A new electronic cigarette study has found that vapor has no toxic effect on lung cells. The results of this study fortify the results of a number of recent studies. There are still some groups that claim that ecig vapor inhibits lung cells from optimal immune response but more and more studies are finding that vapor does not produce measurable amounts of toxins. In fact, some of the best research has concluded that ecig vapor is virtually indistinguishable from normal room air.

What are the differences between the studies that conclude that vapor has some toxins vs the studies that show vapor is benign? In many cases researchers intentionally overheat the eliquid in order to create toxins. To be real, you would not want to vape overheated eliquid. It tastes disgusting. It is not reasonable to assume that anyone would vape overheated ejuice.

Many studies critical of vaping intentionally overheat their e-liquid much higher than most vapers do regularly in an effort to influence the results.

This new vaping study was funded by British American Tobacco in conjunction with the technology of the MatTek Corporation. The methodology involved a “smoking robot” that exposed human cell models to ecig vapor, smoke and basic room air.

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The evidence is clear

Here’s what happened. After 6 hours of exposure to tobacco smoke, the cells dies. After constant, heavy exposure to electronic cigarette vapor the tissues responded almost identically to the response to standard room air. Dr. Marina Murphy concluded that “by employing a combination of a smoking robot and a lab-based test using respiratory tissue, it was possible to demonstrate that the ecigarette aerosols used in this study have no effect on human airway tissue.”

The evidence gathered so far by Cancer Research UK suggests that not only is vaping far safer than smoking, but that the growing use of e-cigarettes are helping people stop smoking.

This study was funded by a tobacco company and many critics will pounce on that. But the fact is that in recent years Big Tobacco funded studies have been deemed credible by many experts. Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University acknowledges the ,imits of the research but asserted that there is no doubt that the results add to the increasing body of evidence that supports the finding that ecig vapor is not toxic.

Dr. Siegel called on public health groups and anti-tobacco groups to encourage smokers to switch to vaping. Nicotine vapor represents the potential of achieving one of the great health miracles of our time.