ecigs, like Tom Frieden at the CDC, admit that vaping an electronic cigarette is less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Many experts insist that by switching from smoking to vaping ecigs, millions of lives have been saved. They also insist that millions more have the potential to be saved. Is vaping ecigs the long-needed solution to the devastation caused by smoking?

The CDC's Tom Frieden is one of the country's most outspoken critics of vaping and e-cigarettes.

The unexpected addition of liquid nicotine into the picture back in approximately 2006 began to alter the landscape of smokers. At first changes were tiny but now vaping has now turned into a massive movement. Concepts like e cig juice, which seemed so foreign to smokers not long ago, have become commonplace. Even the term “vape” has entered popular culture and rose to become the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2014.

The age of electronic cigarettes is upon us, but there are still some who question if turning smokers into vapers is really the solution.

Call them cynics or naysayers. Heck, you can even call them Big Tobacco moles, but there are opponents of ecigarettes who are out to make the case against our ecig juice fueled revolution. They don’t trust liquid nicotine or vaping ecigs as the answer for smokers, even as millions have opted for it. True, it may not halt nicotine addiction entirely, but smokers who have made the switch have enjoyed the lack of ash, toxins and stench that traditional tobacco cigarettes bring.

Yet even with the rave reviews of the lifestyle changing ability that vaping ecigs brings, we consistently see negative takes on this growing industry.

Opponents of vaping and e-cigarettes are under fire from all sides in accusations of collusion and corruption.

One very cynical way of looking at ecigs is that they are just a way to keep money flowing through nicotine addiction. That’s pretty much the premise of this Brent Green opinion piece regarding vaping. Green starts out with the eye-catching and controversial subheading of “How do you replace a shrinking (and dying) customer base? Get the new generation hooked.”

Just from that we knew we were in for a bashing of liquid nicotine and vaping ecigs as the method by which the tobacco industry will continue to rake it in. We are just as skeptical as the next guy, and more so, about Big Tobacco and corporate money grabs. Yet it is clear to us that Brent hasn’t been following the industry for long enough to really know what happened here.

Vaping eCigs Is Misunderstood And Misinterpreted By Critics

From an outsider’s perspective, turning smokers into vapers seems like a transparent ploy to keep a so-called dying industry going. But insisting that this is the case would be ignoring how ecigarettes got here in the first place. Green claims, “In 2007, the seeds of these strategies were planted in the U.S. — not in tobacco fields but in high-tech labs.”

While that does sound like a wonderfully devious plot that fits with his hypothesis, it is just plain wrong. The year of 2007 was when ecigarettes first started appearing on America’s shores in a major way, although they were available in Pennsylvania in late 2006, and they were all coming from China.

One of the biggest emerging e-cigarette brands Blu, was purchased by tobacco giant Lorillard in 2012.

Nobody was devising a strategy from within a high-tech lab, at least not in the US. No, this was a product that found its way into the hands of some early adopters, like our pioneering CEO Jon Deak, and then grew legs of its own.

Even though Green does acknowledge that 2007 is when ecigs arrived in the US, he quickly jumps to the 2012 acquisition of Blu eCigs by Lorillard. From then on, he makes some good points about the wariness we should have about Big Tobacco and their marketing methods. The problem is that he applies this to the industry as a whole, and stretches a very long line from that dot to the one about vaping ecigs being a massive plot to keep smokers hooked via ecig juice.

Even token compliments like “Vaping provides an alternative habit for long-term cigarette smokers…” are followed up by warnings over how dangerous the devices can be (based on the already refuted formaldehyde study).

Some strong accusations that have been proven to hold no basis in fact aimed at e-cigarettes include containing formaldehyde.

More than anything, Green completely ignores the grassroots efforts that built the ecigarette movement into what it is today. We may be at a junction where Big Tobacco has injected a lot of cash into the game, and hundreds of shady ecig brands remain out there, but that isn’t the heart of the matter.

At its core, the ecigarette was driven by smokers who had had enough. These were people that were looking for a real alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and found it in the electronic cigarette. Not some massive conspiracy to turn smokers into vapers for the sake of keeping the money flowing to Big Tobacco.

Those 5 years of fighting for the ecig industry to reach all smokers was a commitment from the people who use ecigarettes and understand their potential. It certainly wouldn’t take Big Tobacco that long to get the word out if they really wanted to, putting aside the fact that they initially fought against vaping tooth and nail because it represented real competition for the first time.

Media personality Brent Green's article on vaping fabricates information, which is no laughing matter.

Brent Green’s article may make for a good read and a nice story, but it is simply theory that isn’t based in fact. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen off-base claims such as this, and it won’t be the last. But with the ecig industry becoming firmly established, we know many smokers are going to have the opportunity to form an opinion on their own, and we think most will absolutely love what ecigarettes and vaping ecigs can offer them.

Vaping ecigs has already proven to be a new lease on life for 3 to 4 million people in the US alone. We think that the best is yet to come for the ecigarette revolution and the millions of smokers who are still to this day stuck on smoking. Vaping may just be the solution that they so desperately need.

Happy Vaping!